Watch Australian Activist’s Emergency SOS To World That Got Him Arrested … The Death of Australia; The Unraveling of Western Civilization

By Adina Kutnicki

THE signs of the collapse of western civilization are everywhere — some of which are subtle, while others are glaring like neon flashing signs. Besides, every student of history — as opposed to the revisionist kind via historicism — recognizes this is the case. Indeed, not a single civilization has survived for time immemorial.

THE pressing questions are: will this generation be the one to stand idly by, that is, while western autocrats ensure that the “great/global reset” devours liberty and individualism? If so, how much more time does western civilization have left before its eventual disintegration? If not, what are liberty seekers planning to do about it? Know this: there is no middle ground. It is an all or nothing struggle to the death.

IN this regard, a prima facie exhibit to the above clarion call can be found within the below SOS on September 28, 2021. 

BREAKING: Australians Issue Emergency SOS To The World! — Watch Live … AMERICA ON THE CUSP!

WHICH brings us straight to just how quickly the west is near collapse, and this is atop all of the signals amassing within America.

FBI Vs. Moms: Angry Moms Speak Up After Biden Admin Declares Them “Domestic Terrorists” [VIDEO]

ALAS, guess what? Is anyone really shocked that within a little more than a week of the above Australian SOS, lo and behold, the very courageous activist got arrested?? Rhetorical.

Watch Australian Activist’s Emergency SOS To World That Got Him Arrested

See the powerful Aussie Cossack interview with Alex Jones warning the American people that full-blown technocratic tyranny is coming to their shores.
Spread this critical interview to expose Australia’s totalitarian crimes against its people!

Australian anti-lockdown activist Simeon Boikov warned last month on The Alex Jones Show that Australia’s tyrannical COVID tactics are coming soon to the United States.

Boikov, also known as the Aussie Cossack, warned that he would likely soon be arrested for appearing on the show to get the word out about the country’s descent into tyranny.

“It’s completely out of control, what’s happening here. I can’t repeat myself enough: we need support. We need an SOS,” Boikov told Jones on September 25.

“I know this sounds absurd to our friends in America…but in Australia, you can now be arrested for committing a thought crime. Not only going to a protest, but for thinking about going to a protest, or talking about going to a protest,” he continued.

Boikov also warned that it was only a matter of time until the Australian government arrested him for speaking out.

“I’m not calling for violence. I’m making it very clear so I won’t get arrested for incitement. That’s what the police are waiting for, for me to slip up so they can charge me,” he said.

“We need sanctions. We need diplomatic pressure from the outside world because our politicians don’t want to listen to the people. Our politicians are absolutely out of control,” he added.

Just weeks later, Boikov was arrested at his home Friday for his thought crimes, which the police claimed was over an alleged “breach of the public health act.”

Spread this critical interview to expose Australia’s tyrannical move against dissenters before Joe Biden’s regime employs the same tactics here in America.

Aussie Thought Police Pay Home Visits to People They Suspect May Protest

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