In memory and honor of Morty Dzikansky, z”l – In Appreciation, Leket, Israel’s National Food Bank ….

IN light of the recent tribute (out of many) to this writer’s beloved brother — Morty Dzikansky, of blessed memory — at Israel National News, Who was anti-terror agent NYPD Det. Mordecai Zev Dzikansky z”l?, it was heartening that his volunteer work at Leket, Israel’s National Food Bank, was duly recognized by a statue in his memory and honor. 

DURING several email exchanges with the Private Partnership Coordinator in Israel, the following was related:

From: xxxx>

To: Adina Kutnicki xxxxx

Sent: Mon, May 2, 2022 12:49 pm
Subject: RE: מורטי

Hi Adina,
We are all sorry for your loss
Morty was a very special man.
Attached you may find the JPG of A statue in his memory we made
If you want we can collaborate on a donation page in his memory that you can send and share with all his loved ones
Please let me know if it is something you’ll be interested in doing for his memory.
if so, please send me a picture of Morty that we can add to the donation page.
If you have anything else in mind please let me know
Sending you our condolences.


IN this regard, today, the above mentioned Memorial-Donation page was officially launched –


Please join us in honoring Morty’s memory by providing fresh nutritious food to those in need through Leket Israel.

About to begin…
This campaign was created by: Leket Israel (580407633)

About the campaign

Known throughout the world as ‘Terrorist Cop‘, Mordecai Zev Dzikansky, z”l, a/k/a Morty, will remain a hero to countless. But to those closest to Morty, z”l, a beloved wife, 3 wonderful children, sisters who adored him, nephews and nieces he treated as his own, as well as very close friends, he will always be remembered for possessing a heart bigger than his 6’3 stature. A gentle giant, it is impossible to describe a man whose life’s work dealt with the worst in humanity, yet, he still retained a compassionate soul. It was this core aspect that drew him to enthusiastically volunteer at Leket. I can only imagine him performing his (heavy-lifting) duties with a warm smile, accompanied by his trademark grin. It was this sincere affability that drew so many into his orbit. He was one of a kind.

Rest in peace, dear brother, you will be forever missed.  


Leket Israel – the National Food Bank (, rescues fresh agricultural produce from farms and packing houses and nutritious cooked meals from hotels, corporate cafeterias and IDF army bases and distributes them through a network of 246 nonprofit partner agencies feeding 223,000 Israelis in need each week. In 2021, Leket rescued 55 million lbs of fruit and vegetables and 1.7 million meals.

NO donation is too small or too big.

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