The Silent Plague of Spousal Abuse – Inflicted by Women … Despite the Braying of Feministas, She-Devils


By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE it is generally the case — despite the shrill hues and cries from those who believe that the biology of males and females are as interchangeable as pairs of stinky underwear — that on a physical level men are stronger than women, when it comes to rage-fueled domestic abuse, well, all bets are off. Better believe it.

IN fact, women have a distinct advantage over men, that is, when it comes to reporting domestic violence. This is the case for various reasons, but none more so than this toxic, anti-male brew: many in authority refuse to believe that the woman (even if much smaller than the man, and when the man is showing signs of a beat-down) is the aggressor. At the same time, most men are loathe to report, thus, admit, that they were beaten up by a woman! To be fair, quite a few men interviewed by this investigative journalist for related stories stated: they were taught never to hit a woman, even if attacked first! Imagine being in said male’s shoes — as his inner voice silently screams: don’t hit back, just take it like a man! 

YES, it is with this type of underlying and disturbing scenario in mind and ringing in these ears, a deep appreciation is still valued at this end by an enduring “sisterhood” with a close-knit group of women. Even so, said friendships do not blind these eyes to what amounts to as increasing brutality by a hyper-aggressive (unprovoked) posture in the so-called “fairer” sex.

Women Are Aggressors in Household Violence Too

EFFECTIVELY, having sat in on more than a few kangaroo-like miscarriages of justice, that is, where females (via offensive, as opposed to defensive measures) have been responsible for the pummeling of males (and with a handful having ended in murder!), no one should dare pre-judge the outcome in favor of the woman.

NOT only that, in the aforementioned frame of reference, this much is for sure: it matters not a whit if the woman is a professional or otherwise. Female physicians, lawyers, and high-level business owners, etc. have been known to pummel their male counterparts. Bloody.

AND whereas it is not always the case, experience has evidenced the following: a significant amount of physically aggressive women (men are afflicted, too, but the focus within is on women) are loathe to tell their partners (until it is too late!) that they have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and associated chemical imbalances. This is so out of fear they will run for the hills! And when said aggression is coupled with high-levels of impulsivity, an explosive brew is never far behind.

Violence in Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric TimesVol 31 No 12, Volume 31, Issue 12
WHICH brings the discussion back to the heretofore hidden phenomenon (by Shimon Cohen), “the silent plague of spousal abuse — inflicted by women.”


‘We were stunned by the statistics,’ relates Naama Zarbiv of Shovrot Shivyon. ‘The huge disparity in the figures is impossible to ignore.’

With the media’s focus currently on the phenomenon of domestic violence against women, the head of Shovrot Shivyon (Breaking the Equality), Naama Zarbiv, presented some very surprising facts regarding violence directed not against the wife but rather the husband.

In conversation with Israel National News, Zarbiv related the background story to the facts she provided.

“Many of the men in our organization think that the figures regarding spousal abuse are symmetrical and present statistics from abroad,” Zarbiv says. “When I tried to talk about the phenomenon at a Knesset panel discussion, and requested statistics from the police so that budgets could be allocated accordingly, Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) – who was then standing in as chair of the committee – cut me off and muted my microphone, ‘explaining’ that violent women do not exist.”

“That really infuriated me,” she continues, “and I decided, in the name of freedom of information, to get hold of official police figures, because in the judicial system there’s a certain bias and we wanted to have a working figure to use.”

Zarbiv describes how “we requested statistics for grievous bodily harm (GBH), inflicted on men by women and the reverse. We especially wanted statistics for GBH because it’s something that can be proven with physical evidence, and also because a lot of people claim that while the phenomenon of spousal abuse against the husband exists, it refers to emotional abuse rather than physical.”

“The figures simply stunned us,” she says. Police statistics for 2020 showed that while 177 cases had been opened relating to the male spouse inflicting violence on the female, a whopping 2,068 cases had been opened relating to violence inflicted by the female spouse on the male.

“The police raised a question as to whether the violence committed by women could be explained as being a response to or a defense against an attack by the husband, but that still doesn’t account for the huge disparity in the figures,” Zarbiv notes. “It’s a disparity that cannot be ignored.”

“We have to realize,” she adds, “that the people who are using this battle against violence inflicted on women want to create gender discord. Most people living in Israel, and certainly most Jews, are normative people, and while there does exist a problem of violence that must be dealt with, it’s not a question of ‘women versus men.’ It’s simply a question of domestic violence and of violence in general. It’s plain untrue to present all women as victims and all men as attackers. Anyone who does try to present things that way isn’t trying to solve the problem of violence – they’re trying to incite a battle between the sexes.”

As for the question of why anyone would want to promote such an agenda, Zarbiv refers to a leaflet put out by her organization titled “Family Feminism” and explains that, “Once a revolution attains its goals, extremists enter the picture and use the same language as the revolutionaries in order to advance a radical position. This is what has happened with the feminist movement, which attained its goals a while back already. Those using feminist language today are radical feminists and ‘post-gender’ activists, and their aim is to dismantle traditional gender structure and identity – to dismantle the social structure entirely, in fact.”

“On this issue of violence, they suggest things like gender equality training – and how are such things going to address violence?” Zarbiv wonders. “Is this what’s going to solve the eternal problem of people inflicting violence on one another? But they have other motives entirely. They want to break things down, whereas we want to promote unity and social structures that support people.”

“We don’t want to see boys thinking of themselves as attackers in the making, or girls thinking of themselves as victims in the making. Both men and women have their good aspects and it’s those that should be placed center-stage and focused on in order to promote harmonious relations between the genders rather than distorting the picture. At the end of the day, promoting hatred of men can easily lead to women concluding that if men are so dangerous, it’s better not to get married at all.”

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