West Point Goes Woke – Adopting Critical Race Theory into Curriculum … AND Use it in Admissions Decisions…AMERICA’S MILITARY EDGE: DOA! [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

United States Military Academy
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WHEREAS the military has gone down the rabbit hole, in a manner of speaking, it is not for nothing. 

AFTER all, when the nation’s U.N. Ambassador tells a group of domestic terror thugs — ‘Rev. Al’s’ vanguard — that America’s Founding Document & Principles are steeped in ‘white supremacy’, well, what else is there to say? Explain?

ALAS, just as night follows day, West Point — the once venerable, hallowed military institution, the army’s officer training program — is now fully infected. DOA. 

MOST significantly, the damage accrued to America’s first-line of defense, that is, the military — the heretofore fighting arm(s) of  the world’s super power  — now has a full-blown set of nails ready to embed into its coffin. Absolutely.

AS such, whereas the total array of knock-on effects may not be visible for a while, know this: Sans a shadow of a doubt, the injection of ‘wokeism’, in its many manifestations — in the forefront, the teachings of national hatred, that is, starting with its Founding Principles, in tandem with the military’s ‘feminization’ —  will, eventually and inevitably, be its death keel. 

ASK yourselves: How can one fight to the finish for a nation that was birthed, and still steeped, in ‘racism’ and countless ‘sins??’ Bulls-eye.

INDEED, that’s the whole point of injecting all of the above (and much more) poisons into West Point, as well as every other arm of the U.S. military!


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ELECTION WIZARD | April 13, 2021

America’s military service academies are using “anti-racist” and critical race theory teaching tools to recruit and train their faculty and future officers.

Administrators at West Point are embracing the radical cultural Marxists polices that have swept American college campuses by storm, according to documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

According to West Point’s long-term plan, the once prestigious military institution will not only adapt critical race theory into its curriculum but will also use such practices in admissions.

A West Point diversity and inclusion plan for 2020 to 2025 asserts that in order for the academy to remain competitive with the civilian sector among potential applicants, the school must appeal to the sensibilities of “America’s younger generation.” Inclusivity will matter just as much as marksmanship, the document asserts.

“The Armed Forces represent the nation it defends, including reflecting our nation’s diversity,” the document reads. “It is imperative that we leverage all aspects of the nation’s diversity … to create and sustain an inclusive organization that attracts the best that the nation has to offer. We must create an environment that appeals to the aspirations of American’s younger generation. Only then will we be successful in competing with the civilian sector for the highest quality recruits.”

West Point did not respond to a request for comment or explanation.

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