America’s Jihadi Cells Primed, On “Stand By”: U.S. Islamists Emboldened By Paris. Anjem Choudary (Others) In Forefront….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



{Jihadis training in America}


ONE needn’t be a bonafide psychiatrist (just fully sentient and rational) to connect this and that counter intuitive reaction(s) to bloody assassinations. In other words, akin to victims thoroughly gripped by “Stockholm Syndrome”, many in the west still don’t get what is taking place before their eyes. Horrified.

Instead, they prefer to tell themselves one fairy tale after another, throwing liberty and freedom off the cliff (rewarding those who are wiping out all vestiges of western civilization from the map…even if it takes a hundred plus years), just to buy themselves some temporary respite. Does that sound like a well-conceived plan? Not from this perch.

MOREOVER, increasingly, some actually “explain” away murderous jihad, not out of ideological conviction (like the radical left, the twin side of Islamist totalitarianism), but due to mental captivity by those trying to kill them. The circular illogical “thinking” goes like this: if somehow westerners would behave more “properly” towards Islam, Muslim rampages would die down, perhaps cease altogether. Good luck with that.

BUT despite the fact that some are born cowards (males and females alike) and reflexively wish unpleasant facts away, the core lynch pin of Islam can’t be flicked from ones consciousness, as it underpins all the bloodletting.

IN this regard, an immutable fact remains: the political ideology of Islam is inextricably linked to its religious tenets. Basically, the following is the upshot: just like one cannot speak without ones tongue – never mind sign language – so too Shariah law Islamic mandates can NEVER be eviscerated from ANY public sphere, wherever Muslims reside.

SIMPLY put, Islam’s political pillars and religious ones are twinned, inseparable. This is precisely why a binding western concept/contract, the separation of church and state, is an anathema to a preponderance of Muslims.

ADDITIONALLY, when Islam’s followers refer to Shariah law as the “law of the land”, they are not speaking from a personal perspective, but from Islam’s! So, to be a “good” Muslim, one must implant Shariah, and submit everyone else to its dictates. Understood?

CONCOMITANTLY, westerners abide by the treasured ideal of freedom of religion and become ensnared in Islam’s dangerous spider web. Paradoxically, Muslims understand the dichotomy and abuse western freedoms to their complete advantage, playing non-Muslims for fools. Stealth by stealth jihad, they worm their way into western nations, until the time is ripe to pounce. And pounce they always do, just like this past week’s bloodbath in France!

EXTRAPOLATING further, this is precisely why true followers of Islam within the west (millions upon millions) can NEVER assimilate into western nations, regardless of all the concessions, welfare payments etc shoveled their way. If anything, it is this largess which assists them in removing themselves into Shariah law enclaves, the “NO GO” zones.


In the U.S., Dearborn, Michigan: Over 100,000 Muslims, 45% of the city has settled into their first ‘no-go’ zone. The city and police officials have been sued in many cases that allege discrimination “against Christians” effectively by the authorities applying Sharia law. Dearborn-Dar-al-Islam, (a place governed by Islamic Sharia law). The new idea of ‘no-go’ and ‘no-entry’ is significant, and shockingly being upheld. They provide weapons and guards and government officials in their own societies. They build what they want on their compounds. They have schools inside that their kids are educated in. They are taught their religion in school. No separation of Church (mosque) and State….{blogger’s note: others popping up all over America!}

RELATED to all of the above, to America’s security, some may recall a certain jihadi, Anjem Choudary, that this investigative journalist intersected with, at least via an intelligence analysis at World Net Daily. Bear in mind that this same British jihadi was arrested in Sept. 2014, swept up with a large net of major Islamists, only to be released the very next day!

Britain’s most notorious Islamist hate preacher was arrested yesterday in a huge police operation.

Anjem Choudary, 47, was one of nine men held in a series of co-ordinated dawn raids by counter-terrorist police.

The show of force targeted the leadership of radical organisation Al-Muhajiroun, which he founded almost 20 years ago, and was later banned….

YES, alongside many others, he bears watching, in so far as his Euro contacts are deeply connected to American jihadists. They fervently want countless, simultaneous explosions, akin to Paris, throughout the U.S.

NOW, here is where it gets interesting, but one must first read the interview in its entirety, to realize that when an Islamist’s lips are moving they are (taqiyya) lying.

Choudary dismissed the fear that ISIS fighters will return home to Belgium and other European countries.

“Once they go to Syria, it’s really unlikely that any of them will return. Some have already become martyrs dying on the battlefield. However, many of them are having their passports revoked and are essentially left without a country to return to,” Choudary said.

He claimed it’s “fantasy” to think such fighters would come from the U.S. then return. {blogger’s note: the above is related to the mandated taqiyya, when speaking with non-Muslims….dismiss its importance at your peril}

But there are already reports of ISIS fighters returning home to Europe and to the U.S., said Clare Lopez, vice president for research and analysis at the U. S. Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

“Some intelligence community officials have expressed concern that ISIS could have a presence in the United States. We know that any number of jihadis, perhaps more than a 100 from the United States and thousands from Europe, have gone off the fight in jihad in Syria and Iraq,” Lopez said. “We know that some of them have returned.”

Authorities estimate 300 Belgians have traveled to the Middle East to fight with ISIS. Muslims from other European countries have also joined ISIS. A recent BBC News report said there are as many as 3,000 Europeans fighting with ISIS in Syria or Iraq.

Van Ostaeyen said there is general concern of rising violent jihadist activity in Europe after the June attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels by a French Muslim.

Israel-based intelligence analyst Adina Kutnicki said the concern over ISIS is well founded. However, Kutnicki told WND in an interview that the jihadists’ point of origin should not be the focus.

“Firstly, whether they are recruited in Belgium, or any other Western nation, is not the issue. The fact that Islamic jihad has come full circle – spreading its wings from the Mideast, back into Europe, only to re-enter the Mideast – is in order to fulfill the main mandate. That’s the reestablishment of the caliphate,” Kutnicki said…… (read the whole thing)

SO, coming full circle (and the reason why Choudary was interviewed in the first place…counter-jihadists and investigative journalists attempt to go to the head(s) of the snake to interpret this and that), first listen to Sean Hannity and Choudary tussling:

During the interview the Imam did not temper his words with caution, but doubled and tripled down, going so far as to claim that the United States, too, would come under Sharia law.

Among the more disturbing of his responses to Hannity’s questions were these:

“If the Americans bomb and murder hundreds of thousands of people, and they torture people, and they continue to do so in Guantanamo Bay, obviously this will have repercussions. I think it was your own master George Bush who said either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists. And you know, we’re not with America definitely, so we must be with the terrorists.”

On the persecution of Christians in Iraq:

“The Christians are actually queuing up to come back into Mosul because they realize life under the sharia is much better than the Nouri Al-Maliki regime which the Americans propped up and who was murdering and torturing the people in the region.”

On the implementation of ISIS’ goals:

“I’m afraid you are living in a dream world. The Sharia will be implemented in America. It’s coming to a place very close to you.”

Should women who commit adultery be stoned to death?

“Both men and women, if there are witnesses, or they are self-confession, of course they will be punished. In Islam there is punishment.”

Should gay people be stoned to death?

“Under the Islamic state, people will not be doing this relationship in the public community. If they do, then there will be punishment. Of course.”

On support of Israel’s self-defense:

“When you live in America, you can believe that. The rest of the world think you’re crazy.”

And the quote of the day. Sean says “I don’t want your sharia law, and neither does anybody in Great Britain that has a brain.” The Imam responds definitively:

“You will have no choice about it Sean. It’s coming to a place near you. It’s coming to a place near you.”


TRENCHANTLY, the above dirt bag is at least honest in one basic respect, even if he lies like a drunken sailor about other matters. Heed his words carefully:

Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people’s desires.

Although Muslims may not agree about the idea of freedom of expression, even non-Muslims who espouse it say it comes with responsibilities. In an increasingly unstable and insecure world, the potential consequences of insulting the Messenger Muhammad are known to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

OUR VIEW: Slaughter of French satirists can’t silence free expression

GALLAGHER: Why USA TODAY ran extremist’s view

Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them. The strict punishment if found guilty of this crime under sharia (Islamic law) is capital punishment implementable by an Islamic State. This is because the Messenger Muhammad said, “Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.”

However, because the honor of the Prophet is something which all Muslims want to defend, many will take the law into their own hands, as we often see.

Within liberal democracies, freedom of expression has curtailments, such as laws against incitement and hatred.

So why in this case did the French government allow the magazine Charlie Hebdo to continue to provoke Muslims, thereby placing the sanctity of its citizens at risk?

It is time that the sanctity of a Prophet revered by up to one-quarter of the world’s population was protected.

YET, make no mistake, followers of Islam twist around western liberties to suit their Shariah law compulsions. They see no distinction between a nation protecting its citizens from terrorists, and the jihadists themselves. They unequivocally, passionately believe that it is their duty to restrict western speech, come hell or high water. Therefore, any chance to take up arms for the “honor” of Islam, well, it won’t be missed. The lessons learned, its essence (most always), lies within its timing. Americans, you are forewarned.

BUT never one to lose sight of things that may assist us in our common western struggle, the following video is more than topical. On target.


RESOLVED; the time has come and gone to stop pussyfooting around. Granted, some are publicly calling for the deportation of Muslims and attendant restrictions thereof. Well, time will tell if anything comes from said awakening, or if it is too little, too late, as warned since this site’s inception

MOST significantly, the MAJOR takeaway from everything you have just read is this: it has been completely proven that there are countless jihadi cells – Sunni and Shia – waiting for operational orders to strike within America. Alas, no one should be foolish enough to believe that an underground loudspeaker will be heard all over the nation, signaling to hidden cells, “get set and ready to blow”. Ridiculous.

BUT those of us who have experience and share info in this arena – ears to the ground too – also recognize that certain “background noises” are signals.

TO wit, with the clear “success” (never mind that except for one, as of this writing, who is still on the loose, those who held France hostage have become “martyrs”, as intended) of turning France (a nation which has a history of anti-semitism, clearly not a favorite on this end) into micro versions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or some such bloody war zones, they have every confidence that not a damn western leader will stop their onslaught. In fact, multiple bombings, at every turn, have become more than doable!

SACH ha’kol, at the end of it all, Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants the same thing that Islamists want; Shariah law implanted within America! Given the fact that the Islamist-in-Chief has been wildly successful in upending America, who in their right (no pun intended) mind wants to bet against him/them? 



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