London’s Islamic-Inspired/Sanctioned Head Chopping; Cameron’s Hideous Response; And Boston’s Jihad, Cause & Effect…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Strikingly, even the beheading of a soldier in broad daylight won’t stop the dodging, weaving and spinning from British/western authorities. If a volte face does not occur immediately it will become verily impossible for Cameron (other leaders too) to keep his head on straight – no pun intended.

Western leaders have been warned from all angles; from the Islamic barbarians themselves and via alternative media, as we scream about cause (Islam) and effect (jihad by the sword). YET, they are still not paying practical heed to the wreckage from their multi-cultural, psychotic, counter intuitive experimentation. For if this wasn’t the case, how could it be that Cameron (and others) still ! blathers that Islam does not condone said terror, and that Muslims are oh, so appalled by said beheading, even as their co-coreligionists scream “Allahu Akbar” (see video)… blind as bat leaders…bastards to boot – Recklessly and mendaciously they opine, yes, Islam is a  “religion of peace”! How many more heads have to fly off to cause them to ‘fess up? Their experiment failed to the gravest degree imaginable, and they must reverse course. Forthwith.

It goes without saying, certain actions are beyond the pale and head chopping surely qualifies as such. Now far be it from this blog to beat to death the same topic – over and over again – but there is no other option. It is what it is. Don’t blame the messenger.

In light of the west’s craven dhimmitude, is it any wonder that Allah- wielding hackers feel free to ply their jihad – And even in Israel, surely where its leaders have more than enough experience with Islamic barbarians – head choppers & all – they still pine to make “peace”…have they too lost their minds? – But it is not as if the Ramallah lynch (in 2000) shouldn’t have been a clue, not only to Israel’s leaders, but to western ones in toto – .   

And in case it hasn’t been made clear enough, just as in Boston’s jihad, so too were the jihadists in London known to the authorities, yet nothing was done to scoop them up! In fact, these pages alerted the public about the dangers surrounding Boston (and elsewhere), months before urban jihad blew up in their faces –

So as outraged as this blog was when the Chechens waged jihad through the streets of Boston there was no element of surprise – was to be expected.

In London as in Boston, terrorist-killers were known to security services’
DEBKAfile Special Report May 23, 2013
One of the Woolwich terrorists after murdering British soldier

One of the Woolwich terrorists after murdering British soldier

The two Islamist terrorists who hacked a British soldier to death on a London street Wednesday, May 22, chanting Allahu Akbar, were born in Britain of Nigerian descent and known to British security authorities. Motivated by revenge for Muslem deaths in Afghanistan, they selected as their victim a soldier from the Woolwich barracks who had served there. One of the terrorists was identified as Michael Adebolajo, 28, a convert to Islam and self-styled Muslim preacher from a street stand, from which he handed out leaflets condemning the British government and troops fighting in Muslim lands.

His stand was located in the southeastern London suburb of Woolwich, not far from the Royal Artillery barracks near which he committed his savage murder.
Adelbolajo’s crime was long planned. He spent time watching the soldiers coming and going around the barracks. He may even have singled out his victim from a chance acquaintance.
Thursday, the day after the murder, British anti-terrorist operatives carried out searches at various London addresses which the terrorist had used as a student at Greenwich University.
The British authorities have made no statements about arrests or even the interrogation of either of the two terrorists, who are in separate hospitals recovering from police gunshots.

Neither have they revealed why the accumulation of carving knives, a machete and a firearm in their possession never attracted notice. The police are also extremely cagey about the two men’s friends and contacts. As in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, the relevant information began seeping out by chance much later.

The extreme savagery of the killing in broad daylight on a busy London street, culminating in a beheading, recalled the fate of Western hostages at the hands of Al Qaeda’s Iraq commander Musab al-Zarqawi in the years between 2004 and 2006. His custom of beheading victims became a hallmark of al Qaeda savagery.
What also stands out about this episode is that the jihadis did not run away, but waved their blood-stained hands in the faces of horrified passersby, boasting: “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. The British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”
The British government held two “Cobra” emergency committee meetings, whose deliberations were kept secret. Its first response to the discovery that this horrific crime was committed by homegrown terrorists was to assign official spokesmen to make as their main theme the drawing of a strong distinction between Islamist terrorism and the large Muslim communities living in most British towns.

Prime Minister David Cameron set the tone in his address to the nation by declaring that nothing in Islam justified this crime and branding the terrorists traitors to Islam.

DEBKAfile reported after the murder Wednesday:

The terrorists drove up to their victim in a car, jumped out and after the murder wandered about in the area, apparently lying in wait for more soldiers to come out of the Royal Artillery barracks 400 meters from the site of their attack.

London police reached the scene after 20 minutes after they were summoned. When the two killers ran towards them brandishing knives and a firearm, police officers shot and injured them. They were taken to separate hospitals and placed under heavy guard in case of attempts to rescue them.
Police sources said later they were treating the incident as a politically-motivated Islamist terror attack without identifying the killers.

In the absence of Prime Minister David Cameron, Home Minister Theresa May summoned the Cobra emergency committee into urgent session. After examining intelligence input, the committee must decide whether the Woolwich outrage was a lone incident or raise the terrorist alert level in London and the rest of the country. Cameron cut short his trip to Paris and returned to London Wednesday night.

How many more will literally be sacrificed on the altar of multi-culturalism, appeasement, dhimmitude and debasement before a full reckoning ensues? It is becoming increasingly clear that a mass (western) uprising is bubbling under the surface and once it explodes, well, the authorities will have no choice but to step back and let it rip. As indicated: they have been warned.

25 thoughts on “London’s Islamic-Inspired/Sanctioned Head Chopping; Cameron’s Hideous Response; And Boston’s Jihad, Cause & Effect…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Maybe a British Spring is needed,and a Swedish Spring and a German Spring!!!!. But guess who they will arrest.?? Bob NZ

    • You are so right, sadly enough, they would rather fight their own people instead of the muslim scum responsible..

      • Ekster, but that doesn’t mean that patriots have to take it lying down. Not at all. There are way more nationalists than there are leaders.

    • Absolutely. Becoming POTUS was a stepping stone to knocking down America to an “unexceptional” status, rendering it a financial basket case. This is why his handlers fought to keep him in office, knowing full well that he was the “man” to get the job done.
      The Bastard-in-Chief is seeking global power and the UN is the place to accomplish it from. I always thought this was the case.

    • At this late hour, and in broad daylight, one can conclude only the following: Cameron is an apologist and a “concealer” for Islamic terror, as is almost 100% of the “mainstream” / Leftist media. Anyone who works assiduously to conceal the nature of an enemy, is himself the enemy. Is this “extremist”? No, it is common sense (which is now virtually obsolete, apparently).

      The global Left & “progressives” (communists) are allied with Muslim terrorism, and have been from the very beginning. They are using Islam to “soften up” the West, and have been, since the late 1960s.

  2. The statements made, ever so quickly, by Cameron and Johnson are so incredibly inappropriate and painful.. it hurts to listen to their blatant lies, their apologetics toward islam, which is nothing else than a death cult from the Middle-East. With leaders like them, and the likes everywhere else in Europe (as well as USA and Australia nowadays), we had all better prepare for rough times ahead. Times in which we will be persecuted from two sides; in the first place from muslims, present everywhere around us, who more and more manage to change our way of life. And in the second place from the authorities who will punish us for defending our families, values and our way of life. They would rather betray us to protect islamic maniacs and blame us for their behavior. They will not tolerate a public uprising. But it is time for us to stand up anyway, no matter what the price, if we are not to lose our culture, our morals and our dignity.

  3. Adina, Adina, Adina!
    My goodness! You have really been on fire this past week with your posts – and right on target, too. I have not had time to post because of some medical appointments and also because you have had so many “right on” posts which have kept me busy.

    It is hard to put into words what my feelings are re the London massacre of a fine young soldier. The time left for the West and the liberals to wake-up to the fact that we are in fight-to-the-death with the goat fornicator’s followers is growing short.

    I think the explosions in Europe, at least Western Europe, are going to become more and more frequent and bloody. And, sadly, I question the resolve and will to survive on the part of the Western Europeans.

    Of course, having the Kenyan Communist in the White House essentially surrendering this week didn’t help. And I see that David Cameron is headed off to a vacay on a Spanish isle. Maybe he could invite Bronco Bama over for some golf.

    Keep up the good work! Wish we had more truth-tellers with your spirit.

    • Let’s just say that we have our hands full in Israel, this week heralding chemical weapons ! Home Front exercises, and it is not accidental in timing, even if our poohbahs say so.
      In any case, I made time to participate in a featured interview last week, and only because things are so dire. Alas, there is NO time to rest!

  4. Muslims are dying everyday in muslim lands, not because of our soldiers, but they are killing each other! Women are ill-treated and stoned for minor offences mostly and often have acid thrown in their faces, again for the most minor wrongdoings or just because their partner gets into a rage! In Afghanistan our soldiers try to help civilians in many ways as the Taliban there causes many deprivations!

  5. A Western uprising against Islamics is precisely what this problem is being created to cause. And what the result will be, I do not know. No one ever invites me to the secret meetings of the globalist fascists who are now in charge of the West. And I haven’t found any of their top secret documents. But… it sure looks to me like somebody is promoting a civil war. Maybe to justify a police state.

  6. Adina….loved your website and you’re right on the button with your articles.Keep on speaking the truth and may G-d bless you.

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