Putin: Zelensky Tried to “False Flag” Nuke Plant 

By Adina Kutnicki

NO one with a modicum of historical acumen, or in possession of their full faculties, unless in league with Russia’s worldview, would take at face value any claim made by Putin; a world-class master manipulator. On the other hand, U.S. media, the barometer of western discourse, has long ceased to be the freedom-based third estate it once was. That (lying) ship sailed decades ago, and it has only grown worse. Effectively, operating as a totally captured arm of deep state, globalist-driven propagandists, the aforementioned are no more trustworthy than Putin and his various hench-men.

SO the main questions become: To whose benefit would a nuclear conflagration be, false flag or otherwise? Would it be those who are itching to implement the so-called Great Reset, or the player who is hell bent on not allowing Ukraine to join NATO?

NOT only that, akin to all cost-benefit analyses, to what end did the Biden regime (with back-benching implemented by flame-throwers in Europe) continue to inflame the issue? Could it be to ensure that the Russian bear would pounce?

IT is along this continuum of strategic thinking that the below report should be viewed, most especially, by bearing the following in mind: But for the deep state (gain-of-function) crimes committed by Fauci (and well-paid whoreish cohorts), that is, in league with CCP scientists, a global plandemic would not have been unleashed!

IN other words, if Putin is to be believed, the notion of letting criminal scientists escape from Ukraine (to parts unknown), that, in itself, would be an act of madness.

AS per the reference to Melinda, take that one to the bank. Recapped:

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | March 4, 2022

On yet another call with President Donald J. Trump on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin again rebutted Western media claims that his military was committing war crimes against the people of Ukraine. He denied a New York Times report that 9,000 Russian soldiers were killed in battle, saying instead the number was in the “low hundreds,” and rejected absolutely tales of Russian platoons mass defecting or fragging their commanding officers.

“Zelenskyy and the West make this propaganda, and they hope it reaches Russian troops to break morale. But it’s lies, all of it, and Russia’s armed forces is still strong to fight corruption that spread across Ukraine,” Putin purportedly told Trump.

The corruption of which he spoke, as reported previously, centers on allegations that the United States and Western Europe had built bioweapon labs and toxic chemical research centers on Ukrainian soil to avoid the judicial oversight and public scrutiny they would have faced in their own respective countries.

Putin’s forces have blown to smithereens all known biolabs in Ukraine. However, Zelenskyy has thus far refused to surrender or supply the locations of 19 Ukrainian and Western scientists who helped erect the labs and aided the development of “genocidal weapons of mass destruction.”

“Putin told Trump these scientists were pulled from the labs ahead of the bombardments. He insists Zelenskyy not only knows their identities, he’s sheltering them, protecting them. Putin says he’s repeatedly asked Zelenskyy to help end the conflict by turning over those responsible, and, at least according to Putin, Zelenskyy’s denied they exist,” our source said.

“These men, I will have them, or else they will continue their work elsewhere. I know they are still in Ukraine. What would you do, President Trump, if you were in my shoes?” Putin asked Trump.

“I would move the biggest, biggest mountains to bring them to justice. If everything you’ve told me is true, their crimes are enormous, huge, and I’d get them, and when you do, and I hope you do, we’ll get that information out,” Trump replied.

Also, Putin denied accusations that Russian soldiers had attacked Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the second largest in Europe. To the contrary, Putin insisted that Ukraine’s military tried to cause a catastrophic meltdown and blame it on Russia in a bid to draw the U.S. and the U.K. into direct conflict with Russian forces. According to Putin, the assault was staged by Ukrainian soldiers dressed in Russian uniforms and carrying Russian weapons. When the true Russian military arrived on scene, it had difficulty discerning its own personnel from the Ukrainian imposters, and many heroic Russians died—some by friendly fire—defending the plant and preventing an atomic meltdown.

“This was meant to bring other countries to fight. I want to clean Ukraine of its evil but not irradiate the continent. This was meant to be false flag,” Putin told Trump. “If Zelenskyy succeeded, the meltdown would’ve made Chernobyl look like a campfire. But we now have the plant.”

The West, Putin added, was spreading so many lies that he had trouble keeping up with all the propaganda.

“Emmanuel Macron, he said on news I told him I am not going to stop, that I’m going to take it all, everything. This is blatant lie. I never spoke to him; I don’t talk to pigs,” Putin told Trump.

“I hate that guy too,” Trump said.

“Putin assured Trump he had no desire to conquer Europe, but would continue his mission until Zelenskyy gives up the scientists and he, Putin, eliminates the pedophile camps he says litter the Ukrainian landscape,” our source said.

In other news, GITMO sources told RRN that the military tribunal of Melinda Ann French has been postponed. Our source would not specify a reason.

RRN is aware that a person claiming to be Melinda Ann French appeared on TV broadcasts the same day she was scheduled to face a tribunal, no small coincidence.

We asked our source if French, for whatever reason, had been released, but he insisted the current “iteration” of French is still in custody.

“The person known as Melinda Ann French is at GITMO. There’s been more than one of him/her. The original Melinda Ann French died at Bill’s hands long ago, and at least two people have assumed her identity, a woman and currently a male actor with whom Bill had a love affair. Irrespective of gender, the person in custody was directly involved in Bill and Epstein’s pedophile ring, and no, hasn’t been set free. I’ll provide more info when I can,” our source said.

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7 thoughts on “Putin: Zelensky Tried to “False Flag” Nuke Plant 

  1. [They] built one biolab right under the old Chernobyl plant knowing all too well that not one person in their right mind would bomb that place. The Spetznaz took control via other means. They were getting ready to release an even worse virus just as the fake Bill Gates said recently that a worse virus was on its way.
    The anti-Russian propaganda has reached fever pitch with its censorship that is stricter than the one used for the C19.
    Zelenski is working with the Schwab crew – being a good little poodle they gifted him with a 34.8 million dollars spanking new mansion in Florida plus the bank account holding 1.5 billion dollars. His Interior Minister is running the Nazis/Avov who are using the Russian people as human shields.

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