What Does America, Under The Jack-Boot Of Biden, Inc., Have In Common With Hong Kong Under China’s Fist & Hammer-Blows? Hong Kong’s Takeover: A Western Clarion Call. Taiwan, You’re Next! [VIDEO]


[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]

By Adina Kutnicki

DEAR reader, a comparative analysis is presented below for your consideration; one which in non-Orwellian times would appear as an irrational and inconceivable thesis and proposition. No longer.

FIRST, ask yourselves: are Americans in any less danger from the criminal regime in D.C. (with the assistance of like-minded domestic and foreign totalitarians, unelected and elected) which has overtaken the nation, comparative to the citizens of Hong Kong vis-à-vis the CCP at their throats?

ONCE the aforementioned is digested, a follow-on thought experiment becomes highly germane: would the dictators in China be running total roughshod over Hong Kong, that is, if President Trump remained at the helm? Moreover, does anyone believe that Taiwan won’t be next?

IN answer to the latter, the calculus should be a foregone conclusion. Since the CCP is more than confident that the Biden regime, yes, China Joe, has proven that abandoning allies is no longer a geo-political obstacle, why in heaven’s name would they come to Taiwan’s aid, not if, but when their mortal enemy comes in for the kill? Indeed. 1 + 1.

ALAS, in light of the above transparency, sugar-coating the obvious — regardless of how ugly and frightening the truth and facts on the ground are — is intolerable at this end. After all, what good does it do to behave ostrich-like, other than to cause individuals to be blinded to the realities at bay, that which will, in any case, smack the deniers upside the head? 

EVEN so, when it comes to recognizing what the traitors within are up to, the truth is often elusive to the general public. This is where this investigative journalist comes in.

MORE specifically, up until Obama, Inc. took over the reins, much of America’s dismantling took place under the radar, as best demonstrated within BRINGING DOWN America: A Review.

IN this regard, fast forward to the here and now: what was once inconceivable, has currently morphed into a nightmarish reality. The heretofore leading nation of the free world — the greatest experiment in liberty known to man — is on the precipice. Not for nothing.

BUT for those who still remain on the fence, well, the proofs are beyond manifest and lengthy in the extreme. Still, if one exhibit stands out above all others, look no further than to Talibiden Joe’s abandonment of countless Americans to actual Taliban jihadi killers! In tandem, the D.C. cabal enabled the Kabul airport suicide bomber to blow up 13 Marines and others in a knock-on, boomerang-like effect. Yes, they did.

NOT only that, this geo-political earthquake doesn’t even include the blow-back from erasing the entire southern border — in a diabolical power grab to guarantee millions more Demster voters affixed to the rolls, in effect, turning conservative-leaning red states (read: Texas and Arizona for starters, with Florida in the mix) into Marxist-run blue states for generations to come. Deep-state treachery. Mind you, this was a lawless border which President Trump’s heavy-lifting brought under control; a stunning results-oriented, measurable success with statistical evidence to back up said claim. Incontestably, “Team Trump”, as always, got the job done.

ATOP it all, no sooner did the Biden regime leave Afghanistan in the hands of the barbaric Taliban, akin to  thieves in the night, along comes the CHI-COMS into the Taliban’s orbit with “offers” of this and that. Does massive blow-back, sooner than later, in the direction of the U.S. appear like a fait accompli, or not? It should.

BY extrapolation, it hardly takes an astute geo-political analyst, military historian/strategist to recognize why/how Hong Kong became consumed and subsumed by the CCP, comparative to the same ferocious intent exhibited by Obama 3.0 (who happen to be “the muscle” behind the Biden regime) since the onset of their national takeover! 

BUT before this comparative analysis proceeds any further, the following 2 data points bear scrutiny — even though one is in the personal realm, while the other is in the geo-political sphere, as detailed below. Make no mistake, one impinges upon the other.

AS per the 1st data point via the personal realm, a brief backgrounder is in order.

IN the beginning of 2021, a Hong Kong family with American citizenship made a permanent move to NYC. They joined extended family. Apparently, the move was in motion much beforehand, but obstacles stood in their way, in effect, precluding a safe escape.

MORE specifically, the patriarch of this family is a very successful businessman with a high profile in Hong Kong, and with a host of international business partners. This soft-spoken gentleman enjoyed years of close relationships to those in powerful circles. As such, this well-educated and sophisticated businessman had a full understanding of what lies ahead. The handwriting was on the wall, so to speak.

IN the main, he watched in horror as the pathways to freedom and prosperity (resulting from decades of hard work) closed — not just for him and his family, but for the entire nation. Repressive, draconian measures took effect, thereby, crushing Hong Kong’s western-inspired democracy. Fear-based.

IN this regard, a close one at this end came in contact with said businessman through a proposed real estate transaction. Having a high-end townhouse for sale on the upper east side of NYC, the aforementioned businessman put in a bid for purchase. He fell in love with the property. Wanting to sell to someone who would take good care of it, he was the perfect candidate. Besides, he well-exceeded all other offers. A deal was struck.

LO and behold, when the buyer attempted to access one of two accounts, he found that the business account (which held many millions) was “frozen.” As it happens, his personal account made it to the safety of U.S. shores.

DESPITE having assurances all along the way from this and that banking authority (and a slew of advisors) that the wires were “in process”, it turned out that Hong Kong’s Chinese-aligned fixers had no intention of allowing the transaction to go through. Yes, there are many investigating the outright theft. Supposedly, the account is in so-called “transit flux”, but with no coherent explanation. Again, this is the case, even with continuous high-priced legal wrangling to secure his monies! Resultant, the 1 million required for deposit couldn’t be satisfied.

IN no uncertain terms, the irony of the above should be considered a micro exhibit to today’s macro-stated thesis.

IN other words, even though now living in Israel, the seller had no plans to place a beloved family home on the market, that is, until Marxist/commie-based BLM and Antifa began their rampages, thus, necessitating a 24/7 security detail to protect it. Know this: this domestic terrorism is transpiring (it hasn’t abated, though the Mockingbird Media keep it on the down-low) under winks and nods from Marxist Mayor Bill deBlasio. Making the situation much more dangerous, the once vaunted NYPD has been castrated. Yes, it has. “Stand-down” orders are the watch-word.

IN a nutshell, the above related Orwellian nightmare is also the height of irony. How so? Well, this family fled the iron fist of the CHI-COM takeover of Hong Kong, only to flee into the shelter of NYC; a city which used to be a beacon of liberty (Statue of Liberty, anyone?) and hope. It is barely a shadow of itself. 

FOR good reason, NYC (the nation in general) represented a shining light, and, with it, brought pride to millions. No longer. It was emblematic of the attainment of all possibilities; that which was based upon hard work, innovation, and meritocratic achievement, as opposed to class and racial divisions ala the spoils of war. 

ONTO the 2nd data point via the geo-political sphere: 

REST assured, what is taking place under the jack-boot of “muscle enforcers” via the orders of Obama 3.0 has led to the below round-up of “political prisoners” — a/k/a “white supremacists” who dare to support President Trump! Plain and simple.

ALL of which circles back, and with pin-point accuracy, to the geo-political earthquake rocking Hong Kong (much of which is visible in the linked video at the opening), as per the below explanatory report.

Hong Kong’s “fake news law,” which would target what authorities consider misinformation, is the latest attempt, after the forced closure of Apple Daily, to keep views that clash with official narratives out of the media. While the details of the legislature are still lacking, views have already changed revolving around what is considered the “truth” versus “fake news” in incidents that define the city, whether in the near or distant past.

Take the violent crackdown of the 1989 student-led democratic movement in China, often referred to as the “June 4 Incident” in China. “Back at the time, the people of Hong Kong did not fully understand why the June 4 incident happened,” Hong Kong Legislator Ma Fung-Kwok proclaimed earlier this year. “Time and history had yet to verify it. There was a lot of fake news back then, and there may have been foreign intervention… I’m starting to accept the fact that no one died in Tiananmen Square.”

Another legislator, Paul Tse claimed that “some of the Tiananmen Square protesters might have attacked or even killed some military guards. Even if the military fought back, they were only protecting themselves and the country.”

Essentially, Tse and Ma have joined the chorus of Beijing’s propaganda: The “June 4 incident” is fake news constructed by foreign forces. Instead, on June 4, 1989, the People’s Liberation Army secured peace against violent, brainwashed students, all for future prosperity of the country.

Their denial of what is also known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre reflects a dramatic change in the prevailing narrative in Hong Kong. In the immediate aftermath back in 1989, even today’s pro-establishment figures joined people from left and right in sympathizing with the student protesters. They signed declarations denouncing the crackdown and demanding greater democracy. Since then, the politicians have walked a fine line, balancing pressure from Beijing and their own conscience. Legislator Chan Yuen-Han, for example, would excuse herself from discussing the official motion on commemorating the bloody crackdown on the incident’s anniversary, but she would privately remind others not to forget history. In 2012, the Hong Kong chief executive candidates Chun-Ying Leung and Henry Tang, in their election debate, even referred to the incident as “a tragedy.”

For another episode of repression, fast forward 30 years to the Hong Kong protests in 2019. You will see the same storyline in Beijing’s portrayal of what is “true” and “false.”

According to the government line, two major brutal attacks against protesters (the July 21 mob attack and August 31 MTR station incident) are fake news. The protesters were instigated by foreign forces; the Hong Kong Police reacted with proportional force to the protest violence.

Underlying Beijing’s formula to explain away its violent suppression is the same logic, whether for the 1989 democratic movement, the 2019 Hong Kong protests, or even the 1959 Tibetan uprising. Reports of the resulting casualties are dismissed as “fake news” by taking them out of context, discrediting the source, or casting doubts on eyewitnesses’ credibility for incidents that happened decades ago. If deaths and injuries among the protesters could not be concealed, the government would claim that the two sides were evenly matched in strength, or accuse the other side of being thugs, terrorists, or the side that “used force first,” claiming that the security forces “responded passively.” If the victims were clearly on the vulnerable side, the government would label them as outcasts of society, who turned into “traitors” seeking to “divide the nation.” Faced with undeniable public outcry, Beijing would bring up its favorite boogeyman— “malicious foreign forces” that incite opposition to undermine the country. When all else fails, if the public still believes that the fault lies with the establishment, the government would play the trump card – appealing to “social stability,” which insinuates that casualties are acceptable trade-offs for economic development and national security.

In Hong Kong, these narratives are imposed from above through the National Security Law. The law eliminates any room for sympathizing with dissidents, gives the pro-establishment a set line to take, and provides legal means to suppress any alternative accounts, in order to create a unified interpretation in Hong Kong’s public sphere.

A more worrying trend, though, is evident on social media, which transcends borders.

“Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth.” This statement by the Nazi Joseph Goebbels captures the essence of how repeating a misrepresentation can fabricate an “illusion of truth,” a propaganda technique well understood by authoritarian regimes. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany mastered it in their countries, but they had little success in exporting their propaganda to sway the opposite camps. Today, China poses a bigger threat than the two regimes did in their respective eras: In the age of big data, China’s population and resources give it a tremendous edge in our hyper-connected world.

Within its borders, Beijing has already finetuned its sophisticated propaganda machine. Numerous individuals fully buy into the state’s propaganda and, under a strong nationalistic atmosphere, many of them are vocal on digital platforms such as social media. Together with the People’s Liberation Army’s official cyber warfare unit, they practically form an army of keyboard warriors to propel the state narrative. This army, conscripted from a country with 1.4 billion people, can produce a sheer volume of posts and interactions unmatched by any other countries. On the internet, where algorithms often award popularity, if all Chinese netizens put their efforts toward pushing one singular message, it could become mainstream and be perceived as the truth.

As I observed in the discussion revolving around the June 4 incident, the internet is not a platform for China’s keyboard warriors to understand the broader world, but a place to show off their power. Hyper nationalists, aided by the state’s advanced technology, flooded social media with posts aligning with the state-sanctioned narrative, positioning the state’s view as “the truth.” The sheer volume took up all the oxygen on these platforms, making it impossible for different viewpoints to establish a foothold. In the same way, the Chinese state could fabricate narratives that align with its needs, extending its influence globally via social media.

Beijing has already built a firewall around its intranet, shutting out the West and banning its citizens from the Western digital platforms. However, Beijing is letting the Chinese army of keyboard warriors roam freely over the Great Firewall to promote it narratives abroad. Should the West change the fundamental openness of its internet to keep China’s nationalists at bay? This would eventually split the virtual world into two: China’s intranet and the global internet for the rest of the world.

As the West is pondering over the economic or philosophical arguments, the clock is ticking. The Chinese-speaking virtual world is already going down. Once auto-translation technologies have matured, the language barrier for the keyboard warriors will be broken through – and by then it might be too late to keep the Chinese propaganda machine in check.

An authoritarian regime revising public understanding with fabricated narratives, through the use of technology – does this dystopian vision unfolding in Hong Kong foreshadow the future for the rest of the world?

ALL in all, a clarion call is issued to lovers of freedom and liberty, wherever you may reside, before it is too late: shiver the west (yes, democratic-leaning Asian counterparts in tow) timbers!

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