ISIS Threatens To Decapitate HUSSEIN Obama, Yet “He Be” Their Benefactor: The Proofs & More. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


BEFORE we veer to the counter-intuitive threats against HUSSEIN Obama by ISIS – Islam’s and ISIS’s BFF – let’s digress a bit and hark back to his ex Sec of State, his complicit partner in crime.

ALMOST like sh-t sticks to a pig, Hill can’t run away – nor hide – from the stench of ” What difference does it make?” Did you ever??

AFTER close to three years of stonewalling, few are buying her shuck and jive show, other than the criminals inside Obama Inc. They have been caught red-handed.

Judicial Watch has obtained previously classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of State revealing that DOD almost immediately reported that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was planned and carried out by al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists.

A federal court ordered the government hand over more than 100 pages of previously secret documents that showed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior Obama officials were given reports within hours of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack. In those memos, the DOD described details of a plan 10 days in advance “to kill as many Americans as possible.”

The plans for attack had nothing to do with a provocative YouTube video by an obscure filmmaker, which the administration repeatedly blamed for the attacks.

They had everything to do with terrorists from the “Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman,” the so-called “Blind Sheikh”…continue reading…

BE that as it may, this investigative journalist absolutely knew the score re Benghazigate, plus the part she (and her Sisterhood Mafia gal pal, Huma Abedin) played to assist in HUSSEIN Obama’s weapons running pipeline into Syria. As such, commentaries (from the get go) abound at this site re what went down. One commentary told the tale, “Hillary’s Bloodied Hands.” So, Hill, yes, it does make a diff!

AND now that the record is straight re Hill and Huma, let’s wend back to the TRUE relationship between the Islamist-in-Chief and ISIS. However, before we do so, it is incumbent to recognize that the recent special ops hit on Abu Sayyaf in NO way mitigates the fact that he is on ISIS’s side. Let’s just call Abu (and this one and that one) collateral damage, necessary expenditures targeted by Washington’s security chiefs.

SIGNIFICANTLY, it has already been proven that the heretofore leader of the free world is absolutely in sync with the Brotherhood Mafia. And since they spawned al-Qaeda, and ISIS is a progeny of al-Qaeda, well, less than six degrees separation exists between all of the aforementioned. 

The Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments says that the Islamic State terrorist group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) was birthed from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, according to an October 13 report  in an Egyptian newspaper called the Seventh Day.

Other Egyptian leaders have made the case in recent days that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist terrorist groups belong in the same category as the Islamic State. The Egyptian government has banned the Muslim Brotherhood and its Palestinian branch, Hamas, as terrorist groups.

According to the report, Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa said that the Muslim Brotherhood is the progenitor of the Islamic State and similar terrorist groups. He accused the Brotherhood of disrupting education at Egyptian universities and said the group is harmful to Islam.

The Islamic State used to be Al-Qaeda’s branch in Iraq. Al-Qaeda’s leaders are known to have been influenced by the Brotherhood, but the two groups sparred over the latter’s relative restraint and involvement in elections.

The Islamic State is publicly hostile to the Brotherhood, though the two have nearly identical goals….

NOT only that, but HUSSEIN Obama’s very actions – via his illegal war in Libya – catapulted ISIS into a major jihadi player. No wiggle room re this truth. Ya think?

CONSIDER this site’s geo-political assessment from Aug. 2014:

LEST there be any misunderstandings, if not for the knock-on effects of Benghazigate, Sunni Brotherhood jihadists – of which ISIS are part and parcel of, on whose behalf Barack HUSSEIN Obama ordered the largest weapons-running operation in Mid East history – would not be knocking on America’s door, nor Israel’s. Others as well. Nevertheless, as an American-Israeli, both nations are my top priorities. Hands down.

OMINOUSLY, a major outgrowth to Obama’s illegal war in Libya (the main goal of the weapons running was to destabilize Syria for the benefit of Syria’s Brotherhood Mafia) allowed countless man-pads to awash Syria and beyond. In this regard, isn’t it likely that this is how ISIS (al-Qaeda) got their hands on said weapons and then some?…continue reading...

POINTEDLY, the general thesis re Benghaziate at this blog (going back to when Libya was DELIBERATELY blown apart) has been confirmed. On target. Bulls-eye.

Documents Reveal Obama Administration Knew that al Qaeda Terrorists Had Planned Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance.

HOW much more indicting can it get? But lest anyone believes that this investigative journalist is stirring the pot because of a visceral hatred for HUSSEIN Obama (yes, this is no secret), the fact remains that patriots of impeccable credentials are equally blunt. Indeed, ex Congressman Allen West, a Lieutenant Colonel, had this to say:

There are no words that can express my outrage, as an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, to see the black flag of ISIS flying in Ramadi. There is no excuse that the current commander-in-chief can make. And as we head into Memorial Day weekend, I would prefer President Barack Obama just not make an appearance issuing empty words.

To those of my brothers and sisters who fought, lost limbs, and to the families who lost their loved ones — God bless you, and I for one shall honor your service and commitment.

Back in 2003, our battalion’s area of operations was centered on the intersection of the Ramadi Highway and Highway 1. It was the transit point for Saddam’s Fedeyeen forces transiting from Al Anbar province into the Sunni Triangle.

This is beyond embarrassing for our country. It is shameful, and reflects the abject failure of basing national security/foreign policy on campaign promises.

ALAS, it is into this hellish vortex that HUSSEIN Obama aides in raising ISIS’s banner, even as they vow to chop off his head! 


Following the news today that US elite forces had executed ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf, ISIS supporters threatened to kill President Obama online.
Vocativ reported:

Shaken by a daring U.S. military strike deep in ISIS territory, supporters of the extremist organization were vowing revenge for the killing of senior leader Abu Sayyaf or claiming the special operations mission never took place, a Vocativ analysis reveals.

“If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama,” one ISIS supporter posted in the hours after the raid, which took place near the eastern Syrian city of al-Amr.

Translation: If your goal is killing Abu Sayyaf then our goal is killing Obama and the worshipers of the cross. We have attacks coming against you.

Elite American commandos carried out the rare, overnight military operation, killing Sayyaf, capturing his wife, and freeing a Yezidi woman believed to have been held as their slave, the Pentagon said Saturday. Defense Secretary Ash Carter heralded the mission as a “significant blow” to the Islamic State.

ISIS supporters also promised to behead President Obama.

SO, it is within this whip lash-like arena of geo-politics that nothing seems to make sense. In reality, what is sold as fact really isn’t any such thing. And when the netherworld labyrinth of Mid East politics enters the fray, the seemingly upside down must be understood for what it really is. Isn’t. Oh, ones aching head!

TO wit, this is why one of ISIS’s biggest supporters, HUSSEIN Obama (despite all his public pronouncements to the contrary), is on their “hit list.” It is akin to biting the hand that feeds you! A bitch slap.


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