UPDATE TO: Military Arrests DNI Avril Haines …. The Deep State Noose Tightens

By Adina Kutnicki

The Winding Journey Of Avril Haines, Biden's Pick To Lead U.S. Intelligence  : NPR

The Winding Journey Of Avril Haines …

WITHIN the vast deep state apparatus, that is, the D.C. cesspool, some of the players are hardly recognized outside its incestuous confines. Effectively, their treacherous crimes are committed in the shadows.

INDEED, DNI Avril Haines is one such monstrous traitor. Mind you, it is neither accidental, incidental or coincidental that each and every one tracks-back to the reign of red/green (transformation) terror of Barack HUSSEIN Obama — during an 8-year path of national (and foreign) destruction.

JUST sayin’ …

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | August 3, 2022

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines took a gunshot wound to the arm Tuesday morning when JAG investigators arrived at her Maryland home with a military arrest warrant charging the Deep State stooge with treason and murder-for-hire, sources in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told Real Raw News.

At approximately 9:15 a.m., two plainclothes JAG agents knocked on the front door of Haines’ posh estate in Chevy Chase, Maryland, an affluent community, and home to countless Deep State operatives. Sources told RRN that JAG had surveilled the residence, determined that Haines lived alone and was secretly separated from husband David Davighi, and found no evidence that she had hired private security. Thus, JAG deemed her a “low risk” target. High risk apprehensions have in the past been made by Marines, Special Forces, Navy Seals, and even Delta Force. Nonetheless, JAG had on occasion arrested Deep Staters without seeking aid from the special operations community.

Upon opening her front door, Haines reportedly blurted, “Oh shit!” and grabbed a pistol from a table just inside the doorway. Before she could level the weapon, a JAG officer performed a tactical hip draw, clipping Haines in the right shoulder and causing her to drop her weapon. The wound, though superficial, incapacitated Haines. She offered no further resistance. She was taken to a “processing center” where, having had her injury treated, she will stay until shipped to Guantanamo Bay for a military tribunal.

Our sources would not reveal the scope of JAG’s evidence, but said JAG has irrefutable proof that Haines “ordered the execution” of several civilians between 2013-2022.

Haines was not new to the Deep State scene. She previously served as Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Obama administration.

Real Raw News will supply additional info as it becomes available.

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