Boston’s ISIS/Brotherhood Epicenter: Home Front & Mid East Target-Rich, Yet, Growing Exponentially. Why Is This? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

(Abdulbadi Abousamrathe proud papa of Ahmadthe ISIS “youngin” no longer among the living…but we will get to that feel good news in a bit.)

LET’s get down to brass tacks: a major epicenter for ISIS’s Brotherhood playground lies within Boston and environs, although it has since extended, like a monstrous hydra, into enumerable tentacles across the nation. 

ALONG this trajectory, this investigative journalist previously introduced to these pages a bespectacled, grandfatherly looking man, Abdulbadi Abousamra. Indeed, he is the proud papa of Ahmad, you know, the social media guru, the propaganda coordinator for ISIS straight out of the heart of Boston! Hmm…the terror apple doesn’t fall far from the Islamist family tree. Yes, once again, THAT Boston jihadi connection. The Bay State is a cesspool, and gold/money laundering is just one of their fortes to raise funds for jihad!

BUT first let’s take a look-back to Oct. 2014, whereby Boston’s jacked-up ISIS revelations were front and center at this site. This is aside from the fact that Boston’s acute terror hydra made its debut at this blog’s (summer of 2012) inception. 

NOW that that is off the table, let’s concentrate on the fact that not only is sonny boy, Abdulbadi Abousamra, atop the MOST WANTED TERROR LIST, but papa is joined at the hip with some star players. Yes, it “be true”!

The revelation that Boston-area fugitive Ahmad Abousamra is running the Islamic State’s (ISIS) sophisticated social media propaganda campaign casts light on the leadership of a complex of radical mosques in and around the Greater Boston area. According to information obtained during litigation discovery and provided by Boston Muslims who asked not to be identified out of fear for their physical safety, Ahmad Abousamra is deeply connected to the top Muslim community leaders in Boston.

Ahmad’s father, Abdulbadi Abousamra (Abousamra Sr.), has served as a president or board member of several mosques, Islamic schools, and Muslim political organizations in Massachusetts from the mid-1990s. In fact, he is still the president of an Islamic elementary school in Sharon, MA. Abousamra Sr. had used his leadership position in multiple Boston Islamic institutions to import extremist and terrorist-affiliated imams into Boston. One of these imams, Hafiz Masood, appears to be the one who radicalized his son, Ahmad Abousamra (Abousamra Jr.)…read the whole thing

MOVING right along to today’s ISIS commentary update, it happens to be directly related to Boston’s aforementioned (Oct. 2014) father-son terror team. Indeed, while there is some “feel good” ISIS news to report – and we will get to that in a bit – it is intrinsic to be able to see the forest from the trees. Don’t be distracted by this one and that one’s whacking on the Mid East’s battlefield, especially when they are going from strength to strength on America’s home turf. No doubt.

IN this regard, every major U.S. city (in tandem with smaller ones and enumerable outlying areas from coast to coast) is infested with Muslim Brotherhood Mafia front groups, ISIS included. But instead of shrinking since al-Qaeda’s 9/11/01 onslaught on America, think about what has taken place, in relationship to their exponential growth. This assessment is fact-based. Don’t bother arguing with this analysis. In any case, of utmost urgency is a discussion as to why this is the case.

INHERENTLY, few can honestly state that HUSSEIN Obama’s administration isn’t stacked with Muslim Brotherhood leaders.That ship has sailed. Extrapolating further, he is Islam’s best friend and certainly not America’s. Thus, if they did not strengthen on the home front, well, THAT would be the shock.

BHO & the Muslim Brotherhood - 7

HENCE, once the facts are understood for what they truly are, yesterday’s reported news, that Boston’s ISIS favorite “terror son” (alongside a host of others, including American Islamists) met his pagan Allah in an Iraqi airstrike, can be seen for what it is.   

An American, Ahmad Abousamra, who was wanted by the FBI since 2009 and listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list since 2013,  was killed today according to a statement published by the Iraqi government. He was reportedly one of the top ISIS media propagandist officials and involved in the production of videos showing the beheadings of Western ISIS hostages.

Al-Arabiya reports:

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the death of dozens of ISIS terrorists in an air strike in the west of Anbar province, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Sunday.

Among those killed was “Abu Mohammed al-Soory,” also known as “Abi Samra,” who is reportedly an expert in filmmaking, and ISIS documentary film maker, “Abu Osama al-Amriky.”

And in a statement obtained by Al Arabiya News, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the elimination of various ISIS commanders of various nationalities in an air strike that targeted their compound in the city of Qaim in the jurisdiction of Fallujah, “after following the leaderships (ISIS) meetings in a complex reconnaissance operation.” […]

The statement by the ministry added that, “amongst those killed were Abu Mohammed the Syria, nicknamed Abu Samra, who is an ISIS filmmaking expert, Abu Osama the American who is a documentary specialist for the militant group in addition to Abu Hareth Al Shami, Abu Aicha Al Ansari who is an explosives expert, Abu Saif Al Jazrawy, a Morrocan national, Abu Hussein Al Sulaimani who was in charge of the militant group’s charity foundation, Abdullatif Jumaa Al Mohammedy who was in charge of suicide bomber operations in Fallujah.

From the Iraqi Interior Ministry statement, it appears that another American, Abu Osama al-Amriki, may have also been killed.

Abousamra, who fled the U.S. in 2006 and was indicted in a Boston-area terrorism case in 2009, was identified as one of the top ISIS propaganda experts who may have been involved in the production and filming of videos showing the beheading of Western ISIS hostages.

In announcing Abousamra’s addition to the Most Wanted Terrorists list, the FBI said about his 2009 indictment:

Ahmad Abousamra was indicted after taking multiple trips to Pakistan and Yemen, where he allegedly attempted to obtain military training for the purpose of killing American soldiers overseas. On November 5, 2009, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Abousamra in the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, after he was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists; conspiracy to kill in a foreign country; conspiracy; and false statements. Abousamra was indicted on a total of nine charges and should be considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI had previously published this video, “Seeking Ahmad Abousamra:

ABC News reported back in September about Abousamra’s propaganda role for the Islamic State:

The senior law enforcement official said it appears now that Abousamra may have taken up a similar job with ISIS as his co-conspirators had for AQI. Abousamra, the FBI says, has a “college degree related to computer technology and was previously employed at a telecommunications company.”

“There continues to be a worldwide search for Abousamra and he will be pursued until he is found,” another official, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Kieran Ramsey, told ABC News. The government offers a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Terrorism observers have noted ISIS’s media savvy, from viral meme-like postings and hashtag campaigns on Twitter to elaborate full-production videos – efforts that can multiply the perception of ISIS’s breadth and power in Syria and Iraq.

As investigative journalist Paul Sperry reported for the New York Post, Abousamra was also tied to the notorious Islamic Society of Boston mosque also attended by the Boston bombers and other convicted terrorists:

Abousamra’s father, a prominent doctor, even sat on the board of directors of the Muslim organization that runs the mosque. He stepped down after the FBI began questioning his son. […]

Abousamra’s father, Dr. Abdulbadi Abousamra, was president of the Islamic Center of New England mosques until 2007, when he moved to Detroit. The FBI began questioning his son a year earlier. As mosque president, internal documents show, Dr. Abousamra hired Hafiz Masood, brother of a known Pakistani terrorist, to be the imam of a mosque in Sharon, Mass., which his son also attended.

Ilya Feoktistov, Director of Research for the Boston-based Americans for Peace and Tolerance, which has tracked Islamic extremism and terrorism cases in the Boston area, has thoroughly documented the Abousamra family ties to ISB. (blogger’s note: as has this site)

In a statement provided to PJ Media, Feoktistov said:

Ahmad Abousamra was just one of twelve individuals Americans for Peace and Tolerance have identified as worshippers or leaders at the extremist Islamic Society of Boston who have either been killed, imprisoned, or are fugitives from the law due to terrorist activity. Abousamra was not just a fringe figure in the Boston Muslim community. To the contrary, his father was vice president of the Muslim American Society, president of the Islamic Center of New England mosques in the Boston suburbs, and is still the president of the Islamic Academy of New England – a K-5 religious private school. Abousamra Sr. left America for Qatar after his son was announced as wanted by the FBI.

Abousamra’s death might temporarily put a crimp in the Islamic State’s propaganda efforts targeting Westerners, but with more than a hundred Americans and U.S. persons fighting for terror groups in Syria and Iraq, Abousamra may be quickly replaced.

NOW that we finished celebrating over the airstrike, let’s get back to America’s home turf and deal with reality. As reported on multiple occasions by this investigative journalist, the umbrella agency for U.S. security, DHS, is NOT fighting Islamic terror. To the contrary. Instead, they are aiding and abetting. Resultant, many of said proofs can be found within: “ISIS &  San Diego: A Prime Jihadi Hub, DHS Lends Cover. Where Is The Nexus?”

SO with these facts in hand, it is easier to digest what is really going on, relative to America’s security. Hang on tight…

Nearly 75 percent of U.S. bombing runs targeting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria returned to base without firing any weapons in the first four months of 2015, holding their fire mainly because of a lack of ground intelligence and raising questions about President Obama’s key tactic in pushing back an enemy that continues to expand its territory in the war zone.

Key lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated by the slow rate of U.S. bombing sorties, a frustration shared by a former Navy pilot who said in an interview that U.S. forces are clearly needed on the ground in Iraq to help provide targets for these pilots to hit.

Without ground forces, argues Cmdr. Christopher Harmer, a retired Navy helicopter pilot, U.S. airmen are essentially flying half-blind and, as a result, are returning to base with their bombs still in the bay.

“As long as the body politic or president or whoever is making decisions absolutely refuses to put American air controllers on ground, essentially pilots are flying with one eye closed,” Cmdr. Harmer said. “It’s almost impossible for pilots to designate between [Islamic State] fighters and coalition fighters.”

The U.S. conducted 7,319 sorties over Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Inherent Resolve in the first four months of 2015. Of those, only 1,859 flights — 25.4 percent — had at least one “weapons release,” according to data provided by United States Air Force Central Command. That means that only about one in every four flights dropped a bomb on an Islamic State target.

The slow tempo of strikes has long been a source of frustration for Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee. The Arizona Republican said at a hearing this year that missions that don’t drop bombs needlessly put American pilots in danger and that U.S. boots on the ground would produce better intelligence that could lead to more effective bombing missions.

TO wit, is it any wonder that ISIS and Brotherhood Mafia fronts are on the upswing, not only in the Mid East but exponentially so (emphasis placed) in the U.S.?

REST assured, they will wage multiple devastating strikes within U.S. cities and HUSSEIN Obama will give the order to security agencies: stand down!

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