Newsom: “Adrenochrome Made Me Do It!” – A Foretaste To His Military Trial

By Adina Kutnicki

AKIN to the well-worn adages, “the dog ate my homework”, “the devil made me do it”, and every lying excuse under the sun, the Gav refuses to ‘fess up for his monstrous crimes.

IN fact, those who kill or maim others while under the influence of booze and drug-fueled brains, well, they, too, always refuse to take responsibility for their crimes. On the other hand, in comparison to pretty boy, they are choir boys.

TRUE to form, as the noose tightens around Gav’s neck, he screeches: “the adrenochrome made me do it!!” Bull crap.

BUT before we proceed any further, know this: when the following was reported at these pages (and cross-referenced at sister sites), few had a clue as to what’s really going down within the circles of countless in positions of power, be they political or otherwise.

EFFECTIVELY, they are beyond evil and twisted in their fetishistic, satanic ritual abuse —  involving the drawing and injecting of the blood of young children to “feed” their wanton,  criminal acts of pedophilia and related deviant desires, adrenochrome-wise. Mind you, the venal Guv is assigning and deflecting the blame for ordering the criminal lock-downs (and related deaths) inflicted upon the citizens of California upon his adrenochrome frenzy. Have mercy ….

NOT only that, keeping it hidden is of the utmost imperative, even if some of us refuse to stand silent. As such, it took a nanosecond for big tech to BLACKLIST the birthday bash, as well as message this and that warnings. But never mind.

WHICH brings all of the above full circle and to its logical conclusion, that is, when considering the vilest of the vile!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | November 26, 2021

Gavin Newsom is having a tough time deciding whether Nancy Pelosi or Adrenochrome influenced his decision to lockdown California and to impose unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates on citizens who foolishly put him in office. Until recently, the disgraced governor had been telling JAG investigators that Pelosi, over his objections, forced his hand, that she threatened to demolish him unless he conceded to her lockdown demands.

But on Thursday, November 18, Newsom shifted Blame away from Pelosi and onto an inanimate villain: Adrenochrome, a pharmaceutical cocktail comprised of oxidized adrenaline harvested from the adrenal glands of frightened children and synthetic opioids. Notable addicts included Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and Bill Gates. Convicted Deep State players had said the deleterious drug mitigates illness, prolongs life, and enhances sexual prowess, but sometimes carries serious side effects—schizoid psychosis.

When speaking to JAG investigators, Newsom hinted at a new side effect: Suggestibility.

Prolonged use of the drug, he said, had made him susceptible to suggestion, compelling him to embrace thoughts and ideas he would have otherwise considered reprehensible.

In a sworn deposition Newsom said he was first introduced to Adrenochrome in January 2019, shortly after taking office. While attending a lavish party teeming with political elites and Hollywood A-listers, he was approached by a celebrity who asked him to indulge in a dose of Adrenochrome.

“I swear I’d never heard of it before that, never taken it before. I was told it would make me a better, a stronger governor. I was reluctant, you know, but it turned out everyone was doing it. Politicians, celebrities, even athletes—somehow it’s not detected on conventional drug tests. I was already tipsy on a few too many cocktails and caved in,” Newsom purportedly told investigators.

The unnamed celebrity, Newsom added, escorted him to a restroom stall and injected Adrenochrome in his thigh.

“You ever see that Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless, where he takes this magic pill and can suddenly do everything. That’s how it felt. So I was instantly overcome with feelings of euphoria and invulnerability. It was like I could rule the world,” Newsom said, adding that he initially took the drug every other month. Then every month. Then every week.

“Only in brief, fleeting moments of clarity, lucidity did I realize it made me open to the power of suggestion. For example, when I was told that the state shouldn’t jail arsonists or shoplifters, or homeless people accosting tourists, well, it sounded like a great idea, and I went along with it. And when Pelosi told me we should indefinitely lockdown the state and enforce vaccination and mandates, it sounded fantastic. The Adrenochrome made me do it all,” Newsom went on.

When investigators asked Newsom why he had previously claimed Pelosi had threatened him to comply, he said, “Well, she did, or at least I think she did.”

The investigators’ questions segued into whether Newsom was high on adrenochrome when he allegedly raped young girls in the basement of his Fair Oaks home. As he had in past interrogations, Newsom insisted he was innocent, again saying that his extramarital affairs were with women of legal age.

Investigators told him that Rear Adm. Crandall had evidence to the contrary which would be revealed at his tribunal.

Unfortunately for Newsom, military justice does not include an Adrenochrome rehabilitation program, and he will face a military tribunal on December 18.

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