Facebook’s Name Change/Re-branding And Its Ghoulish Double Entendre

By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN a global behemoth changes its parent/brand name, rest assured, it is not for nothing. No doubt, relative to Facebook, this is especially the case. Hang on tight.

IN this regard, there is little point in recreating the wheel, so to speak. So, for a deep-dive into its so-called re-branding — that which led directly to META — as well as its deepest recesses, this investigative journalist fully addresses Facebook’s underbelly at a series of articles featured at Israel National News.

AS is said, pick your poison.

ALAS, wouldn’t you know, that is, that Zuckerberg — the leading, global mischief-maker across the internet, after all, Facebook is the defacto Internet since nearly every site connects to it — would employ a double entendre in the so-called re-branding. Yes, the new name is a reflection of much more than meets the eye. Read on.

INDEED, aside from the fact that a control freak like Zuckerberg would research the “finer points” of its meaning, similarly, his underlings, a/k/a the oh, so smart-set, have done the same.

SO, what’s the upshot?

IN the Hebrew language, META means DEAD. Now, how many deaths lie atop Facebook’s wildfires, Israelis included?

Facebook’s new Meta handle means ‘dead’ in Hebrew

‘Don’t worry, we’re on it,’ tweets the ZAKA emergency service after the rebranding announcement, as Hebrew-speaking social media users poke fun at name change

Facebook’s announcement on Thursday that the company would henceforth be called Meta was widely ridiculed on social media. But in Israel, the renaming caused quite a stir, as the new company name is similar to the Hebrew word for “dead.”

“In Hebrew, *Meta* means *Dead*,” tweeted Nirit Weiss-Blatt, a tech expert, in response to the company’s announcement. “The Jewish community will ridicule this name for years to come,” she added.

The ZAKA emergency service, which specializes in collecting body parts following accidents or attacks to ensure a proper Jewish burial, tweeted: “Don’t worry, we’re on it.”

ON its face, it makes (Orwellian) sense that the overall company name change would be META since the metaverse is his latest obsession. But make no mistake. Zuckerberg, a megalomaniac, an extreme narcissist, and a uber radical leftist is bent on creating global wildfires/chaos, wherever and whenever it suits his global interests. Death is his watchword.

AND from The Gateway Pundit:

Others noted that the music to the Universal Death Squad was playing in the background when Zuckerberg made the Meta announcement.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, a name is not just a name! More than a ghoul ….

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