Islamists Of All Stripes Gunning For Syria’s Chemical Arsenals…Reaching Its Perimeter…Addendum To: The Unleashing Of A World War Via Russia…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

ANY way one tries to parse the most immediate threat to a World War, one comes up with the slaughter going on in Syria. And it is hardly the case, if one side wins over the other, Israel and the west will be safer. NOT at all.

And the very fact that Al Qaeda terrorists are fighting side by side with the ‘rebels’; Hizbullah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRG) are battling them; is cold comfort and leaves no room for championing one side over the other. And it means diddly squat that the US is siding with one over the other. For if this was a pissing contest, surely an administration which ran the LARGEST, illegal gun running/weapons smuggling operation in U.S. history and ended up supplying thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists as a result, those with their brains intact wouldn’t have confidence in their horse pick –

The point being, since this administration is also the most anti-American in U.S. history, then everything is suspect – And herein lies the crux – Israel is stuck between a rock and a hard place, each side gunning for her demise. 

So, it is hardly hyperbole to suggest that a World War is upon us, mostly due to the interference of an Islamist-in-Chief –

‘Scuds blast big Syrian rebel push for al-Safira chemical arms store’

DEBKAfile Special Report December 21, 2012

The al-Safira military-chemical weapons complex
The al-Safira military-chemical weapons complex

The Syrian Air Force is again firing Scud missiles, this time to stem the general offensive Syrian opposition forces, including jihadis, launched Friday, Dec. 21, to capture the Syrian army’s military-industrial complex at al Safira and the big chemical and biological weapons store adjoining the facility. It is there, that Scud D missiles stand ready for launching, loaded with chemical weapons.

Rebel forces are converging on Al Safira from the east, the west and the south. Among them are brigades of the Jabhat al-Nusra which the US has designated part of al Qaeda in Iraq.
DEBKAfile military sources report extremely heavy fighting. The rebels have reached points 1-2 kilometers from the perimeter walls of the Al Safira chemical weapons stores and are being pounded by Syrian warplanes and assault helicopters as well as Scuds, in a desperate effort to halt their advance.

Success in seizing control of those stores would re-tilt the balance of the war in their favor and bring President Bashar Assad face to face with a decision on whether to broach the perilous dimension of chemical warfare on the rebels or even against NATO or US targets outside Syria.
A prime factor in his decision would be the information received in Moscow and Tehran – and almost certainly passed on to the Syrian ruler – that taking part in the offensive are rebels who underwent training in recent weeks in northern Jordan by US, Czech and Polish officers in tactics for seizing chemical or biological caches and dismantling them.

Russian and Iranian intelligence watchers suspect that elements from all three armies as well as Jordan are present in the rebel assault force, in order to be on the spot when the weapons of mass destruction are captured and appropriate them to forces under NATO command.  They must beat Jabhat al-Nusra’s fighting brigades to this target, although at this moment, the jihadis are ahead of the race.
The battle for al Safira has brought US and NATO into direct intervention in Syrian hostilities. Western intelligence services estimate that even if Assad removed some of the banned weapons from this complex, large quantities remain and must be prevented from reaching the wrong hands.”

Batten down the hatches….

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