Denis McDonough Spills the Beans, Names Names!

By Adina Kutnicki

WELL, well. As is said, it takes all kinds. Some will stick to the deep state party line, that is, until they take their last dying gasp. And others will do so with the belligerence associated with stone-cold killers. Yes, it takes all kinds.

BUT none are more skilled at (eventually) ferreting out the truth, as well as catching their prey, than JAG Special Force operators. Whatever it takes.

IN this regard, amidst the below “confessionals”, this much is for sure (so much so, this investigative journalist stakes her reputation on it): He is definitely a pedo and is proud of it! Indeed, pedo crimes are part and parcel of the deep state, in toto. Birds of a feather. Peer within,

ROCK & roll.

ONTO the meat,

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | July 14, 2022

The now incarcerated Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Denis McDonough, may be an enigma. Or he could be a Deep State disinformation specialist, a red herring feeding false information to the JAG investigators who began interrogating him when he arrived at Guantanamo Bay Tuesday morning.

It’s extremely unusual for Deep Staters to confess to anything or show remorse for the crimes of which they have been accused. They typically adhere to what seems a codified trope: “I was just following orders.”

But McDonough, who was arrested on charges of treason in Vegas Sunday morning, has been flapping his gums, confessing not only to allegations leveled by the military but also to crimes White Hats had no knowledge of.

First, McDonough on Tuesday admitted he had given $63bn of the VA’s $300bn annual budget to “assets” in Petro Poroshenko’s government. He said, to the best of his knowledge, the payouts were supposed to reach Ukrainian hospitals in Kyiv, Odessa, and the Donbass region that were providing critical care to soldiers wounded in Ukraine’s fight with Russia. He further admitted he had no way of knowing if any of the $63m actually reached hospitals.

“I know I stole money from servicemen and veterans, but I genuinely believe it was for a worthy cause,” McDonough reportedly told investigators. “And, yes, I knew it’d eventually trace back to me. I happily sacrifice myself in the name of providing care for freedom fighters fighting against Vladimir Putin’s oppression.”

He didn’t stop there. He went on to name names, saying that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had instructed him to initiate, and obfuscate, the transfer of funds. He did not, however, blame them, saying he would have acted unilaterally if he could have. When investigators demanded proof of Blinken and Austin’s involvement, McDonough said, “They covered their bases. I accept full responsibility.”

Second, McDonough eagerly confessed to more crimes. He said he had a predilection for young children. Had Special Forces found him a night earlier, he said, they would have found in the company of a 15-year-old girl named Anna, whom he had paid $2500 to spend the night with him. Straight-faced, he said he fed her alcohol and Oxycontin, “banged her,” and gave her enough cash to ensure her silence.

“Yeah, I did it. Don’t say you wouldn’t. We’re men, aren’t we?” McDonough told the investigators, who were both male.

Moreover, McDonough said his military tribunal, scheduled for 22 July, would be a waste of time and money.

“I’m guilty. Do with me what you will,” he said.

JAG sources told Real Raw News that Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall was made aware of McDonough’s confession and is considering his options. Also, JAG is working on corroborating McDonough’s claim that Blinken and Austin orchestrated the theft of VA funds.

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