Saving The U.S. Republic…Recognizing That Grabbing Guns Is One Part Of The Left’s Plan…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adopting the expression,”seeing the forest from the trees”, is not just a euphemism to garner another’s attention. Its essence lies in ones ability to discern surrounding dangers, to ultimately save oneself, ones family and ones nation, even if some signals are not readily apparent. 

As such, uncomfortable questions for (seemingly) comfortable Americans must be addressed, even if doing so spoils the mood. Sorry. But another saying,”ignorance is bliss”, is only okey dokey if living in ones own dream world barely affects others. However, when ones penchant for veering away exacts monumental costs, the price of ones self-imposed ignorance is simply too high to pay.

Besides, the mountain of evidence, regarding the dangers to the Republic’s edifice, is too high to ignore, so starting herein makes perfect sense. Use this blog as a springboard… verily pleased, grateful to be able to do the heavy lifting…to be of service.

One such building block is internalizing what “mama Janet”, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s alter ego, Valerie Jarrett, have in store – Not good news, at least if one is an American patriot, thereby, concerned about the shredding of the Constitution. 

The danger is so obvious and nation-shattering, even a Marine (many others too) has taken them to task – … publicly upbraiding the Senator from California, as well as her leftist/progressive comrades.

Thereby, this blogger would be remiss in her duty, if she didn’t point out an immediate need for “marching orders” – … in whatever way one can contribute to the nation-saving cause.

Yet patriots can always count on certain folks to shine a spotlight on the issue, and Douglas Hagmann, from Northeast Intelligence Network, is one such example to follow.

‘It’s about more than guns’ – Northeast Intelligence Network, Jan. 10, 2013

“The war we face is not just about guns. It’s about our survival as a nation and the fate of our children, grandchildren and future generations. Which side of history will you be on?


By Douglas J. Hagmann

10 January 2013:  The warning signs of a tyrannical takeover of our Constitutional Republic have been flashing red for some time now and are now reaching a fever pitch. Despite the flashing signs, the clamor of the alarms and the cries of the watchmen, most Americans of this era remain in denial or have been rendered intellectually catatonic by busily chasing immediate gratification in the form of the newest version of the iPhone, iPad, or whatever “i” device will satisfy their ADHD addled intellect.

Others have simply chosen to adhere to a normalcy bias that is continuously fed by the familiar faces and voices of political pundits who remain dedicated to the lie of the right-left, Republican-Democrat paradigm of American politics, unwilling or unable to look at the larger picture for fear of being shamed by accusations of being part of a conspiracy fringe. Instead, these pundits would rather ignore the lie and squander their ability to make a difference, to educate and inform others of the dangers of the lie they know exists.

We must realize that we are not witnessing the fundamental change of America as represented by the mindless mantra of the Obama campaign, but something much deeper, much more nefarious, and something that will not be rectified through the ballot box. As uncomfortable as it is, what we face cannot and will not wait for the next general election.

Actions have consequences, but so does inaction.

We are living in a time in history where some will rise to be held in high esteem as heroes in history books that have yet to be written, and victims who never saw their unfortunate status coming or were fooled into believing that things are not as bad as some make them out to be. The former will suffer greatly by selfless acts performed to save what previous generations have fought to preserve, while the latter will remain complicit by their cluelessness and catatonic in ignorance that will be anything but blissful.

The fuse that will ignite one of the most turbulent times in American and global history has been lit and now burns with incredible speed. It’s ignition is neither an accident nor does it originate from good intent, but a deliberate act by a “deluded elite” advancing an agenda that is so breathtakingly evil that it defies all rationality.

Hanlon’s Razor does not apply

There is a familiar adage known as Hanlon’s Razor that states “[N]ever attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Unfortunately, too many people have chosen to believe that the events we are seeing, including all of the related consequences, are due to the incompetence of those who have been elected and appointed to lead our nation. This is particularly evident by those who continue to purvey the defunct notion of the right-left, Republican-Democrat paradigm of American politics, and the people who follow them.

The Agenda

We are not witnessing incompetence, but the fulfillment of an agenda generations in the making. A century ago our Republic experienced a coup in the form of a monetary takeover through the creation of the Federal Reserve, followed by a consolidation of power through the IRS. We were slowly being led into a system of global governance by the same international banking cabal that exists today. Yet, too few understand the larger picture.

Over a half-century ago, Senator Joe McCarthy was vilified by trying to warn Americans that our government was being infiltrated by Communists. Much like today, his warnings went unheeded, and the infiltration of the Communist element into America thrived. History books have been not only been unkind, but incorrect, as we are bearing witness today to the very threat of which he warned. In fact, documents and testimony related to his findings were found to have been inexplicably removed from the national archives. Not in the 1950′s, but as late as the 1990′s. The timing of such removal is no accident.

The Communist infiltration combined with the Islamic infiltration, the Balkanization of America through our open borders and lax immigration enforcement, and numerous other policies and practices antithetical to the survival of our Republic have been embraced and advanced by both political parties to bring us to the point we find ourselves today. We are on the verge of a civil war, exactly as warned by my source inside the DHS last spring.

This civil war is designed to divide America, to soften us and ultimately destroy us from within. United, our Republic poses an insurmountable impediment of the implementation of a global society rooted in Communism and disguised as social progressivism. The methods of implementation are not secret. They are outlined in part by the Cloward-Piven strategy, and well documented by Carroll Quigley, a god of the Clinton power structure. At the base of the agenda exist the Fabian Socialists, Karl Marx. Antonio Gramsci, and the Frankfort School of neo-Marxist interdisciplinary social theory.

Bitter clingers in the cross-hairs

Today, we find ourselves at the precipice of a tyrannical takeover and the complete destruction of our Republic, best illustrated by the talk of disarming the American populace.

The assertion is that the it’s for the children when, in fact, the children are being used as political capital to advance the political agenda of American disarmament, loss of liberty, sovereignty, and the rights bestowed on our Republic by God as enumerated by our Constitution.   Notice how there is a war not only against gun owners, but a parallel war against the very Judeo-Christian principles on which this country was founded.

Today, we are facing a crisis of epic proportions where you will have to choose a side. Will you be the one who stands bravely and alone before a column of tanks, or will continue on your quest for instant gratification?

The war we face is not just about guns. It’s about our survival as a nation and the fate of our children, grandchildren and future generations. Which side of history will you be on?”

America simply can’t afford non-involved citizens, at least at this perilous juncture. Every generation is called upon to do its national duty, each according to their ability.

The calling of our times is not only national in scope, for its outcome directly impacts western civilization’s survival. Once lost, never to be regained for many, many generations.

It is that serious. That imperative. 

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