ISRAEL’S DERELICT LEADERS; A MIRROR IMAGE OF U.S. COUNTERPARTS – Elderly Lives ‘Sacrificed’: Nursing Home COVID Testing Falters + Israel’s One Millionth COVID Vaccine Given to Murderer, Pictured With Bibi – By Adina Kutnicki



AS an American-Israeli — proudly counted among the so-called “deplorables”, as well as Israel’s right-wing Zionist faction — there is no patience for political/elitist liars, as if their words are derived and delivered from Mount Sinai. Understood?  

IT is this insistence on straight-talk which can be found throughout a compendium of this writer’s body of work, that is, investigative journalism. Simply put, the mantra within is: Let the crap hit the fan, wherever it lands. Naturally, this elicits much anger from many quarters. Who cares.

AS such, even while fellow patriots are up in arms over the “weaponization” of covid stats — throughout the echelons of the DemocRAT Mafia and their mouthpieces in the corporate media complex — adding insult to injury, they are forced to beat back against the theft of the century; the electoral steal! Similarly, Israelis are fed up with the draconian edicts via lock-down after lock-down, knowing full well that said “solution” is ineffective and highly dangerous, too! Ditto re an upcoming 4th ! election in 2 years. Beyond dysfunctional. Maddening.

SO, it is along these similarly derelict trails that elderly nursing/residential- care patients find themselves; trapped within a life and death calculus, be they in America, Israel, and beyond. As to the nations at hand, America and Israel, it is hardly an exaggeration to state: The elderly are given the shaft! Consider the prima facie evidence:

EVEN more revealing, is the ease in which the leadership spouts lie after lie, and without even flinching. This attests to their utter disdain, and an outright  contempt for the citizens. Period.

EGREGIOUSLY, while New York’s murderous Guv Cuomo — having been (and still is) the catalyst for thousands of deaths among the elderly population via his directives, alongside fellow comrades in stewardship positions throughout the nation — received an Emmy for his “leadership” from leftist nihilists in the entertainment arena, he had the utter gall to pen the following book: American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic! Mind you, Israel’s feckless top tier are not far behind in brazen opportunism.

CONSIDER: For the sake of a photo-op and political calculi — effectively, understanding that Israel’s domestic audience is watching the hoopla, as well as the pats on the back he will receive by international leaders for the out-sized vaccine stats, too — well, PM Netanyahu’s lack of due diligence is astounding! Mind-boggling. Yes, the buck does stop with him!

STILL yet, before absorbing today’s mind-blowing (Jerusalem Post) article, the very fact that PM Netanyahu felt it appropriate to go to Umm el-Fahm in the first place — trust, it is the Arab “terror capital” within Israel, as evidenced here — bespeaks of his cynical aim: To entice more Arabs into the so-called right-wing Likud Party for the upcoming election! Political whore, anyone? Alas,

Some 1,090,000 vaccinations had been administered as of Sunday morning, according to Health Minister Yuli Edelstein.


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