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FIRST of all, anyone who dares to endorse sex (CRIMES) with children within ear/cyber shot of this blogger, well, they will have much more to worry about, other than whether or not their sexual perversions are satiated. Guaranteed. This is serious sh-t and deserves a rapid-fire response, whatever it takes. And, if anyone scoffs, oh, this blogger is making an idle threat, an assortment are already in the cross hairs. They will be receiving major attention..all in due course…the following is merely a foretaste:Vatican’s footprints to Nachlaot, Jerusalem… pedophile/Missionary ring via Washington’s spooks!

That being said, one shouldn’t believe that such deviant, animal-like behavior is an anomaly within “civilized” society (let’s leave aside the “dancing boys” and Islam’s sanctioning of incest and pedophilia, courtesy of pedophile Mohamed). FAR from it. Its pedophilia “koshering” roots, at least within the last few decades in America, date back to Alfred C. Kinsey, a monstrous (zoology!) prof from Indiana U. May he rot. Now, let’s jump on over to Hitler’s regime, whereby its gay roots ultimately led to pedophilia and mass murder! 

Assuredly, if Obama Inc. gets it way, Adult-Child sex will become the “norm”, deemed moral and non-criminal. It will become America’s reality. Its nightmare. How close are they to satiating their long-held perverse appetites, more precisely, sexual terror?
A mere six months ago the “koshering” of pedophilia was written and readers were aghast, leaning towards: it can’t be that bad! Really? It’s worse. Truth be told, a movement is underway, “innocuously” called “Obama’s Youth Movement”… reminiscent of anything? Hitlerite in nature! And, once understood for what it is, do you see the historical nexus? TOTAL control – mind, body and soul! For heavens sake, does anyone believe that the Gay-in-Chief appointed man-boy lover, Kevin Jennings, as “safe schools czar” for sport? Never mind that he was forced to rescind the offer, due to public uproar…still skulking in Obama Inc’s shadows!

But aside from “man-boy” “love”, kiddie porn/defilement is an equal opportunity”sport”, as females have been caught in the act too!
Exposed: The Left’s Push For Adult-Child Sex

Shocking allegations by former child actor Michael Egan against openly “gay” “X-Men” director and producer Bryan Singer have stunned Hollywood into relative silence. I say “relative silence” because, unless he’s a Catholic priest, the relativist left’s false narrative is that a “gay” man is always the victim and never the victimizer.

Nonetheless, this latest episode has once again shined the spotlight on the long-established link between the homosexual lifestyle/movement and pedophilia – a link that, despite “progressive” denials to the contrary, is hiding in plain sight.

Egan’s claims eerily mirror those of former child actor Corey Feldman, who similarly alleged last year that such homosexual abuse is rampant, even systemic, in Hollywood.

But are these allegations really that shocking? Regrettably, the overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the abuse runs rampant well beyond just Hollywood.

To be sure, not all homosexuals are pedophiles. Yet a grossly disproportionate number of them are. I don’t write this to be insensitive, “hateful,” intolerant, or “homophobic.”

It’s “just the facts, Ma’am.”

Consider, for instance, a study published in the left-leaning Archives of Sexual Behavior of over 200 convicted pedophiles and pederasts. It found that “86 percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.” This demonstrates, as notes Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, that “homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than heterosexual men.”

This makes perfect sense when coupled with another 2001 study in the same peer-reviewed publication. It found that nearly half of all “gay”-identified men who participated in research were molested by a homosexual pedophile as boys: “46 percent of homosexual men and 22 percent of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of the same gender. This contrasts to only 7 percent of heterosexual men and 1 percent of heterosexual women reporting having been molested by a person of the same gender.”

The connection between homosexual abuse and “gay identity” is undeniable. Although clearly not all “gay”-identified men and women abuse children, or were abused as children, the verifiable reality is that an alarmingly high percentage of them do and were. As with most forms of abuse, the cycle is both circular and vicious. “Born that way?” Not so much. “Made that way?” Sadly, it appears so.

Take “marriage equality” activist Peter Tatchell, for instance. The GLAAD-affiliated blog “GoodAsYou” glowingly describes Tatchell as a “noted British rights activist.” He’s “one of the most widely respected leaders of the international LGBT movement” one of the blog’s commenters gushes.

Here’s what “widely respected” and “noted rights activist” Tatchell thinks of child rape. He wrote the following in The Guardian, one of the U.K.’s premier newspapers:

“The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. … [I]t is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”

Wrote the Washington Times of Jennings in 2009:

“A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an ‘older man.’ At the very least, statutory rape occurred. Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse. That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama’s ‘safe school czar.’ …

“In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.”

Jennings later lied about the encounter until audio surfaced of him bragging on it. “I looked at [the boy],” he quipped, “and said, ‘You know, I hope you knew to use a condom.’”

Still, this pattern of homosexual abuse and facilitation of such abuse by the “LGBT” movement is nothing new.

Take Jennings hero Harry Hay. Hay is considered the “founding father” of the modern “gay rights” movement. Among other things, he has been honored as an “icon” for “LGBT History Month” by the entire homosexual activist community.

Not surprisingly, Hay was a child rape enthusiast and avid supporter of the pedophile North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAM/BLA. In 1983, while keynoting a NAM/BLA event, Hay said the following:

Or take “LGBT” martyr Harvey Milk, a sexual predator known to have statutorily raped, repeatedly, a drug-addicted, teenage, runaway boy. Milk’s punishment? The Obama administration just awarded him an honorary USPS postage stamp.

Am I the only one who sees the pattern here? Has the goddess of “tolerance” really driven the world completely blind with madness?

If consistency holds, and these allegations against Bryan Singer prove true (the evidence suggests they well may), I’ll wager he ends up with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the next keynote at the annual HRC Gala.

I’ll also wager that, either way, we’ll soon begin seeing more “intergenerational sex” aficionados “coming out of the closet.”

Welcome to the bottom of the slippery slope.

This blogger asserts: pedophilia, aka Adult-Child sex, is a plague upon society. So much so, it must be uprooted with as much force as one irradiates cancerous tumors! Its effects last a lifetime, and the ongoing (clergy) trials in Australia tell the ghastly tales:Victims tell of merciless abuse

So, whether or not a clergyman, teacher, neighbor, parent, relative or a total stranger defiles the kiddies – or the bogeyman does it – the life-long consequences of their criminal actions remain the same.

RED-LINE WARNING: Obama Inc.’s predators, the apologist left in toto, require 24/7 hyper vigilance!


  1. Thanks Adina! This has been going on for a long time in USA.

    The thing is, kids basically have no defenses of their own against such things, if the predator is clever enough.

  2. you have noticed how utterly beautiful little payhas boys (black hats) are. I shudder to think. so I try not to.

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