(UPDATE TO:) Gunman holding hostages at Beth Israel synagogue in Texas ….Jihad, Anyone?

(UPDATE: Explosion at Texas Synagogue Followed by Rapid Gunfire — All Hostages Held by Pakistani Assailant Out Safe – Terrorist Is Dead!

Mind you, as to the jihadi’s bonafides, well, his sis, Aafia Siddiqui, drew top billing years ago within ….

BACK in Aug. 2012, at the inception of this blog, a siren was emitted re the MSA and its absolute dangers to American security. Included within were the MSA Brotherhood/Sisterhood bonafides of Huma Abedin and several of the plotters of 9/11/01, featuring an MIT MSA leader (while a grad student), Ms. Aafia Siddiqui! (Un)holy jihad…

IN this regard, ‘Well, Whaddya Know ? Huma Abedin Was A Muslim Students Association Board Member’ places another nail in her Islamic infiltration/penetration, and the part played by the MSA!…)

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By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, there is nothing new under the sun. This is especially the case when it comes to Islamic jihad, yes, the always “unidentified” bogeyman! Indeed, Islam’s centuries-long jihad against infidels, with Jews and Christians in the forefront, encompasses all “non-believers” in Allah! It is what it is.

REFLEXIVELY, whenever a soldier for Allah “rants” about this or that, well, the blind as bats media, in tandem with the equally blind politicos, pretend that what is isn’t — yes, some “crazy” guy just got up one morning and decided to take Jewish (or Christian) hostages. Hogwash. He or she is just doing what Allah commanded them, you got that??

AND on and on the Marxist/Islamist-captured FBI spins …

AT the very least, it is comforting to know, unlike the FBI, that some are not hallucinating by all the hookah-smoke wafting in their direction — FBI, this finger is pointing at you!


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A gunman is holding hostages at Beth Israel Reform synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. The synagogue is led by Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who is also one of the hostages.

Reuters reported that police were negotiating with a man believed to have taken people hostage at the synagogue during Shabbat services.

Shortly after 2:30 a.m. Israel time (6:30 p.m. local time), police said that one of the hostages was freed, unharmed.

The Colleyville Police Department said it had evacuated residents from the area around the Congregation Beth Israel as it deployed SWAT teams, the report said.

The service was being livestreamed on Facebook when the incident occurred, and the recording captured what seems to be negotiations with police. After a few hours of the livestream capturing the incident, the streaming was abruptly ended and the video removed from the Beth Israel’s Facebook page. The video which recorded the streaming of the synagogue’s evening service, just 18 hours prior, is still visible.

According to FBI Dallas spokeswoman Katie Chaumont, police were first called to the synagogue around 11 a.m. and people were evacuated from the surrounding neighborhood soon after that.

CNN quoted Colleyville Police Sgt Dara Nelson as saying that the FBI and Texas Department of Public Safety are assisting a hostage situation at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas.

Nelson said that “there are no injuries at this time,” CNN added. “The FBI negotiators are the ones who have contact with the person in the building.”

Nelson also said that at this time, “There is “no threat to the general public.”

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