De’ja’ vu: Arab Israelis CONTINUALLY Wage “Arson Jihad”, Yet Authorities Unwilling To Step Up; Zionist Volunteer Brigades Take Charge…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

When a leadership fails in its ultimate task, to serve and protect, civilians must step up to the plate. And whether it means throwing the inept bums out, pressing business can’t await said (hopeful) outcome. Hence, civilians often take up the mantle, and this is a good thing!

But before we get to the latest burning issue – literally – the readers should recall the following as prima facie evidence of said national disaster. In other words, while the leadership can’t prevent all jihadi fires, they can press forward with a more robust response when Arabs terrorize Jews, yet this is not the reality. Realistically, “hands in the pocket” policing is more their style and slaps on the wrist are the norm, as opposed to the exception. In effect, if Arabs can continually get away with terror, whether burning down Jewish territory or otherwise, why should they cease and desist? They are none too stupid. They understand their enemy’s hesitance, afraid to appear too “aggressive” with the “other”. Besides, if there is crime without just punishment, where is the justice? IF only Israel’s leadership possessed much needed righteous indignation. Justice, justice you shall pursue…tzedek, tzedek tirdof!

So let’s take a stroll back to a year ago, to be exact. Does this sound familiar: Arson jihad here, there and everywhere, in Israel and the US too…within other western nations as well, though many haven’t a clue about the Islamic fatwa issued, regarding arson jihad. And every year the Arabs escalate their methods, knowing full well that Israel’s leaders are terrified of appearing too harsh – despite the increasingly dangerous fifth column – regardless of their burning tactics. Insanity. Madness. שגעון.

‘Video: Zionist Volunteers Face Arson’

‘New Israeli Guardians’ volunteers assist farmers who face ongoing Arab arson in the Galilee.
By Gil Ronen

Arson in Tzipori

Arson in Tzipori

Volunteers from the ‘New Israeli Guardians’ (Hashomer Hachadash) organization assisted Jewish Galilee farmers in putting out a blaze in pasture lands. The blaze was set by Arabs who regularly attack the Jewish farmers, out of greed and nationalistic motivation.

Volunteers at Mitzpe Tzipori identified an arson attack at about 8:00 p.m. Monday. The fire began spreading in pasture landnext to the village of Rumat Alhib.

The volunteers called fire fighters and helped them take control of the blaze.

However, 40 out of 50 dunams of pasture land were reportedly completely annihilated. Another arson attack took place near Mitzpe Sando (Tzipori) last week.

Hashomer Hachadash seeks volunteers to help safeguard Jewish land from attacks by Muslims.

Video is by the New Israeli Guardians.

The new Israeli guardians were founded by Yoel Zilberman and others, in response to the plight of farmers under attack from Arabs. Zilberman presented the group’s goals in an address that has received numerous views. Its text appears in this link.

On the other hand, are readers familiar with the following phenomenon: Israel’s authorities are duly worked up over graffiti “crimes” or the slashing of tires – by the so called price taggers – as if they should be placed atop of the most wanted list. No kidding. In fact, many of Israel’s “leading lights” attempted to legally define acts of vandalism as terror attacks, thus conflating said pithy acts of retribution with actual jihadi terror, including murder! Mind you, the “price tagger” actions (some of which have been proven to be done by Arabs, hoping to pin them on Jewish “settlers”, thus causing ire/embarrassment within the Israeli establishment, but no matter) are ALWAYS executed as a last resort, out of frustration with the authorities for doing much less than expected to protect their communities and families. Not sure about anyone else, but this blog marvels at their restraint. Worse yet, the authorities are hardly as outraged when Jews are killed in the name of jihad, and whole families are snuffed out in the process. As the erstwhile Peace Prize recipient, Israel’s President Shimon Peres, intoned, there are invariably “sacrifices for peace”. Be still a Zionist’s bleeding and breaking heart. What has become of our Jewish homeland, as evinced through this interview at Inquisitr?

Proof of the above Orwellian dichotomy can be found within Administrative Detention Orders Against Jewish Nationalistsa deeply sourced expose’ this blogger detailed on behalf of HONENU Legal Defense OrganizationThey provide legal aid to Israeli soldiers and civilians in distress, primarily due to entrapment/harassment from the authorities at the behest of the leftist-driven legal system. 

As such, is it any wonder that  Jewish volunteer brigades are forming to catch the Arab arson jihadists? They will continue terrorizing Jews with barely a backward glance from the leadership. After all, the “bleeding heart” authorities have price taggers to catch!

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