Iran’s Long-Arm Poised To Pounce…At A Time Of Their Choosing…In ‘Any City USA’…FBI/CIA Hardly Up To The Task…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Iran’s terror laden mullahs have been prepping, priming and even crowing about their forward-arm into the west, particularly through their training bases stationed in Latin America ensconced in the tri-border region.

And when a genocidal regime exhorts their killing plans it is best to believe them and prepare accordingly. And herein lies the crux. While this blogger/op-ed writer has been bleating the dangers of a resurgent Islamic jihad within America’s cities, too many have failed to jump on board to do the same.

IF one op-ed stands out above the rest it is ‘The Opening of Jihad On U.S. Soil’. Its contents are more than about the assassination of a Rabbi in New York City (at the Marriott Hotel) back in 1990 – Much more.

In fact, it places a spotlight on the absolute failure of U.S. security services (particularly, the FBI & CIA) to monitor jihadi threats. And it is not as if Islamic jihadists haven’t been in operation (on U.S. soil) since Iran’s Islamic revolution! Exhibit Number One should have been their ‘in your face’ jihadism, emanating from the Blind Sheikh’s headquarters, alongside Altantic Ave’s Arab hub in Brooklyn, NY and elsewhere. Think Dearbonistan. Alas, the authorities knew very well of their activities but decided a ‘hands-in-the-pocket’ approach was the way to go. NOT a swell move. Ahh…the tidbits one can glean when strolling through their ‘nabes.

And it is a total waste of time for anyone to ask yours truly where she gathered all the info contained in the above op-ed (published at Israel National News), though some nuggets have indeed become open source along the way. But the readers should know that her charges against the CIA and FBI for their abject failures – to do their due diligence – came from inside sources, and on more than one front. The following info was also known to this blogger well before its contents were made public –

So, when she warns that Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards are awaiting orders, and that U.S. intelligence services are (mostly) well behind the curve, take it to the bank. It is not as if they have learned their lessons well, since their spectacular failures leading up to 9/11/01!

Previous commentaries have focused on the enormous threat, namely through the following links:  Hezbollah are indeed burrowed within U.S. cities and readying to pounce –

And jihadi compounds are embedded within mostly rural, but some regular cities too – – awaiting orders to strike. And if this sounds too fantastical, then so be it. It is what it is.

In light of the above, this report from World Net Daily should strike a terrifying chord too.


‘There are numerous Revolutionary Guard cells inside borders’ – Dec 6, 2012 – World Net Daily

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is alive and well in the U.S. and the country’s law enforcement officials ignore them at their peril, according to former U. S. Air Force officer Steven O’Hern.

O’Hern says that the Revolutionary Guard, long an influential factor in the radical Islamic regime in Iran, does most of its surveillance and intelligence gathering through its proxy force, Hezbollah, considered by many to be a terror group.

“In the United States, the Revolutionary Guard uses more than one approach. Hezbollah operatives and sympathizers are present in large numbers in many parts of the United States and actively conduct reconnaissance missions that develop information, photographs, and diagrams of federal buildings, and infrastructure targets,” O’Hern said.

“Those targets include such things as water utilities or electrical substations, and other potential targets to give the Guard the ability to quickly order a terrorist strike in our homeland,” O’Hern said.

He explains that the Revolutionary Guard is working through Shi’a mosques around the United States as well as the nation’s Lebanese immigrant communities.

WND previously reported that a former Iranian official who has knowledge of Iran’s terror network estimated there are more than 40,000 of the regime’s security, intelligence and propaganda forces in the West, largely in friendly South American nations.

And WND has reported that Muslims are using mosques, including some in the United States, as terror command centers.

It is the Guards’ intelligence office that runs financing, recruiting and other strategies through Islamic centers and mosques, including some in New York and Ohio.

And as early as several months ago, the Guard threatened to bring its war to the shores of the United States.

O’Hern, who has written “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard,” about the issue, said the primary mission of the Iran Revolutionary Guard and its Hezbollah proxy is to weaken the U. S. national security.

“In the United States, the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah have a long-term mission of gathering intelligence on homeland targets and maintaining the capability to deliver multiple terrorist attacks if the IRGC chooses to do so,” O’Hern said. “I say ‘maintain’ because the Guard has already developed it.”

He said attacks could be ordered in retaliation if Iran’s nuclear program is hit, or, “Sleeper cells could even be ordered into action if economic sanctions were so successful that the regime was in danger.”

“Attacks against the U.S. homeland are only one place where the IRGC can strike – it also can attack U.S. troops and facilities in Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, all of which are closer,” O’Hern said.

O’Hern’s findings are affirmed by the analysis of a former Defense Department analyst who has asked not to be named for security reasons. The analyst points to the major Arab-American communities in the major cities, especially in Dearborn, Mich., and the San Francisco Bay area.

“It is my sense that IRGC will rely more on Hezbollah in the U.S. than having their own operatives here. The reason for that is Hezbollah presence is primarily through the concentration of the Arab-American communities, mainly Lebanese, throughout the U.S., such as in Michigan and elsewhere,” the source said.

Former FBI counterterrorism officer and Islam analyst John Guandolo agrees that the Revolutionary Guard has a presence in the United States, and it operates through the major Shi’a communities.

“This is the Iranian government’s military activity in the U.S,” he said.

Guandolo, who established Guandolo and Associates in 2012, says that when it comes to working to undermine non-Muslim countries, Shi’a and Sunni Muslims work together.

“We do know the Sunni and Shi’a groups that are hostile to the United States are working together. In Lebanon, Iraq, and other places we see Hezbollah, by Iran, and Hamas with al-Qaida, working together on the ground,” Guandolo said.

“In the United States, the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization, the Islamic Society of North America, put forth the ISNA Code of Honor which says Sunni Muslims will not challenge other Muslims, the Shi’a, on their Takfiri, their legitimacy,” Guandolo said.

“All Muslims are focused on a similar goal. In other words, the Muslim world is working towards one goal right now and they have written agreements and are working on the ground around the world together,” Guandolo said, “So, yes, Hamas, CAIR works with Hezbollah, which is basically the IRGC.”

The former Defense Department analyst says the Revolutionary Guard operates the same way worldwide.

“That is similar in Africa and Latin America. Like Iran, Hezbollah is mainly Shi’a, although it will have some Sunnis and even some Christian Lebanese who are sympathetic here,” the former Defense Department analyst said.

“There is a major Hezbollah contingent, for example, in Canada. It would be much easier for Iran to work through them and the extensive Lebanese communities throughout the U.S. than to seek to establish a major independent presence,” the Defense Department analyst said.

Still, he said, it’s possible that the IRGC itself may have operational units working in the United States.

“However, I don’t doubt that IRGC may have some operatives here acting as liaison with the Hezbollah elements here. In Lebanon, the IRGC presence is more open with representatives working out of the Iranian embassy in Beirut,” the Defense Department analyst said.

A former CIA station chief agrees, concluding that in the final analysis, Muslims will work together in combating their major enemy, the United States.

“Like al-Qaida in Sunni mosques, any Lebanese Shi’a or Hezbollah member here is a de facto Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps terrorist. Some 20 percent of all mosques in the U.S. are Shi’a, therefore they are de facto representatives of the Revolutionary Guard,” the former CIA station chief said.

O’Hern says that the IRGC and Hezbollah fund their operations through a set of illegal activities.

“Hezbollah harvests large amounts of money from the United States to support its operations – millions of dollars from criminal enterprises such as narcotics trafficking, the sale of counterfeit goods, and financial crimes are sent back to Hezbollah from our country every year,” O’Hern said.

WND reported in September 2011 that IRGC proxy Hezbollah had been suspected of funding operations by raising money through the network of U.S. Shi’a mosques located in cities with large Lebanese immigrant populations.

Former Air Force and State Department security officer Dave Gaubatz says it appears the reason for raising money is to give money to Hezbollah.

The FBI and the IRS were unavailable for comment on this story. Congressional representatives and federal regulatory agencies also contacted about the issue either referred WND to another office or refused comment.”

NOT to put a too fine point on the obvious, but had U.S. authorities taken care of business with the understanding that getting into bed with ‘this or that’ terror group ALWAYS has a catastrophic price; had they taken off their PC blinders too, seeing here from there; the terror seeds planted on U.S. soil (regardless of their Sunni terror roots…as opposed to Iran’s Shia…six of one…half a dozen of another) would have been mitigated.

And it is NO exaggeration to assert: the 1993 bombings at the Twin Towers (plotted by “The Blind Sheikh,” aka the radical Islamist cleric named Omar Abdel Rahman, who was convicted after the World Trade Center attack in 1993 on charges of plotting a campaign of assassinations and bombings) as well as 9/11/01 – the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor – would have been thwarted.

ANOTHER catastrophe is in the making.

4 thoughts on “Iran’s Long-Arm Poised To Pounce…At A Time Of Their Choosing…In ‘Any City USA’…FBI/CIA Hardly Up To The Task…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Open source material tells us all we need to know: Korans found on trails across the desert in Mexican border states like Arizona and Texas (this means Muslims were coming in along with the drugs and they discard Korans and other useless items when they are unable to carry them anymore due to dehydration); FBI/ATF/Homeland Insecurity are busy searching out and sometimes prosecuting law-abiding American citizens, usually white, for various bureaucratic infractions like “too many guns” or politically incorrect opinions; the refusal of the federal government to correctly name our adversary – Islamic jihadists and the public wrath of said “authorities” toward anyone who does; an increase in drug addiction among young people to various forms of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines imported from south of the border (these idiots have no idea they are giving money to terrorists who want to destroy them one way or another.)

    Then of course there was Fast and Furious, Mexican edition, where the Obama government deliberately armed the Sinaloa drug cartel. Congress conducted a minimal investigation after a Border Patrol agent armed with a beanbag gun was shot and killed with a real illegally exported gun. The investigation has gone nowhere due to main Justice stonewalling and Obama’s executive order making everything secret to protect Eric Holder and Obama. I have no doubt that the Republicans in the House will drop the investigation with some of the low and mid- level agents having recently been fired. John Boehner has a spine of overcooked spaghetti and he controls whether the committees can investigate or not.

    And then there are the Muslim refugees settled by the US government in various places in the US. These people have not given up Islam and work hard to force local governments and citizens to bow to their religion of terror. I spoke to a woman who lives in one of those places and she told me people there don’t want these refugees but they can’t do anything about it since their foolish locals governments agreed to settle African and Middle Eastern Muslims allegedly escaping terrorism. They bring harassment of Jews, Christians and dogs with them and will kick a pet dog on a leash being walked past them. If the owner complains, the Muslim complains to police about harassment. Police do not take the American’s word for what happened, even with witnesses. I suspect they have been told not to “bother” the Muslims because their barbaric culture is equal to ours. This is happening in flyover country as well as Berserkeley and Dearbornistan.

    Muslims here work hard to pretend that Islam is a religion of peace when we know it isn’t. They attempt to crush free speech and free exercise of religion for Christians and Jews by claiming to be offended by public displays of non-Islamic religion. They scout out infrastructure, public buildings and shopping centers. They frequent bars and strip clubs, getting a preview of Islamic paradise I presume.

    The US government is a pack of nitwits about Islam. It started with Ronald Reagan, I’m sorry to say. It continued with George H.W. Bush, intensified with Bill Clinton, actually got worse with George W. Bush and is the worst it’s ever been with the Muslim in Chief Barack Hussein Obama. I continue to expect a major terrorist attack in a large city since sooner or later paying off Islamist governments to avoid terrorists will cease to work. I have no doubt there are sleeper cells all over this country just waiting for the signal to activate. That’s how terrorists work. I don’t need special knowledge or intelligence to know it, only a moderate grasp of history and current events.

    You know all this, Adina, but perhaps there’s a reader or two in your audience who does not. So I comment and explain.

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