Two Iranian Aerospace Scientists Die Under Mysterious Circumstances … What a Coinquidink

By Adina Kutnicki

Mohammad Abdous

(Mohammad Abdous)

WHAT a shame that they are no longer among the living — NOT! So veddy, veddy sorry, too. Even more so, what a coinquidink that they are now burning in Allah’s hell-hole alongside the countless martyred, and under such “mysterious” circumstances, no less. Hmm. Sheesh. Who could have dispatched this “dynamic duo” with such efficiency?? Who, indeed.

BUT never mind. This feverish imagination may very well be off-target — or not.

YES, you lie down with Allah’s dogs, you wake up with (more than) fleas.

IN any case,

Mazal tov. High-fives. Kudos all around. Kadima!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Scientist working for Iranian air force dies ‘during mission’, hours after another scientist died in car crash.

Two Iranian aerospace scientists died under mysterious circumstances just hours apart, according to reports by the state-controlled Fars outlet Monday.

On Sunday, Ali Kamani, a scientist who worked for the Iranian air force’s aerospace unit, was reportedly killed in a car crash in Khomein.

Iran’s Tasnim outlet hinted that the crash may not have been an accident, calling Kamani a “martyr” who died during a “mission to protect” Iran.

A day later, Fars reported that a second aerospace engineer working for the Iranian air force was killed while on a mission an air base in Semnan in northern Iran.

The second engineer was identified as Mohammad Abdous, who was reportedly working on the Iranian air force’s satellite program, drone aircraft, and ballistic missiles.

The Fars’ report did not elaborate on the circumstances of Abdous’ demise.

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