AS an American-Israeli investigative journalist, these eyes are continuously fixed in two directions: Washington and Jerusalem. This is so because what takes place in one capital affects the other. Like it or not. Effectively, since one is viewed by the enemies of western civilization as the “Big Satan” and the other is deemed as its equally “guilty” counterpart, the “Little Satan”, well, they are judged as “twin devils” worthy of extermination. It is what it is.

BUT it is this warped duality which necessitates that all lovers of freedom, regardless of locale, react extra judiciously and non-emotionally – that is, when examining the devastating fall-out of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, in tandem with Congress’s two-Chamber takeover by the fascist left; a trifecta storm! A horror show.
IN this regard, the precipitous dangers awaiting America dare not be underestimated, nor wished away. The very fact that the powers that be – in league with many governors, mayors, secretaries of state, city council members, judges, AG’s, DA’s, media mouthpieces, big tech overlords, academic leftists, etc. – advocate for less freedom and align themselves with the interests of the most repressive regimes, specifically, China and Iran, that is more than revealing. Terrifying.
MORE specifically, it is beyond evidentiary that a preponderance of the aforementioned are either directly involved in the “ELECTORAL STEAL“, indirectly supportive through material aid, or remain stone-cold silent. As is known, to be silent is to agree. Pick your poison.
BUT for added heft to an already searing indictment, an “expert among experts” brings forth real-time proof of the MASSIVE voter fraud which took place in the Presidential race. Naturally, Georgia’s Congressional run-off  didn’t stand a chance against the same exact rigging, that is, for the Republican candidates! Garbage in, garbage out. The fix was in.
RESULTANT, “The Steal of the Century” is presented here, as well as here, and here. Bullet-proof.
EVEN more so, the fingerprints of China, Iran, and Russia (with junior foreign players hovering in the background) can be found throughout a volume of expert analyses.
FOR the record, proofs of said interference via influence peddling (and more) can be found within the following link, and supported by a ballooning body of open source research at non-censoring, alternative sites. So much so, one could be forgiven for thinking that America ran a banana republic-style election – and that would be a generous assessment!
PARADOXICALLY, when one reflects back upon all of the blood and treasure expended into ensuring that Iraq held its first “free” election in March 2010 (some may recall the spectacle of a sea of purple fingers, symbols of a free and fair vote…imagine that), how could it be, only a decade later, a free and fair election was nowhere in sight? Rhetorical. In actuality, the DemocRAT Mafia, with the enabling of assorted Republican Swamp Creatures, are proud of the “ELECTORAL STEAL.” This charge-sheet is wholly evidenced by their brazen, contemptuous, in-your-face, tactical actions. Incontestably.
SO, now that the truth is established and laid bare for all to witness, ugly as it is, how many truly believe that millions-strong patriots will just disappear and go quietly into the night, in a manner of speaking? Never and never. But what makes this writer so sure, aside from the rage displayed once the theft became a “done deal”, soon after President Trump addressed supporters in the million plus range? In a nutshell: Good ole’ boys! Yes, for those who are wondering, they have female counterparts. Feminism, in all its patriotic glory!
AS it happens, having developed a highly reliable and valuable list of U.S. contacts/sources over the years, with Texans and Oklahoman’s featuring prominently – incidentally, many of whom are devout Christians, support Israel, are former military, and currently work in law enforcement – it is not lost at this end what may be atop (some of) the patriotic agenda. It is just a question of so-called logistics and timing. Henceforth, when the reader comes across the aptly coined “GREAT AWAKENING“, know this: It is not for nothing! But for a clearer view into how real patriots think, trust, pay heed to this video.
STILL yet, and despite the “storming of the Capitol” on January 6 – when it became obvious that all of America’s institutions have failed to execute their sworn obligation to uphold the Constitution – the implementation of righteous, pin-pointed, results-oriented action-plans take time. It just depends. Meanwhile, rabid anti-Americans are fully ensconced on Capitol Hill (and not just in Congress), and they will wreck grave damage until the ship of state is righted; a nation which has been the greatest expression of human freedom in history. Basically, they are hell-bent on extinguishing the west’s beacon of light, America.
INEXORABLY, now that VP Pence has abandoned his Constitutional oath by ensuring that fraudulent electors are now counted within the Electoral College, as explained soberly and judiciously by the inestimable Constitutional Scholar, Mark Levin, here, treacherously, for all intents and purposes, he has aided and abetted in the enacting of a (soft) coup! Why would he do this?? HINT: Rattling skeletons in his personal closet must be kept hidden, in a manner of speaking. As always, the deep-state holds the key to this and that, Epstein-style!
ADDING insult to grave national injury, the Pennsylvania Senate sent its explicit marching orders to VP Pence and Congress: Do NOT certify its electors! Its basis is summarily detailed within.
ADDITIONALLY, Arizona, another state with disputed electors, is best described thusly:

“AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward appears to be blaming VP Pence for the chaos that ensued in the Capitol building during the Joint Session of Congress. She tweeted: “Pray that VP Pence doesn’t send our Republic to its demise – crashing and burning into socialism, communism, & tyranny. What do we have at 11 AM (AZ) on 1/6/21? Freedom, liberty, and a Republic – if we can keep it….” Mind you, there are other states with similar “stand-down” orders, until all fraudulent issues are fully examined.

DRILLING it all down to its core base, this is “a day that will live in infamy“, again, mostly due to VP Pence’s betrayal. As to the whys and wherefores, there exists a growing body of trails – one of which dates back to his tenure as Governor of Indiana, plus other matters. Alas, follow the leads here.
BUT atop all of the above, it is intrinsic for Israelis/Jews to understand and appreciate what all the fall-out means – now that it appears that “CHINA JOE” (via his handlers, domestic and foreign) managed to pull off the “heist of the century” by capturing the reins of the heretofore free world!
REST assured, with no one to restrain the growing cadre of anti-Semites operating within the halls of Congress – many of whom have been elevated to positions of leadership within Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer’s anti-American, pro-China party – the sky is the limit.
INDEED, Iran will be strengthened and further emboldened through an array of pro-Iran retreads – having been plucked straight from the highly anti-American, anti-Semitic administration of Barack Hussein Obama. They are fully implanted into a future Biden administration. MARK THESE WORDS: All cooperative efforts between Israel and America will get buried in a continuous and convenient avalanche of red tape; shared Intel will no longer remain secure, and every avenue to weaken Israel will be taken. Guaranteed.
 According to FOX News: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced new committee assignments Tuesday, including several far-left “Squad” members and like-minded Democrat freshman representatives. “Squad” members Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan will now be on the House Oversight and Reform Committee. The newly elected Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri will join them on that committee, and freshman Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York will be on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.The assignments reflect a leftward shift among Democrats in Congress. Bowman, Bush, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib all received endorsements from the Democratic Socialists of America.”
AND so on and so forth.
REALISTICALLY speaking, whither America goes, so too does Israel. That’s just the way it is.
MOST significantly, this moment in time must be recognized as a “do or die” juncture in history. Either the radical, revolutionary left governing America will succeed in their destructive swathe across the nation – with full knock-on effects to the west in toto – or the patriots will oust them. It is that clear. That stark.
TO wit, while prayers are always needed and welcomed, the execution of well-developed, doable plans of action are where the ultimate outcome for victory lies; in the life and death struggle for the soul of America.
SIMPLY put, prayers without direct follow through is akin to building houses sans roofs; a sure-fire recipe for personal disaster! By extrapolation, playing nice when the other side goes for the jugular is personal and national suicide. Clear as a bell.

CONCLUSIVELY, America is at war: Patriots versus domestic terrorists. Light versus darkness. Good versus evil. 

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


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