The Clinton Machine’s MULTIPLICITY Of Cover Ups: The Dogged Pursuit Detailed Herein. Can Hill Be Derailed? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Criminals (whether they commit murder, theft or a variety of crimes) truly believe that their prey are not only weaker, but dumber too. This may be the case some of the time, but certainly not always. And when it comes to ‘average’ thugs they often get away with their crimes, but thankfully many more are caught, even years later. Think of all the murderers who believe they have beaten the rap, only to find themselves ensnared by a dogged pursuit via a ‘cold case posse’. When caught, they often evince looks of sheer stupefaction – deer-in-headlights. Priceless.

Now, consider the enormous challenges when going after the most high powered/connected perps of all – leaders of the free world, and even the not so free. Then, imagine the brick wall, when the so called ‘justice’ system is supposed to serve and protect, yet they do no such thing.

Such is the case with Clinton Inc., a mirror image of Obama Inc. (many of the same gangsters – Mafia-like – are on both payrolls via assorted Soros protected ‘think tanks’…imagine all the tax laws they violate in the process…never mind their MAIN crimes), but it is not as if their crimes are part of yesteryear. NOT only does the clock for justice doggedly tick on, but Hill is laser-focused (think of a pit bull in hot pursuit of the BIGGEST, JUICIEST prized bone) on attaining the brass ring in 2016. Her whore-like bought and paid for miniseries is just her opening shot. As a matter of record, Billy Boy’s Presidency involved way more cover ups than the stains on Monica’s dress! Moreover, this op-ed writer/blogger detailed some of their cover ups, even relating them to the build up to 9/11/01.

Specifically, to allow this criminal cabal to rule, once again, is to whistle past America’s graveyard. The following is just its tip: Hill’s tap dance around Huma Abedin‘s (her Deputy COS at State) CLOSE/DEEP nexus to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is a shocking national betrayal, even though others – RINO’s too – are culpable of said dereliction of duty. And, if said treachery is not enough to land her/them in prison, let alone obviate any run as POTUS, surely this is more than indicting, as Hillary covers up pedophilia and assorted crimes while Sec of State. And, their crime spree marches on…


Exclusive: James Sanders ties high-court justice to attempt to conceal shoot-down evidence – August 5, 2013

  • By James D. Sanders

After 17 years of investigating a criminal cabal at the top of the Clinton administration and Department of Justice, which included my indictment and trial for investigating them, I finally gathered a comprehensive fact-set any rookie prosecutor can take to a grand jury and obtain indictments. First comes the low-ranking people that keep their federal jobs by engaging in willful blindness – sycophant savants, a common affliction within the FBI and Department of Justice. Then comes the middlemen, and so on up the line.

Such indictments will never happen, however, because the United States has become little more than a very large banana republic coasting along on its crumbling capitalist past. The story even includes two federal judges, one currently on the United States Supreme Court, who assisted the criminal cabal.

Before today the story has only been partially told, only in bits and pieces, allowing the criminal cabal to live worry-free. Much of what you read below has never before been revealed. What has been told before is part of the glue necessary to tell the comprehensive story.

This is the story, from beginning to end in its natural order: July 17, 1996, 12 minutes after takeoff from New York’s JFK Airport, TWA Flight 800 was blown out of the sky, killing all 230 people onboard. “Significant Naval units” were in the area, according to a Navy document. Three radar picked up a missile launch. Navy radar observed the missile closing in on the TWA 747, per a Navy radar database uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act. Two key witnesses observed the same missile merge with the aircraft. What happened is not too difficult to determine.

Federal investigators striving mightily to conjure up a politically contrived “Magic Mechanical” explanation made up inside the 1996 Clinton White House have not uncovered one scintilla of evidence pointing toward such a conclusion. In fact, Brookhaven and Sandia national labs, after exhaustive testing, established scientifically that no rational basis exists for calling the loss of TWA Flight 800 a mechanical event.

That warm July evening, a lady identified by the FBI as witness 73, from Madison, N.C., was standing on a beach on the south side of Long Island near Moriches Inlet, her feet in the cool ocean water, watching TWA Flight 800 about eight miles to the south over the Atlantic Ocean at 13,800 feet heading toward Paris, France. The 747 was easily visible – not a mere speck in the sky as the FBI would allege. As she watched the 747 level off she wondered where its lucky passengers were going.

Then, “while keeping her eyes on the aircraft, she observed a ‘red streak’ moving up from the ground toward the aircraft at an approximately 45 degree angle. The ‘red streak’ was leaving a light gray colored smoke trail. The ‘red streak’ went past the right side and above the aircraft before arcing back toward the aircraft’s right wing. (She) described the arc’s shape as resembling an upside down Nike swoosh logo. The smoke trail, which was light gray in color, was narrow initially and widened as it approached the aircraft.” The interviewing FBI agent’s handwritten notes said the missile struck the 747 “right in front of the right wing. She then observed the front of the aircraft separate from the back. …

“(She) was then asked if she had any opinion about what it was that she observed that evening. She replied that she believed that she witnessed a missile, which had been fired from a boat which was located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Sanders’ book detailing what witnesses saw the night Flight 800 went down – and how it differs vastly from the “official” version of events: “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America”

At the same time witness 73 observed TWA Flight 800 from a beach near Moriches Inlet, a commercial fisherman, Mike Gallagher, on his boat about eight miles due west of TWA Flight 800, observed the 747 heading east. He then observed an orange streak rise from the ocean, travel upward at an approximate 45 degree angle, approach TWA Flight 800′s right side. Gallagher initially thought the missile would miss the 747. At the last second, however, the missile turned sharply upward into the plane.

Gallagher, drawing a sketch of the 747 from an overhead view, told me the missile struck the aircraft at the point where the leading edge of the right wing meets the fuselage.

These key witness statements, along with approximately three dozen more, were criminally altered during a cooperative FBI-CIA effort to come to a magic mechanical conclusion. Each statement was altered without witness permission, to indicate the witness observed fire cascading down from the 747 and not missile-fire traveling upward to TWA Flight 800.

Actions have consequences. Unintended consequences drove the criminal cabal to ever increasing lawlessness as they tried to get ahead of the information curve descending upon them.

Here’s the indisputable evidence. The Navy had “significant Naval units” in the area of TWA Flight 800, per the Navy’s own document. In July 2003 the Navy destroyed the document containing a detailed explanation of the Naval units – only those three words were released, in response to a FOIA request, as a means to describe the secret information. We need not wring our hands and wonder what was in that classified document. We know for certain the words in the document were even more significant than the synopsis statement: “significant Naval units.” We know where those significant Naval units were because of a weather inversion that night making it possible for FAA radar to look over the horizon where a Navy exercise was under way, just south of TWA’s flight path, no later then 2015 hours, East Coast time – approximately 16 minutes before TWA Flight 800 was shot down.

A probable missile launch southwest of TWA 800 was picked up by three radar, two FAA and one Navy. The FBI and NTSB covered it up – compelling evidence it was indeed a missile launch site. It came from the precise area of the ocean described by Mike Gallagher.

The U.S. Navy RP-44 radar picked up the missile approaching the right side of TWA Flight 800. The Navy covered up this evidence, bumping it up to compelling evidence.

The No. 3 engine, only a few feet from where two key witnesses placed the missile warhead blast, was blown away from the right wing – which jibes with the two key witness statements. It was the first major debris to fall into the ocean. This was a missile “signature,” so the FBI/NTSB moved this engine by paper alteration thousands of feet east where the last of the 747 debris fell into the ocean.

The warhead blast moved upward at an approximate 40 degree angle, blasting the floor of the center-fuel-tank (aka center-wing-tank) upward, as much as 16 inches into the right side of the 747′s Business Class – another missile signature. The 747 reconstruction at Long Island’s Calverton Hangar was therefore altered to hide yet another missile signature. Metal blown upward was cut away. The remainder was placed in a downward position, consistent with the magic mechanical scenario.

The warhead blast left explosive residue and/or solid fuel residue on the right wing, the right side fuselage exterior, inside the center-wing-tank and on the right side of the 747′s Business Class – a missile signature.

I obtained a residue sample, and after initial elemental analysis, a retired missile scientist said it was consistent with an incendiary warhead – unique to the U.S. Navy in 1996 – launched by one of the “significant Naval units” south of the 747.

NASA testing of residue from the center-wing-tank and Business Class tested positive for explosive. The NTSB ordered further testing halted and samples returned. The FBI and NTSB went public, falsely saying the NASA tests showed the tested residue to be “glue.”

The debris field that was pre-altered said the missile evidence was altered to read magic mechanical failure.

The flight data recorder was altered, removing the final four seconds or some multiple of four seconds.

Two federal judges assisted the cover-up. Federal District Court Judge Joana Seybert culled the pool from which 12 jurors were to be chosen to determine whether I conspired with an NTSB investigator to have residue tested to determine if it, too, was evidence of a missile. Judge Seybert removed anyone who believed the federal government might be guilty of a cover-up. She then blocked me from presenting a First Amendment defense.

The Navy document in my possession proving beyond any doubt that “significant Naval units” were in the area of TWA Flight 800 when it was shot out of the sky would have been an invaluable defense.

The Navy radar database I possessed with four data lines partially redacted to hide the missile approaching the 747s right side would have been an invaluable defense.

The FAA and Navy radar showing the missile launch would have been an invaluable defense.

The two key witnesses observing the missile approach and strike the right side of the 747 near where the right wing and fuselage connected would have been an invaluable defense.

The No. 3 engine blown away – as it must have been per the two key witness statements – the first major debris to fall from the stricken aircraft, a missile signature, would have been an invaluable defense.

NTSB and FBI factually false statements about NASA tested residue being glue when it had tested positive for explosive would have been an invaluable defense.

Revealing to the jury the alteration and cover-up of each significant part of the FBI/NTSB “investigation” would have been an invaluable defense.

But the judge said no First Amendment defense.

Even though the district court judge admitted there was no direct evidence against my wife, she was indicted when I refused to provide the FBI with the names of all those assisting my investigation of criminal acts. That would have been quite a list because a rather large insurrection was in the making inside Calverton Hangar. I even had a source very close to FBI Director Louis Freeh.

The Justice Department admitted no evidence existed for my wife, Elizabeth Sanders, to be made a “target” of the criminal cabal inside the TWA 800 investigation. Judge Seybert said it was OK for the wife of a journalist to be targeted in the absence of any evidence. So, even in the absence of any direct evidence at any stage of the DOJ/FBI investigation of Liz Sanders, it was OK for the jury to conclude she was guilty from indirect evidence. None existed, except what came out of the prosecutor’s mouth, and that allegedly does not count.

So Liz’s attorney appealed to the federal 2nd Circuit Court where Judge Sonia Sotomayor sat in judgment as the only actual current member of the 2nd Circuit on the three judge panel. During oral arguments, Sotomayor agreed that it was OK to target the wife of a journalist, even in the absence of evidence.

Sotomayor could not find a reason to uphold Liz Sanders’ conviction in the factual court transcript, so she altered the factual record. Liz’s attorney filed a brief pointing out the alteration. Sotomayor refused to overturn the conviction, implicating her in the DOJ conspiracy to deprive my wife of her civil rights. Sotomayor has been rewarded for her lawlessness. She is now a member of the United States Supreme Court.

America’s Department of Justice and Executive Branch would make a banana republic proud. Over the last decade, DOJ has argued in public and in court that the First Amendment’s freedom of the press no longer exists. Sometimes the statement will be qualified by “prior publication” being a possible exception under some circumstances. By 2004 that possible qualifier to DOJ’s extermination of press freedom was gone. Assistant U.S. Attorney James Fleissner said freedom of the press exists only under one circumstance, in a “very, very narrow” way where, as the AP wrote, “there has been intimidation or bad-faith investigations.” I know from personal experience that Fleissner’s words are factually false, which eliminates any First Amendment protection for journalists.

The Constitution was written primarily to protect the people from the ruling elite. Today the Constitution exists primarily to protect the ruling elite from the people.

NO one should doubt the extent in which Clinton & gang (read: bootlickers extraordinaire) will go to to attain the ultimate prize – Hill’s throne as POTUS.                                                                              

This hybrid socialist/Marxist/communist/Islamist sympathizing Alinsky devotee witch – even to the degree that she devoted her senior thesis to the aforementioned radical, revolutionary ‘community organizer, you know, the one who wrote ‘Rules For Radicals’, having dedicated his book to Lucifer! – absolutely, indefatigably believes it is her birthright to become Prez, not unlike those in ‘inherited’ dictatorships. Isn’t it telling that the current Radical-in-Chief also hearts with Alinsky, and he too ‘made his bones’ as a ‘community organizer’? Birds of a radical, revolutionary feather. 

In this regard, if not thwarted and duly exposed, there will be no stopping America’s demise, as leader of the free world. That is, if there is anything left to destroy, after the (mis)reign of  Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

7 thoughts on “The Clinton Machine’s MULTIPLICITY Of Cover Ups: The Dogged Pursuit Detailed Herein. Can Hill Be Derailed? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. While pursuing her degree at Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton wrote a 92 page study on Saul Alinsky, the radical community organizer from her hometown of Chicago. Called “There is Only the Fight….An Analysis of the Alinsky Model”, her thesis was suppressed by Wellesley College at the request of the White House while husband William Jefferson Clinton was president. She concluded in her thesis that the model could not expand nationally because it was chronologically misplaced. Today, cult like community organizers abound as “Rules for Radicals” fulfills its dedication to Lucifer.

    After Wellesley, Hillary pursued a law degree at Yale University. With license in hand and married to the Governor, she had no trouble becoming the first female partner of the politically correct Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. The scandals begin with a conflict of interest scheme called Whitewater that peaked with the death of Vince Foster, a close friend to Hillary at the Rose Law firm. As a deputy White House counsel Foster was working on the Whitewater Land Deal case when he shot himself in the head. Clinton aids entered his office within hours of his demise. All in all there are about 50 mysterious deaths of people connected with these Clintons. Fact fiction or otherwise, something there matters. Scandals seem to roll of Hillary Clinton’s back faster than her “comeback kid” husband can trim a cigar. She now hopes that trend will continue as she and Bill inhale being compared to everything the Weiner’s have put out there short of fast and willing William’s arrangements with Flowers, Jones’s, and an infamous blue dress with his White House stain of approval on it.

    Where is the “integrity, trust, and respect” Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke of in the 1969 address to her own graduating classmates at Wellesley? It was not even an afterthought when she dealt with the Benghazi scandal as Secretary of State in 2012 and blamed the death of 4 Americans on a video. Where was “integrity, trust, and respect” when she spoke to relatives of those heroes as their bodies arrived back on U. S. soil? Where was “integrity, trust, and respect” when she dodged an appearance before congress and then lied to their faces about Benghazi? Where was it when incumbent William Jefferson Clinton, himself campaigning for a second term, allowed the cover-up of a terrorist missile attack on TWA Flight 800 in 1996, or was that the learning moment for Hillary that shaped her “What difference does it make” arrogance?

  2. Last whereabouts of TWA 800 was in huge warehouse belonging to large construction company. Island construction Co. of long Island.This is where she was put together for analysis

    • I have wondered about this case often and been upset. Who or what was on that plane that needed to be destroyed by our government? Why is Sonia Sotomayor sitting on the Supreme Court? Is anyone still trying to unearth the truth? Lying seems to be par for the course in American now. Disgusting and wrong. Hillary Clinton must never become president!

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