The Connection Between OHPI(“Online Hate Prevention Institute”)& the Islamic Council of Victoria:A Muslim Brotherhood Aligned Group…By Adina Kutnicki, Israel Administrator to Islam Exposed Online

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The Connection Between OHPI & the Islamic Council of Victoria: A Muslim Brotherhood Aligned Group


As a further rejoinder to the  inflammatory charges leveled at Islam Exposed as a “hate page” by Andre Oboler, the CEO of The Online Hate Prevention Institute(OHPI), several additional layers are involved.[1] Whether by ignorance or design, one stands head and shoulders above the rest, discrediting the credibility of his report, “Islamophobia on the Internet: The Growth of Online Hate Targeting Muslims.”[2]

In this regard, many have overlooked OHPI’s reliance – thus, its collaboration – on the Islamic Council of Victoria, which is acknowledged as its consultant in Oboler’s report: The OHPI report on online hate speech was “produced in consultation with the Islamic Council of Victoria.”[3] And while it appears “reasonable” to reach out to a leading Islamic center regarding Muslim issues – in the same manner in which OHPI reaches out to frontline Jewish communal organizations in its efforts to combat antisemitism – in no way are the two approaches comparable. In fact, they are worlds apart.

The first is supported by a vast resource of primary source records and evidence to inform Oboler’s reports. The same cannot be said for the second. Instead, he rests most of his case to suppress Muslim “hate” speech – and respectively his report – upon subjective opinions and theories and an inherently biased consulting organization as his primary go-to source to indict other groups. Meanwhile, an abundance of primary source material could have been easily accessed by him.

With the appropriate research, one cannot negate the harsh reality that much of today’s antisemitism stems from the Muslim world.[4] To understand antisemitismis also to understand this and to understand why.[5] [6] [7] This not only puts into question Oboler’s scholarship on each of the topics, but it also presents another serious problem. There is an endemic conflict of interest posed by his efforts against antisemitism and those against so-called anti-Muslim hate speech groups.

On the one hand, Oboler focuses on exposing and shutting down social networks that are deceptive in nature and that defy geographical and historical evidence about Israel and the Jews.[8] [9] On the other hand, he aims to silence any speech that exposes the truth about the deception and propaganda surrounding the former.

In fact, this has been an ongoing heated contention by many of OHPI’s leading donors, who were misled to believe that its mission, as well as its various fundraising campaigns, were aimed solely at targeting online antisemitic/anti-Israel hate speech and groups. They believe that there is an innate conflict of interest in supporting the two and stifling speech that exposes Islamic hate against Israel and the Jews. According to them, Oboler had grossly misrepresented his mission to them. This is evinced by screenshots that were captured in a group whose predominant goal is to remove antisemitic pages on Facebook. It is run and was founded by one of OHPI’s donors, Michael Mendelson, who is well-known within the pro-Israel camp for his avid efforts to combat antisemitism and for his coordination and finance of the following protest, “Remove Hate from Facebook“:

Michael Mendelson's October 14, 2013 Rally, "Remove Hate from Facebook"

Michael Mendelson’s October 14, 2013 Rally, “Remove Hate from Facebook”

As it so happens, Mendelson is also an administrator of Islam Exposed and has vocally expressed his objections to Oboler’s recent report that targets it. According to him, he never would have endorsed and supported OHPI if he had known just how contrary its mission is to his own. Nor would many other supporters who he had enlisted to help OHPI.

Needless to say, Mendelson has since removed Oboler from his group, but It is important to stress that he continued to emphasize antisemitism as his primary goal as late as September 21, 2013, only three months before releasing his December 2013 report on “Islamophobia” . . .

9-21-13 Oboler Post in RHP Re Antisemitism

September 21, 2013 Post by Andre Oboler, CEO of OHPI

As recently as October 27 and 31, 2013, one month before Oboler’s report, which specifically targets Islam Exposed as one of 50 Facebook pages that promotes hate speech against Muslims, he continued to mislead donors in Mendelson’s group. It is reasonable then to conclude that he had been in the throws of completing it, while continuing to solicit and secure funds for a contrary cause to that of some of his leading contributors. It also is likely he knew full well they were none the wiser about it . . .

10-27-13: Oboler Thanks Members of "RHP" for 10% of Donations

October 27, 2013: Oboler Thanks Members of “RHP” for 10% of Donations

10-31-2013 Oboler Drive Part 1

October 31, 2013: Oboler, Soliciting OHPI Support in "RHP"

October 31, 2013: Oboler, Soliciting OHPI Support in “RHP”

Mendelson was so convinced of Oboler’s intentions that he even sent out 112,000 emails for him as late as November 1, 2013 to raise more support for OHPI.  Less than three hours after, Oboler’s OHPI Facebook page grew by 600 new likes and by over 800 the following day . . .

11-1-13 Post by Michael Mendelson, Helping Andre Oboler to Raise Support

11-1-13 Post by Michael Mendelson, Helping Andre Oboler to Raise Support

It is no wonder Oboler remained “out of touch.”

Even more, Andre Oboler would be hard-pressed to find even one major Jewish communal organization which endorses, sympathizes, or otherwise condones terror, whether frontal or “in sympathy.” However, it is a fact that the Islamic Council of Victoria is in “deep sympathy” and allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. And yes, the Muslim Brotherhood indeed endorses terror, that which is sanctioned under Sharia Law.[10]

Not unlike the leading Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group within North America, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Council of Victoria is a subsidiary of the main Islamic Society in Australia, Australian Federation of Islamic Council.[11] [12]Both leading groups operate under the Muslim Brotherhood’s global fiqh (Islamic, Sharia Law jurisprudence) council.[13]

As a matter of record, the following are just a few (out of many) exhibits attesting to the above nexus between the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terror:

Exhibit One:

Muslim Brotherhood (MB)” – Discover the Networks [14]

Exhibit Two: 

Understanding Jihad: The Islamic Holy War [15]

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Exhibit Three:

Muslim Mafia - Full Size

Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America

by P. Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry [16]

and so on….
To wit, how does Andre Oboler explain this statement: “The Islamic Council of Victoria recognizes the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose mission statement includes:

The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ and their work is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house? [17]

Concomitantly, the Muslim Brotherhood (with which the Islamic Council of Victoria aligns) is completely embedded within Australia, as it is in most parts of the west and beyond: “The Muslim Brotherhood in Australia.” [18]

Thus, Andre Oboler, is everyone who opposes the swathe of Islamic jihad raging across the world “guilty” of “Islamophobia”? To be sure, as mentioned in Islam Exposed’s first response, “In the main, what the misdirected ‘Online Hate Prevention Institute’ is really hoping to accomplish is to silence all criticism of Islam (and by definition, since practicing Muslims are its adherents, how does one as a truly honest broker, distance Islam from its practitioners?) through a well-honed tactic, aptly coined, “Islamophobia.“[19] [20]

Fact: ”Islamophobia” is a (silencing) tool like few others, as it is the stealth end of frontal jihad: Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR invents a whole new category of ‘Islamophobia’ to whine about: Anti-Muslim bullying in school.[21]

It bears repeating, by premising OHPI’s “hate speech” report on an Islamic-inspired weapon of intimidation and silence, via the “crime” of “Islamophobia,” it calls into question every other premise duly derived within this report.

And, are leading Australians – as well as many other westerners – making up spurious linkage(s) between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Council of Australia (assuredly, almost all major Islamic groups spanning the globe are similarly allied)? Again, the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic supremacist group, condones and supports terror.

As an academic, surely Andre Oboler understands the intrinsic value of primary sources in juxtaposition to empirical data. Thereby, a plethora of direct Islamic documentation, much of it derived from leading Islamic scholars (in relation to mandates derived via Sharia doctrinal law), is available, that which proves the underlying basis, the inherent need, for a site such as Islam Exposed.

While it ordinarily might seem easy to dismiss all of the above as little more than “Islamophobic” rantings, the fact of the matter is that, unlike OHPI, Islam Exposedhas its own impartial experts – including this writer – relative to this highly-charged, yet very shadowy Islamic arena.

More than hypocritical – dangerously so. Thereby, Mr. Oboler, truth-telling should indeed be a matter of due diligence.

Other Works by This Author

Adina Kutnickian investigative journalist, has been acclaimed for her expertise on the Muslim Brotherhood in two widely circulated interviews with her by the Inquisitr: “The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot” and “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki,” which piggybacked on the first, A recent book review “On A Wing From The Holy Land [Review Of An Exciting New Novel About The Spiritual Journey Of An Israeli Woman]” was also spotlighted at Inquisitr. 

Kutnicki’s op-eds have been featured at American ThinkerIsrael National NewsIsrael Insider, The Jewish PressMidEast OutpostThe Freeman Center For Strategic StudiesHONENU – Providing Legal Aid To Israeli Soldiers & Civilians In ( as well as at other sites. Her writings also appear in print media.


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