BREAKING: Australians Issue Emergency SOS To The World! — Watch Live … AMERICA ON THE CUSP!

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR those of us whose attention span lasts longer than a gnat’s — refusing to go along with the herd, plus possessing the ability to think critically — it should be obvious by now what is really going down. Greed + power + control = vaxxes + lock-downs! 

ALL of its underlying basis beats a straight (and crooked) path back to the globalist agenda. Openly and unabashedly, they have laid it all out. Yes, Covid-19 is being used for the Great Reset!

IN plain-speak, the CHI-COM virus (aided and abetted by Fauci and his grant-chasing scientific ghouls) was, first and foremost, unleashed to create as much damage and havoc to the U. S. As a knock-on effect, the globalists understood that the entire west would fall, domino-like, in rapid succession.

IN fact, what is sweeping across Australia — a heretofore bastion of western excellence built upon freedom-loving underpinnings — is the most on-target exhibit to keep one’s eyes peeled on; as per what happens when leaders hop on board the globalist train, in spite of the wishes of the majority public. Of course, they are incentivized with many riches, bribes, if you will, to achieve said end

NOT only that, if one can stand to speak (and hear) truth to power, the totalitarian state of affairs “down under” mirrors the likes of the worst totalitarian regimes!

AMERICANS, ask yourselves: since the above and below demonstrates the fall of Australia into the grip of totalitarianism in warp speed, take a good look in the mirror — considering the many dictates which Obama 3.0 is enacting; one anti-freedom measure after another, and with no end in sight!

Australia in 30 seconds

Do you think it can’t happen here? Or everywhere?

The Australian public health strategy. “Get him! He is leaving his house!”


Alex Jones breaks down the escalating medical tyranny that’s now totally conquered Australia, with two activists from the country explaining just how dire the situation is as their freedoms are stripped away in the name of public health.


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