White Hats Will Monitor Midterm Elections

By Adina Kutnicki

WITH mid-terms around the corner, deep state Dems are prepping, 24/7, to thwart the expected bloodbath. By hook or by crook. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is off the table. And other than those in truly depressive states, or in line with an illegitimate outcome, fail to recognize that violating the will of the people isn’t tantamount to politics in third-world juntas.

ALAS, with said basis as a solid premise, it is not for nothing that the below most recent report appeared at several trusted news sites.

HOT on its heels, and in anticipation thereof, the White Hats have in place plans of their own — and they are prepared for every dirty trick in their arsenal, and then some!

MAY G-d bless, and protect, each and every one of them.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | June 2, 2022

The White Hat partition of a splintered U.S. military will actively monitor midterm election results in real-time, with boots on the ground in hotly contested states and a team of cybersecurity specialists at a fortified command center, a White Hat source told Real Raw News.

White Hat commanders seeking to thwart a repeat of 2020 have ample proof that desperate, devious Democrats will once again try to sabotage the U.S. electoral process. Without citing specifics, he said White Hats have intercepted both encrypted and plain text emails from anonymous accounts, which the military believes are run by Deep State assets. Deep Staters, he added, have been discussing election theft plans under assumed, innocuous names.

“They definitely know we’re watching, and they’ve gotten craftier. I can’t say much because it would hinder our efforts, but we’ve identified suspicious patterns suggesting a massive, unified effort is underway to undermine the midterms,” our source said.

White Hats have committed a sizable force to prevent that outcome. Members of the Special Operations community, dressed in plain clothes, will stake out drop boxes and polling booths in at least 9 states. They will also be on the lookout for busloads of both ANTIFA and illegal immigrants being shuttled between voting stations in states without voter ID laws—a favorite tactic among Democrats.

“Anyone caught will be immediately arrested or deported,” our source said.

At the same time, White Hat election analysts will be sitting in an impregnable command bunker at Fort Gordon, where they will conduct real-time surveillance on “hot spots” that have a history of widespread voter fraud. Irregularities will be tracked and acted upon at once, our source said.

“You know how in 2020 Biden received those mysterious 3:00 a.m. bundles of votes, well, we’ll be in a position to stop that dead in its tracks. If we catch wind of suitcases of unsecured ballots left under some counter’s desk, that spot will get raided, and every ballot scrutinized,” he explained.

When asked how many men White Hats have committed to the mission, he said, “Even I don’t know that number. A lot. It’s collaborative—Special Forces, U.S. Army Rangers, and Marines. We’ll be using every method possible to keep the Democrats from perpetrating election fraud on the American public.”

And asked Whether White Hats had briefed Republican senators, representatives, and governors, he said they were “aware of the plan” but not privy to particulars, as White Hats want to avoid the appearance of impropriety and restrict logistical specifics to “military only.”

“The only person given a comprehensive briefing is President Trump, and we have his blessing,” our source said.

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