“Open Ending” Situation Needed to Take on Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza + NYC’s UPPER EAST SIDE TARGETED – BIDEN’S DEMAND TO ‘CEASE’ THE ROOT CANAL OF GAZA’s TERROR STATE, BE DAMNED! [VIDEO] – By Adina Kutnicki

[Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org]

By Adina Kutnicki

NOT too long ago — 13 years, to be exact — the upper east side, in particular, was this investigative journalist’s professional (and personal) stomping grounds. Yes, it is as familiar as the back of these hands. Similarly, the significant other now standing by this side is beyond invested in this part of Manhattan — a part of NYC which boasts the most sought after zip codes, bar none. But never mind, it is now a violent flash point for supporters of Hamas/PIJ terror against anyone who dares to support the Jewish homeland! Indeed, BLM and Antifa made their ‘mark’ here, too!

EGREGIOUSLYit is into this pro-terror cesspool that China/crooked/dementia Joe deigns to rear his head, of course, parroting the so-called squad’s demands that Israel must ‘cease’ its fire, that is, even as thousands of rockets/missiles are fired by Hamas/PIJ terrorists on the civilian population throughout the nation!!


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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Yoni Kempinski | May 19, 2021

Brig Gen res Amir Avivi rules out agreement, saying that it will take longer than the current fighting to take down Hamas’s capabilities.

Everything going on right now is due to two decisions taken in the past, according to Brig. Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi, CEO of Habithonistim – Protectors of Israel.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Avivi explained that Israel’s disengagement from the cities in Gaza through the Oslo Accords allowed for Hamas to begin to build up rocket capability.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: please refer to the following analysis from Jan. 3, 2014:


“Before Oslo, the only real issue in Gaza was throwing stones. After Oslo, it became completely military,” he said.

Later, when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pulled Israel out of Gaza, this led to a terror state ruled by Hamas, who began building a militarized infrastructure.

He noted that Sharon’s chief of staff told him that in one year Gaza would become a terror state. “This is exactly what happened.”

Avivi said that the solution to the current crisis is for the IDF to continue to attack Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives until the mission is accomplished.

This means a minimum of 70 to 80 percent destruction of Hamas and Islamic Jihad capabilities.

Habithonistim is calling for an “open ending” situation.

“An ‘open ending’ means there is no ceasefire, there is no agreement. Our objective is to eliminate all the major terrorists in Hamas, all their leaders. We probably won’t manage to do it during the operation so the check needs to be open. We need to be able to take care of that later on, whether it’s a week, a month or six months.”

Taking out their major leaders will be the only way to create stability in the long run.

The way forward is to have a physical ceasefire but no agreement, Avivi noted.

The examples of Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon should be emulated. There is no ceasefire in Syria, and when Israel needs to attack to protect itself, it attacks. With Hezbollah, the terror group has 150,000 rockets but they don’t shoot them because Nasrallah lives underground in a bunker and knows that if they attack Israel, he will be the first to be killed.

Avivi added that with over 3,000 rockets fired at major cities, Israel needs to learn from what hasn’t worked in the past with Hamas and find a new course.

“This is unacceptable. Nobody can decide for us how we need to defend ourself,” he said. “We need to be strong. We have one clear responsibility, to secure the State of Israel and the people of Israel.”

With the military infrastructure Hamas has built up in Gaza in the years since Oslo and the disengagement, a serious problem has presented itself.

“Now we are trying to do our best to minimize (Hamas’s) capabilities and buy some time,” he said.

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