BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Reportedly Builds Fence, Gate Around $1.4M Home + Woke Baptists Are Making Their Convention Look Like “Grand Theft Auto” – THE DANGEROUS, MARXIST LEFT! – By Adina Kutnicki

IN typical Marxist fashion — yes, BLM is a Marxist front group, communist aligned, too — fences for me, but not for thee!! Millionaire BLM Founder Admits She’s A Marxist, Says She’s Proud Of Comparisons To Mao [Video]

INDEED, akin to every leftist, slithering, holier-than-thou, self-identified member of the DemocRAT Mafia — inside and outside the Beltway —  rules are for everyone else, but not for themselves. Okey dokey.

BUT it doesn’t mean that the “unwashed masses” have to sit back and take it. Not at all.

TO the contrary. Those who see the forest from the trees are obligated — as members of a civilized society — to raise their voices and send out the alarm, come what may.

OF course, as night follows day, Marxist-driven, communist-loving Patrisse believes that she should live like a queen — others, not so much! 

BUT never mind. The aforementioned “unwashed masses” are getting restless, as are those ideologically inclined with “her highness”, yet, don’t take kindly to being swindled!

EMBLEMATIC of the same dirty tricks….

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

NEW YORK POST |By Yaron Steinbuch | June 11. 2021

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who resigned as executive director of the group’s foundation amid criticism over her lavish lifestyle, has reportedly erected a fence and electric gate around her $1.4 million LA home.

Photos published by the Daily Mail show the newly installed barriers at the 2,380-square-foot property, which Cullors, 37, closed on in March.

A neighbor told the news outlet that a subcontractor told him the wooden fencing at the ritzy home in Topanga Canyon would surround the entire property and estimated the job to be in the “$35,000 range.”

“It will have an electronic gate at the driveway portion, a walk-up door and call box, and other safety measures, cameras, you know, to keep the riffraff out,” he told the Daily Mail.

Cullors paid for the house in cash, according to a celebrity real estate blog.

“There is no mortgage holder on the property,” a local realtor who checked the title documents told the outlet, adding that the home was bought by an entity called “Abolitionist Entertainment, LLC.”

Cullors last month announced she was resigning as executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which she had led for almost six years, to focus on a book and TV deal.

“I’ve created the infrastructure and the support, and the necessary bones and foundation, so that I can leave,” she said at the time. “It feels like the time is right.”

Cullor’s resignation came amid controversy over the group’s finances and her personal wealth — including an alleged real estate buying spree in which she snagged four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US, according to property records.

But she insisted that her departure had been in the works and was not tied to those “attacks.”

“Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character, and I don’t operate off of what the right thinks about me,” Cullors said.

In February, the BLM Foundation revealed that it took in just over $90 million last year, following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd, a black man whose last breaths under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer inspired protests globally.

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