Ilhan Omar Demands Answers As ICE Prepares To Deport ‘Dozens’ From Her District Back To Somalia – THE POISONOUS FRUITS OF ‘OPEN SESAME’ FROM TERROR-RIDDEN HELL-HOLES; OMAR BEING EXHIBIT A [VIDEOS] By Adina Kutnicki

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It hardly takes a rocket scientist to figure out and conclude: Rep. Ilhan Omar poses a clear and present danger to America, that is, if national survival is of any consequence and import! No ifs, ands, or buts. Period.

But despite it all, leave it to one of the most anti-American, vile, and contemptuous members of Congress – even among a long list of low-life comrades – to brazenly DEMAND that fellow Somalis, many of whom are felons, should not be deported by ICE! Imagine that. Beyond obscene.

And even though her own list of crimes can fill a book, who has the time to chronicle them, most especially, in the midst of all the chaos enveloping the nation – much of which is supported by, and due to, the aforementioned creature and her cohorts, inside and outside Congress.

Still yet, a brief recap is more than mandatory due diligence. Its basis can be accessed herehereherehereherehere, and here.

Now, onto the latest reason why Rep. Omar should be deported, namely, alongside fellow Somalis held by ICE!

Birds of a criminal and radical feather….

According to SWAMP DRAIN,

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) took to Twitter Saturday to demand answers as ICE prepares to “deport dozens of individuals” from her district back to Somalia, claiming they will risk “the spread of COVID”.

In March, Omar also called to “release ICE detainees” amid the global pandemic, tweeting, “We need to release ICE detainees, people held on bail, and anyone [who] qualifies for work release.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted on Saturday: “ICE is set to deport dozens of individuals from my district to Somalia, risking the spread of COVID.”

“ICE’s actions will not only put these individuals at risk, but could have far-reaching consequences for Somalia. This week, I sent a letter to ICE to get answers,” she wrote.

On September 1, ICE announced the results of recent enforcement actions for individuals who have been arrested for, or have pending charges or convictions, for crimes involving victims. From July 13, 2020, to August 14, 2020, ICE officers arrested more than 2,000 individuals.

Per ICE, about 85 percent of those arrested by ICE on immigration charges had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, as reported by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. 

Swamp Drain tried to contact ICE Office of Public Affairs for more information regarding Rep. Omar’s tweet. We were unable to obtain additional information as of publishing this article.

Many believe that 9/11 is the reason ICE was formed; however, ICE’s history goes way back when the U.S. was growing as a country.

The video below traces the history of the agency’s customs and immigration enforcement responsibilities back to the nation’s earliest days, when the founding fathers were establishing the blueprint for these newly created United States of America, according to ICE

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