STAGED: Biden Pretends To Run Country From Movie Set AGAIN in Talks With Bankers – But For The Fact … [VIDEO]

By Adina Kutnicki

BUT for the fact that China/crooked/dementia Joe is in a coma at Walter Reed Hospital (since February 2021), the rest of the analysis is spot-on. 

Biden Body Double Blows Cover During Meet with Boris Johnson …. Stage Left!

Fake Biden Receives Fake Booster on National Television – The Continuous/Dangerous Con-Job Perpetrated On The Public!

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RESULTANT, is it any wonder that things are not as they seem?

FOR atop the doppelganger(s) as “Pedo Uncle Joe’s” replacement, stand-in, if you will, what would think if you knew that from the get-go, that is, before the illegitimate POTUS receded into the netherworld, the entire regime was not allowed to step foot into the People’s House due to the electoral steal? 

WELL, protected and flanked by top Military brass (read: said contingent of special forces are working with JAG to round up countless deep-state traitors), they are Constitutionally obliged to keep the regime from entering — operating under bullet-proof orders duly set forth by President Trump via the Insurrection Act! As such, the fake sets prop up the fake POTUS! Mind you, this has been a bi-coastal, put-up job, since that day of infamy, January 20, 2021. Yes, this is no conspiracy theory!

WITH the above stripped bare and unmasked, the following is of piece with the facts at hand —  again, other than: will the real Joe Biden please step forward? Oops, he can’t!

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INFO WARS | October 6, 2021

Why does the Biden administration keep doing this?

Joe Biden held a discussion with bankers and business leaders over failure to raise the debt ceiling at the same fake mockup White House stage he used when taking the COVID booster shot.

Biden held the talks with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday at the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where he received the COVID booster injection on live television last week.

And this time, the stage with the fake White House backdrop has apparently expanded.

Like the last time, many on social media were curious as to why Biden’s team felt it necessary to use the elaborate sound stage mockup when they could just use the actual White House next door.

It remains unclear why the Biden team believes it’s easier to construct a fake White House set across the street instead of broadcasting events straight from the actual White House building.

Watch the full event:

Resident Biden was never cut out to be President. A real President knows how to lead.

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