JAG Creates Child Sex Crimes Division

By Adina Kutnicki


NO clued-in, sane, descent person would dare to suggest that there is even spitting distance between the self-appointed elite (for the most part, the hard left) and the crime of pedophilia — euphemistically re-branded, “minor attracted persons!” Did you ever??

KNOW this: The aforementioned is a sick, twisted obsession and it is hardly an anomaly, that is, associated with the few and far between. Rather, it is endemic from the top-down via the highest recesses within the deep state! As such, it is not at all surprising that the U.S. school system is infected/infested with said dangerous, incurable virus.

INCONTESTABLY, the criminal, dirty, sordid, ugly proofs are manifest. Above and beyond the civilized pale. Resultant, the below unit is LONG overdue.


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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | August 24, 2022

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has devoted part of its resources toward the creation of a dedicated child sex crimes division whose task it will be to hunt down the child traffickers and pedophiles that have exploited positions of power to prey on society’s most vulnerable demographic, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

Although JAG has in the past convicted Deep Staters of such crimes, those charges had, with few exceptions, been ancillary to allegations of treason; in other words, it was never JAG’s intent to summarily pursue pedophiles who had not violated an oath of office or committed blatant treason in contravention of the U.S. Constitution. “Our job was to catch traitors. Child sex crimes, while absolutely horrible, were the responsibility of the feds and local and state law enforcement,” a JAG source said.

JAG and its White Hat allies, however, had made exceptions in cases where the department of justice refused to prosecute murderous pedophiles even when given incontrovertible evidence. The case of Tom Hanks and his Bosom Buddy Peter Scolari is one example.

“In certain situations JAG used intermediaries to get proof to Justice, indisputable proof, to see if they’d act on it. Bottom line is if you’re politically linked or an affluent celebrity, well, money speaks, and Justice looks the other way. They’ve been handing out get out of jail free cards to pedophiles for decades,” our source said.

A JAG audit, he added, shows that crimes against children have increased exponentially under the criminal Biden regime, fueling suspicion that Biden’s department of justice is protecting pedophiles within its ranks. JAG, he said, has lately heard more backchater intel on alleged child molestation and abduction cases than it had in the last three decades.

The Judge Advocate General’s Corps, our source said, has in the last few months convened several meetings at which the topic of conversation centered on whether it possesses not only the authority but also the manpower and resources to combat the pedophile epidemic. After much debate, it concluded that not pursuing all politicians and media personalities suspected of pedophilia would damage JAG’s reputation and, therefore, make it as guilty as the pedophiles and their bellicose malefactors.

“There is an ongoing insurrection against the children of the United States, and it must be stopped,” our source said.

To carry out this goal Navy JAG has recruited powerful allies. Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall has for the first time asked for support from his army counterpart, Lieutenant General Stuart Risch, Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Army. Gen. Risch, our source said, has vowed to fight pedophilia wherever it festers.

“We now have a sizable force to bring to justice those who have escaped justice,” our source said.

In closing, he said the joint task force had just enacted “a serious arrest” and that he’d provide details ASAP.

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