Census Data, CDC Database Expose Unvaccinated – Scare-Mongering Intimidation Tactics. End Game: Exerting Total Power & Control

[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]

By Adina Kutnicki

THE entire modus operandi of Obama 3.0, that is, fronted by the puppet-like Biden regime (a/k/a crooked/China/dementia Joe), is to enforce top-down, full-on obedience upon the (unwashed) masses. In so doing, “Bringing Down America” is ever-closer to fruition — just enough to nudge the people to accept the New World Order ala the “Great Reset” which, “accidentally”, became that much easier through the weaponization of covid! And this is not a conspiracy theory.

World Economic Forum tells U.S. colleges to ‘re-educate the racists among us’

In every crisis, there is an opportunity

NOT only that, how much proof in the pudding, so to speak, has to be shown to attest to said truths?

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ALL of which ties back to the so-called innocuous knock on the door from the census taker! Know this: the next time they come a-knockin’, well, the unequivocal advice within is to keep completely mum and shut the door on the unwarranted intrusion. Indeed, all is not as it seems — control-wise.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | September 18, 2021

On Saturday, September 11, 43-year-old Dale Oliver of Sandy Hook, Kentucky, was engaged in his typical weekend ritual—watching college football on TV—when he heard a knock on his front door. Upon opening it, he found himself face-to-face with two uninvited guests, representatives of Elliott County Health Department. They wished to speak to him about his vaccination status.

“It’s come to our attention your family has not been vaccinated. May we come in?” one health official said, according to Mr. Oliver.

Mr. Oliver lives in a modest home with his wife of 15 years and their 13-year-old daughter, whom they have started homeschooling in response to draconian mask mandates. A hardworking diesel mechanic who puts in 60 hours a week, Mr. Oliver prefers to spend his limited free time at home with his family, free of unwanted intrusions. He told Real Raw News that he self-identifies as a “Trump supporting constitutionalist, conservative” who has serious concerns over the safety and efficacy of the current Covid-19 vaccinations and the current administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Elliott County, where he lives, is barely a blip on the map, a heavily Democratic County of 7,500 souls.

“I told them whether or not we’ve taken the shot was none of their damn business and to leave. But they just stood there staring at me like I was some kind of animal or something. I was curious and asked how they hell they’d know if I and my family got jabbed,” Mr. Elliott told RRN.

The county health officers were not schooled in Deep State discretion, apparently.

They told Mr. Oliver that 2020 Census data showed 3 people living in the household, and that information, when compared against the CDCs vaccination database, proved that neither Mr. Oliver nor his wife and daughter had been vaccinated for Covid-19.

Their statements raise grave concern, as the CDC insists it does not maintain a database of vaccination and unvaccinated persons, and claims vaccination records it receives are collected in aggregate, with no personal identifying information. Mr. Oliver’s encounter certainly casts doubt on CDC honesty, and it’s simple to see just how easily the CDC can obtain an individual’s vaccination status.

Typically, people get vaccinated at one of two venues—either a pharmacy or a mass depopulation—vaccination—center. Before getting jabbed, people present proof of identity—insurance cards and/or a photo ID, both of which reveal a home address; most city and county mass vaccination sites across the country require proof of residency to get the jab. Therefore, county health officials can figure out who has and who has not received a vaccination.

The CDC and county health officials have obtained 2020 Census records to enhance their vaccination enforcement protocols. Respondents of the 2020 Census were asked how many people dwell in a household, a question that has appeared on the intrusive, decennial survey since its start in 1902.

“I regret filling that thing out at all,” Mr. Oliver said. “I had no idea it would be used against me. This is criminal.”

Elliott County health officers, Mr. Oliver added, accused him of being an “anti-vaxxer” an endangering the lives of not only his family but also neighbors who had taken Covid-19 vaccinations.

“They told me I’m a health risk to the community, and that if I got anyone sick, I could be charged with crimes. When I told them bastards that I didn’t have time to wait in some damn 12-hour line for a shot, they told me they’d send someone to my house to give us the shot. Fuckers outright said Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci want me to take it, to protect other people from Covid-19. I started to close the door and their ugly faces when they really pissed me off,” Mr. Oliver said.

The Elliott County health officers questioned Mr. Oliver as to why he had unenrolled his daughter from the Elliott County School District and opted instead to homeschool her.

“You’re the only person in the district to pull your daughter out of school. Is there a problem? We can arrange counselling for your family if you think the vaccine is unsafe, and we can send CPS for a wellness check on your daughter—can we speak to her?”

Mr. Oliver said he slammed shut the door.

RRN has viewed door-cam footage corroborating Mr. Oliver’s assertions; however, he has asked that it remain confidential for now, as he has hired a lawyer and intends to sue Elliott County for violating his family’s privacy.

“Somehow, all my neighbors know we’re not vaccinated now, and they’re giving us dirty looks all the time,” Mr. Oliver said.

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