Wasp Venom Found in Child Covid Shots … To What End??

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Novel antimicrobial molecules derived from wasp venom

By Adina Kutnicki

HOT on the heels of finding out that the devils in charge of the deep state poisoned child covid clot-shots with scopolamine,

  • Scopolamine Found in Child Covid Vaccines 

,here we go again! This is not happenstance, incidental, accidental, nor coincidental. Not at all.

AFTER all, the core of the collusive efforts, that is, between Fauci and Co. and the CCP, centered around the decimation of the American family and the knock-on effects to the economy. Masterfully evil.

IN this regard, fast forward to the here and now and the wreckage is self-evident. This is so without even calculating the horrific effects yet to be factored in. Indeed, here we go again!

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | July 27, 2022

Do the horrors ever end?

The U.S. military continues to find anomalous ingredients in Covid-19 vaccines that manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna manufactured—and allegedly attenuated—for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. Last week, Real Raw News exclusively reported that the military had found the drug scopolamine, a hallucinogenic mixture with harmful properties, at mass vaccination centers in New York, California, and Washington. The criminal Biden regime and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky have said “these shots will protect our children against the deadliest disease we’ve ever faced.” White Hats within the U.S. military, however, have been scouting these bulk vaccination sites and surreptitiously confiscating vaccine vials for chemical analysis. The latest data show that samples acquired from a vaccination center in Redmond, Washington, contain the venom of the tarantula hawk wasp, which, according to entomologist Justin Schmidt, ranks among the most painful stings on the planet.

On 25 July, White Hats at U.S. Army Medical Research received 75 vials—450 doses—of child Covid vaccine taken from the Redmond location. Four of the 75 vials contained 19mg of venom per 1,000-unit vial. A typical tarantula hawk sting delivers ~100mcg of venom. In layman’s terms, each vial held 19,000mcg of venom, or 42.5mcg per dose. This may seem trivial because each dose envenomates the recipient with less than half the potency of a typical sting; however, the victims are very young infants and children with low pain thresholds.

Adults have described the tarantula hawk wasp sting as worse than that of the hornet, clearly suggesting it is painful and temporarily debilitating.

Worse, approximately 1% of children allergic to wasp stings have endured anaphylactic shock. In the absence of antihistamines like an epi-pen, some kids have died from a single sting.

But White Hats don’t believe the wasp venom is part of a eugenics program to eradicate our children. Rather, they assert the Deep State is involved in a widespread program aimed at causing immeasurable suffering among our population’s most vulnerable demographic—children, as part of a sinister but not fully understood agenda.

“This is obviously meant to make children scream in pain when they get a Covid shot. The shot is painful enough, but with the wasp venom added, it’s 100 times worse,” said Captain John Forsythe at Medical Research and Development Command. “That only a small percentage of children get the contaminated vaccines doesn’t matter. It’s unspeakably horrifying and potentially harmful to those who get it. The vaccine is deadly enough without the contaminants.”

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