Counting One’s Blessings In Light Of The Jewish New Year….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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With the west spinning out of control, there are countless reasons to be despondent. Nevertheless, in light of the upcoming Jewish New Year, Rosh Ha-Shana, it is intrinsic to take note of one’s blessings, that which far too many take for granted on a daily basis.

Equally important, one must be willing to reflect upon personal shortcomings, as such, to seek improvement and to repair. No one should be so arrogant to believe that they are immune from self-criticism, thereby, there is little need to take an accounting.

In this regard, individually, we are all responsible for our actions – be they positive or negative – and this is no small matter. Many live a lifetime without taking ownership, even for personal happiness and self-fulfillment. Tragic.

Similarly, by appreciating loved ones – from the littlest to the not so little – everyday life becomes that much sweeter. As is known, one never knows what tomorrow will bring.

And if I have learned anything over the years (through sudden loss, losing the very one who touched the deepest recesses of my soul) it is that there are no guarantees. Still yet, there is always hope for a better tomorrow, as cliche as it sounds. This level of recognition and appreciation becomes that much clearer when one learns to count one’s blessings.Image result for pics of appreciating little moments

The point being, as I reflect upon this past year – from last Rosh Ha-Shana to the upcoming one – it is doubtful that I would have been able to appreciate the “special someone” who entered my life during this period without having learned how to treasure the simplest joys of everyday life and G-d’s blessings.

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So whether walking through a park, hopefully, hand in hand with a special someone, or enjoying an evening out at an elegant venue, it should never be far from mind that the moment at hand is precious – but that entails the ability to count one’s blessings, each and every day!

Yes, “through the good times, through the bad times, when a man loves a woman it’s for all times.” Ditto….when a woman loves a man….

To each and every person fighting the good fight – Jew and non-Jew alike – may this special time of year be full of renewed hope; ripe with fresh and exciting beginnings!Image result for pics of counting one's blessings

2 thoughts on “Counting One’s Blessings In Light Of The Jewish New Year….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Hearing about a “special someone” in your life has made me happier today and always grateful for your work, which spurs me on to keep risking and speaking out. Love to you.

    • Leith, thank you.

      Yes, it has been a very long road, getting from there to here. But, as is said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

      Significantly, it is with much gratitude that I recall and cherish my past. Most importantly, I have chosen to embrace the present and look forward to a new future – much of the “credit” should be given to my “special someone.”

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