Enmity Grows Between Trump, Military Over Vaccine Advocacy … What’s Going On? What’s At Stake?

By Adina Kutnicki

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, President Trump was the most effective POTUS in modern history. But, like all fallible mortals, he has an Achilles heel.

NOT being a psychiatrist, it is still safe to “diagnose”: admitting he was duped is a bridge too far for the prideful leader.

BY now, rational folks should agree (despite ideological bent) that his decision to shut the borders to China from the onset (proven to be a CHI-COM-Fauci designed gain-of-function unleashing) and at warp-speed, no less, was spot on.

NEVERTHELESS, the fact that he chose Dr. Death to be the voice of all things covid-related, attests and supports the conviction that his warp-speed decision-making was a mega disaster. Inexorably, the negative results from pushing this maximum speed game-plan, without proper due diligence, underlies the confusion (and anger) from his millions-strong base. Inexplicably, he continued to keep Fauci on as point person, even after all of his so-called advice was a net zero result. Instead, he should have said: You’re fired!!

AND not meaning to harp on and belabor the obvious, his thrust for a vax in absolute warp speed exposes several key fissures, most especially, the following:

  • Never and never has a vaccine been developed in a few short months. It just doesn’t happen. As such, other than rightfully pushing, yes, at warp-speed, for various therapeutics to fill in the gap — that is, until further exploration re this and that was exhausted — the POTUS should have been more cautious, as opposed to charging full steam ahead! This approach is not rocket science. After all, sometimes, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Alongside the above, as a mega successful CEO before entering the (heretofore) People’s House, he should have tasked his most trusted aide(s) to thoroughly vet Fauci, six ways to Sunday, rather than relying on his entrenched bureaucratic position. Resultant, can anyone imagine how many closets filled with pharma-CHI-COM-tied skeletons would have fallen out??

IT is in this respect that today’s RRN posting should be interpreted and understood. As such, if President Trump doesn’t want to lose his base, as well as his credibility, he must, post haste, correct the record, that is, fully and with humility: yes, mistakes were made! This must include his position re the so-called effectiveness of the mRNA vax, as well as fully addressing the ever-growing compendium of evidence re associated deaths and very harsh adverse events.

IN light of the above, let’s turn our attention to the below “warning shots” from the so-called “white hats” and surrounding forces.

ALAS, let’s all hope (and pray) that the most patriotic “can-do” POTUS is able to push aside what amounts to as false pride, indeed, a lethal enemy!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | Jan. 14, 2022

An impassible chasm now separates Donald J. Trump from the high-ranking “White Hat” military commanders who not long ago pledged to support his war on the Deep State in hopes of restoring American prosperity to patriotic citizens. Although still pursuing, capturing, and incarcerating Deep State players, the military has reached a breaking point with Trump over his glowing endorsement for vaccinations and booster shots.

As reported previously, Trump last month irritated a MAGA crowd in Dallas when he urged supporters to get vaccines and boosters, saying he had been boosted and that Covid-19 vaccines had saved tens of millions of lives. He then butt-heads with conservative commentator Candace Owens, who challenged his position on vaccine safety and efficacy. Trump claimed without evidence that hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients, and he alleged that persons who had received vaccines and boosters “do not get sick.” His amorous adulation for Operation Warp Speed and the vaccines earned him a telephone call from the man who was his key military ally, Marine Corps General David H. Berger. He asked the 45th president to dampen the vaccine rhetoric.

More recently, Trump’s ambivalence on who should get vaccinated and when has put MAGAs in a quandary, as they are uncertain where he stands.  In a Wednesday NPR interview, Trump hyped vaccinations: “The vaccines, I recommend taking them. Many people recommend them. And I think that’s very important. Personally, I feel very comfortable having taken them. I’ve had absolutely no reverberation.” The next day he said he didn’t understand why anyone who has had and recovered from Covid-19, and presumably has antibodies, would get vaccinated.

His seesawing has now expanded the divide between him and the U.S. military.

“He’s sending mixed messages that damage his credibility. No one wants to impugn his character, but Trump must deliver a clear and consistent message. He’s either for vaccines and boosters, or against them. We have a right to know, and so does his base,” said Marine Corps Captain Thomas Wheeler, who serves under Gen. Berger.

A second influential military source, this one wishing to remain anonymous, ascribed Trump’s vaccine advocacy to his ego.

“Donald Trump has a lot of pride and doesn’t like to admit failure. He got tricked into launching Operation Warp Speed and rushing dangerous vaccines to market. Look, Trump has done a lot for this country, that’s not in question, but he ought to come out and say he was deceived and tell the truth about the thousands and thousands of people getting sick or dead from the vaccination. Omicron isn’t killing anyone, it’s the vaccines. And his reluctance to be forthcoming is damaging our mission and him too,” that source said.

Furthermore, RRN reached out to contacts at the U.S. Navy Judge Admiral General’s Corps.

“Many of the people we prosecuted were convicted, at least in part, because of their Covid crimes—Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo, and Gavin Newsom come to mind. How can we in good conscience target them if Trump is promoting, even if he’s not in favor of mandates, the vaccines in the media. Saying he opposes mandates isn’t a strong enough statement. He’s either chosen this direction himself, or he’s getting bad advice, and it isn’t coming from us,” said Captain Nathan Brown of JAG’s Criminal Law Division.

Asked what stance JAG will take if Trump continues on course, Captain Brown said, “That’s ultimately not my decision. People higher than me in the chain of command are not pleased and want him to do an about-face. I can say this: Trump activated the Insurrection act, but he’s not Immune to it.”

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

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2 thoughts on “Enmity Grows Between Trump, Military Over Vaccine Advocacy … What’s Going On? What’s At Stake?

  1. Trump’s ego and refusal to admit any mistakes will be his downfall. Unless his continued pushing of the jab as an effective vaccine can be shown as just a tactic to keep the DS from assassinating him (theoretically or physically), he needs to show his base and everyone else he cares about their health, as well as their medical rights. The evidence against the jabs is so great that it is treasonous to suggest these shots are safe and effective. Even Pfizer’s CEO admits the jabs cannot stop “Omicron”. Trump needs to wake up, smell the coffee listen to the American people and treat them with respect.

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