Benghazigate’s Practiced Liars…Via A Long & Bloody History…Addendum To: The Nexus Between Cover Ups…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Not unlike garden variety criminals government thugs generally leave a trail, but hardly wake up one morning and aim for broke. They start incrementally by testing the waters, gradually upping the ante. Indeed, they expect their crimes to remain undetected, especially if they have the weight of the White House to execute them. All manner of devastation is within their reach. Ahh…the infinite possibilities. The art of the possible.

And when one is a practiced thug (this one prefers her dreary pants suits…she really ought to up her fashion sense…but in the scheme of things this is the least of her problems), serving either as a spouse to a Liar-in-Chief or as a main underling to one, imagine the prospects for mischief. A radical leftist’s, Islamist loving, Shariah admiring piggy bank. 

As such, even though Benghazigate’s crimes ultimately land at the Commander-in-Chief’s doorstep, Hill’s fingerprints are indelibly demarcated, in tandem with Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood/Sisterhood designs. Thus, leading from here, back to Fort Marcy Park (video below) and onward. 

As Huma Abedin, Hill’s gal pal, climbed her boss’s ladder (and no, this is not meant to be a double entendre…get your minds out of you know where) she landed her BFF into the Islamic muck, exploding even as this is written  – should only go so far, one would think.

But if one meets their match, in all ways which matter, then it is only fair to share the blame when things go asunder in crime. Spread the booty and the punishment too.

Alas, Sec of State’s practiced/accomplished liarette stonewalled here and there, but even her so called concussion will only last so long…the marvels of modern medicine – …but getting to the truth depends on whether or not Congressional investigators let her parse the meaning of ‘is’. Time will tell.

And if they need any assistance in their quantum leaps in logic they can study the following, how best to deconstruct from one cover up to another –…will offer considerable services pro bono…free of charge. A patriot’s duty. No thanks required.

Readers, you have earned your walk from Fort Marcy Park to Benghazi, if your head isn’t still spinning.

‘From Fort Marcy Park to Benghazi: Following the bloody footprints’ – Northeast intelligence Network, Douglas Hagmann

21 December 2012: Cover-ups reveal much about the crimes they are meant to shield, as do the people behind them. Therefore, it is only natural that from an investigator’s view that the people involved in any criminal conspiracy to cover-up death and murder be looked at very carefully. Certain patterns of criminal conduct emerge upon closer scrutiny, and parallels between the death or murder of individuals may be identified by thorough investigation.

Within the last 20 years, two high ranking U.S. government officials and a number of others related to their deaths met their untimely demise, yet legitimate investigations into these deaths were intentionally thwarted, investigators were deliberately misdirected, and as a result, the dead and their loved ones have been denied justice.

I am citing the cases of Vince Foster, the highest ranking government official to die under extremely suspicious circumstances since the 1963 assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Dougherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith. Ambassador Stevens was the first ambassador to be murdered since 1979. Nearly two decades separates the deaths of Foster and Stevens, but one common factor – or person –  figures prominently into both cases: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In my professional experience as an investigator of nearly 30 years in the private sector, I have investigated numerous “suspicious deaths” for insurance companies that were on the hook for millions of dollars in life insurance proceeds that depended upon the outcome of my investigations. Few things motivate getting at the truth more than such financial exposure, except the need of family members to learn the truth so they may allow their loved ones to rest in peace and find the closure necessary to allow them to move on.  From the beltway to Benghazi, justice for the dead continues to be denied.

At the epicenter of this denial of justice is Hillary Rodham Clinton. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. So does the playbook of obstruction, obfuscation, lies and damn lies.

Washington and its spawn have evolved into a cesspool of death and corruption right in front of the eyes of the American public. We no longer demand accountability from our elected and appointed leaders, and the dinosaur media serves as nothing less than a facilitator of the cover-ups to the point of criminal conspiracy.

Converging investigations

Veteran investigative journalist Marinka Peschman has dug deep into the troubled lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton by bringing a evidence locker of facts to the American public about the 1993 death of Vince Foster and the activities of the Clintons and others as they relate to the cover-up. Ms. Peschman has given the public a unique opportunity to see through the magicians fog of distraction and misdirection in her new book Following Orders, The Death of Vince Foster, White House Lawyer. In tandem with her previous book titled The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage, this tenacious investigative journalist has done the job the American media refused to do, and many official investigators were prevented from doing.

Ms. Peschman connects important dots that lead from the Clinton White House directly back into the Obama White House. Following this trail, however, requires the unpleasant ask of having to step over the bodies of the dead, something most American journalists apparently have no problem doing.

Even more compelling, perhaps, is the parallels between the cover-up surrounding the 1993 death of Vince Foster to the recent murders in Benghazi. Marinka Peschman has revealed the playbook of deceit that has been in use for the last 20 years, and has done so with exquisite effectives and fine attention to detail.

Yes, there is a connection between the death of Vince Foster and the Benghazi murders, and that connection is found in the cover-up and the people behind it. The perpetrators are still in power, and they are laughing at you and me.

Join The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET when we welcome investigative journalist and popular author Marinka Peschman. Walk with us as we follow the bloody footprints that stain the carpets of the White House and expose the criminal conspiracies that exist because “they can.”

Even though Hill was Barack’s political foe in 2008, make NO mistake – their penchant for crossing legal lines (akin to too many criminally afflicted lawyers) are just one of their dangerous ties that bind.

A political, criminal cartel which makes the Mafia look like kindergarten chumps. Boy scouts too.

2 thoughts on “Benghazigate’s Practiced Liars…Via A Long & Bloody History…Addendum To: The Nexus Between Cover Ups…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. In case you didn’t know, the then 27 year old Hillary Rodham (not yet Clinton) was also involved in the Watergate investigation. I don’t remember what her official position with the commission was, but unofficially I think she was running cover for the Hunt brothers. You’re the trained investigator. I’m just an old guy with a memory. Good luck, we’ll all need it.

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