Was The Nashville Explosion Actually a Missile Strike? – THE SCUTTLEBUTT IN THE INTEL COMMUNITY IS: IT’S 2020 SERVER RELATED!! [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki


NO sooner did terror strike at the heart of downtown Nashville — more specifically, in front of the AT&T complex with all of its satellite apparatuses — that the phone blew up at this end. Mind you, these calls were not from friends, relatives, etc., but via main professional contacts, that is, Intel guys whose ears are (more than) clued to ground!! 

NOW,  each discussion was, more or less, along the same refrain — even though they have no contact with one another! How can this be?

WELL, it seems that “underground” types knew that the now demolished complex housed election-connected servers, etc. — most intrinsically, data seized from the raid in Hamburg, Germany! For backgrounder, read…..

Lt. General McInerney Says “Kraken” is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (AZ) – FLESHES OUT COUP & HINTS AT MORE! [EXPLOSIVE AUDIO & VIDEO]

RIGHTLY so, a question becomes: Why would the aforementioned callers make contact in the first place? In a nutshell, the multi-faceted answer is found here. Indeed, to connect the truthful dots for the public, come what may, they check in. Enough said.

KNOW this: Never and never will the DemocRAT Media Complex, nor its allies in the FED related “ABC” agencies, tell the truth as to what’s what. Yes, they will dance around this and that so-called “motive”, until it becomes the go-to narrative. Guaranteed, in short order, they will call it: “Case closed.” Trust, it will amount to little more than dangerous hogwash. A smokescreen.

IN any event, the reader is directed to the following report — it is more on track than they may even realize!

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NATURAL NEWS | By Mike Adams | November 26, 2020

We now have video evidence that an incoming missile initiated the explosion in Nashville. The following skyline video, embedded below, shows quite clearly an incoming missile trail immediately before the explosion.

We also now know that the location, which was blurred out by Google street maps, housed the AT&T / NSA VoIP Router Complex, which allows the NSA to spy on all phone conversations and phone texts of anyone using the AT&T network. The Intercept article, “The Wiretap Rooms,” explains the existence of “hidden NSA spy hubs” all across America.

The former owner of the building is reportedly Cerebus Capital, which is tied to Yagoobzadeh, which acquired some ownership of Dominion Voting Systems.

Various internet analysts say the blast appears to have been intended to halt a Dominion voting machines audit that was about to take place in the building as well, although that has not yet been confirmed.

No matter what the motive, you can rest assured the media will find some White conservative gun owner to blame for everything, as that’s always their propaganda narrative.

Incoming missile proves this was a military operation, launched from an aircraft

The following screen shots from the video (below) show the incoming missile trail, meaning this was a military operation, and the missile was fired from an aircraft:

And here’s about a second later as the missile trail is disappearing, from top to bottom (indicating the missile is moving from the sky to the ground):

Finally, just a moment later, the explosion takes place:

You can see the video yourself here, via Brighteon.com:


Here’s the Google street view at the address, showing the AT&T “spy hub” storefront blurred out by Google. Wonder why?

Finally, it seems the explosion may have been engineered to maximize the local EMP effect in order to take out sensitive electronics housed in the AT&T / NSA center.

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