Gavin Newsom Wants White School Kids to Learn How To Sharecrop – The Back-Story …

By Adina Kutnicki

BACK in July 2021, it was reported that authoritarian-driven, wildly corrupt Guv Newsom was indicted by JAG for a multiplicity of serious offenses involving national security. Timing is everything.

THIS indictment was executed due to the looming recall election — despite all of the bribery, skulduggery, and malfeasance involved to keep him in power, the cat was not yet in the bag, so to speak. They realized, if he lost, he would flee the country to avoid being nabbed. Simple as that.

ALONGSIDE the aforementioned, it is also the case that drawing up a military indictment does not mandate an immediate arrest. Again, timing is everything. Effectively, it is held as a place-holder, not if, but when, JAG scoops him up!

IT is under JAG’s lawful and righteous umbrella that the below should be understood and interpreted, as well as the latest crimes committed by the Guv. Wait and see. You be the judge.

Military Indicts Venal Gavin Newsom

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 11, 2021

Emboldened by his resounding victory over Republican contender Larry Elder in the rigged 2021 California recall vote, Gavin Newsom has proposed to the state’s Department of Education a plan for radical “racial equality reform” that, if passed, would require students who are 50% or greater Caucasian to take classes on Sharecropping and earn lab credit through toiling in avocado fields.

Newsom pitched the concept to California’s Superintendent of Education, Tony Thurmond, only a day after holding a clandestine meeting with Kamala Harris, who endorsed the idea and said that she’d use the full power of her office to heighten awareness on racial inequality. Harris and Newsom agreed that the program was non-exploitive and would give participants a finer understanding of the “white privilege” they, their parents, and their forefathers have enjoyed for generations.

Thurmond countersigned the plan but said that amendments and stipulations were needed to mitigate political upheaval and soften potential backlash from the state’s few conservative lawmakers. He suggested limiting fieldwork to 5th graders and above, although grades K-4 would incorporate “white privilege theory” into classroom curriculum.

“The earlier they learn, the better,” Newsom said of Thurmond’s recommendations.  “But maybe we should find a way that the younger children, if they want to, can do lab/field work picking avocados too. We don’t want them to feel left out. We could have the parents sign a release form, a waiver, or get a doctor’s note saying the children, regardless of being small or young, are fit to do the work.”

Newsom told Thurmond that Caucasian workers of the next decade need to learn new skills to survive the shifting racial demographics that could one day lead to their “indentured servitude.”

In response, Thurmond asked how the Department of Education would decide which students meet the 50% or greater Caucasian criteria.

“If they have a black father and white mother, or vice versa, they fit the bill,” Newsom said. “Same for Hispanics, who are the original owners of California. One hundred percent Caucasians are easy to spot, I agree, but we can develop a litmus test, and make use of Census data, to guide our decisions. We don’t have to go through someone’s entire ancestral tree—that would take too long.”

As the program centered on Sharecropping and White oppression, Thurmond said that students enrolled in the course ought to reap some reward for their labor, for the Sharecroppers and landowners in pre-Civil War Mississippi divvied annual harvests.

“The students can keep 5% of the avocados they pick, for school lunch. It will teach them about White oppression and teach them the meaning of work,” Newsom said, adding that he could skirt child labor laws because field work would take place during school hours. “We can even call it field trips.”

Thurmond asked Newsom whether students of the course would have to abide current CDC mandates on masking.

“Can you imagine the criticism I’d get from Kamala, Tony [Fauci], and Rochelle [Walensky] if we eschewed those mandates. That’s a ridiculous question. Of course, they’ll have to wear masks, both in the classroom and in the field,” Newsom replied.

Thurmond, who affects education policy in California, said he had high hopes for the agenda but wanted to solicit opinions from school boards in Los Angeles, Sonoma, and Monterey counties—the state’s principal liberal strongholds—before drafting a memorandum of intent.

“If we get this right, other states will follow our lead, but we’ll have the honor of having done it first,” Newsom said.

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2 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom Wants White School Kids to Learn How To Sharecrop – The Back-Story …

  1. I used to think that these politicians would follow an agenda that they don’t truly believe in but..this guy might really be crazy at this level! I’d advice letting him and every person in power pick avocados, eat their 5%, wearing the mask for let’s say a month and meditate about how things were back then.

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