Symbolism In The Arab/Muslim World & Its Intersection With The Islamist-in-Chief’s Mockery Of The Christian Cross…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Immersing in the Arab/Muslim muck is not only otherworldly it is downright depressing. Filthy too. Needless to say, when serious diggers wade in, some feel the necessity to repair to an immediate shower cleansing. At least this investigative journalist does! The flip side is that one is always scrubbed clean. And if one is lucky enough the stench will lift, albeit, temporarily.

In other words, what does the above have to do with the Islamist-in-Chief’s rhetorical finger to the Christian Cross (out of too many other vile/in-your-face gestures), during his recent White House turkey-fest? Everything.

Those in the know understand that symbolism holds a top-tier rung within the Arab/Muslim world. It rules. “Honor/shame” too. And this was precisely why Barack HUSSEIN (emphasis on his middle name) did what he did, as he signaled to his two main comrades – radical leftists & Islamists; Christianity’s centrality in America  is (almost) over. Understood?

Therefore, it was also no accident that the Islamist-in-Chief (wifey & kiddies in tow) dressed in black and red, during his inauguration in 2008. Can’t wait to see their dressage this go around. Allah would be proud, as black and red, alongside green and gold, are 2 of the main colors of Black Liberation followers (Rev Wright’s Trinity Church should give us more than a clue), adherents of Nation of Islam too. Muslim nations also adorn them as their symbols. Whoa. Heady stuff.

And this color-based rendition comes full circle, as it leads right to the Commander-in-Chief’s fealty to Sunni Islam via his Cairo apology tour to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia with Mubarak nowhere to be found, as well as his dastardly bow to the Saudi King. Again, symbolism. 

And many of the proofs are contained herein: 

So, connecting the Brotherhood dots starts with his Cairo apology tour –

And in short order the “Arab Spring”/Winter/Nightmare began…and ended with a Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operative as Egypt’s Prez! – – and if this was accidental, well, then, there are many bridges for sale. Dirt cheap.

Which brings us to the POTUS’s Saudi bow – – a complete no-no in US Presidential history. Again, NOT an accident.

Leftist radicals abhor religion like the plaque, except when it comes to their Islamic cohorts; for they too want the Sunday people (as much as the Saturday people) diminished or gone. Hence, they ideologically align – the RED/GREEN alliance.

 Which brings us squarely back to his rhetorical finger.

‘Barack Obama’s open mockery of the Sign of the Cross’

Canada Free Press – Judi McLeod, Editor

It was an open mockery of the Christian prayer that is accompanied by the immortal words used by peasants and kings over the centuries: “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.

Obama, who is left-handed,  made the sign of the cross with his left hand, which out of respect for the centuries-long Christian practice, no one ever does.

Obama’s left-handed sign of the crosswas made over a gobbling turkey during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation Ceremony, that takes place at the White House every year shortly before Thanksgiving, having been resurrected by George H.W. Bush in 1989.

Obama departed from the usual “presidential pardon” granting the turkey a “special dispensation” in words as he twice made his left-handed Sign of the Cross.

There were lots of giggles from the two Obama daughters and lots of gobbling from the turkey recorded during the ceremony now on YouTube.

Clearly using his left hand for all to see, Obama made the Sign of the Cross backwards.

Pagan and fairytale like in concept, beginning in 2005 presidential “pardoned” birds were sent to Disneyland to live, and served as the “honorary grand marshal” of that year’s Thanksgiving Day parade, following concerns raised by animals rights objections that the birds had not survived for long.

“For the previous 15 years they had been sent to Frying Pan Park near Herndon, Virginia. (Wikipedia).  “Names were generally chosen in online votes taken at the White House website.”

“In 2010 and 2011, the turkeys were sent to live at Mount Vernon, the estate and home of George Washington.

“The origins of the tradition of pardoning the White House turkey are unclear.  Many credit President Harry Truman with starting the informal and lighthearted tradition in 1947.  However, the Truman Library says that no documents, speeches, newspaper clippings, photographs or other contemporary records are known to exist that specify that he ever “pardoned” a turkey.  The Eisenhower Presidential Library saysdocuments in their collection reveal that President Dwight Eisenhower ate the birds presented to him during his two terms.  President John F. Kennedy spontaneously spared a turkey on Nov. 18, 1963, just four days before his assassination, but did not grant a ‘pardon’.

“Presidential pardoned turkeys are to be are raised in the same fashion as turkeys designated for slaughter,  but are selected “at birth” for pardoning and are trained to handle loud noises, flash photography and large crowds.  Because most Thanksgiving turkeys are bred and raised for size at the expense of longer life, they are prone to health problems associated with obesity such as heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage.  As a result of these factors, most of the pardoned turkeys have very short lives.  After their pardoning, frequently dying within a year of being pardoned.”

Why Obama would choose the Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony to mock the Sign of the Cross two weeks after his reelection is anybody’s guess.

But many will be asking is making a left-handed Sign of the Cross amid giggles and gobbles a mockery only a Muslim would make?”

This American-Israeli is perfectly aware of America’s Judeo-Christian underpinnings and knows history (American, Middle Eastern & western civilization) well, thus, fully cognizant that America has always been a primarily Christian majority/based nation, up until a few decades ago.

And it is this awareness which renders a fear for America’s future. For once a wayward Commander-in-Chief – Islamist/Radical to boot – dares to dislodge Christianity from America’s roots (ever since he disgraced the People’s House, from 2008 onward), the nation of the Founding Father’s will, sooner than most realize, be a dead letter. Chilling.

This should send shivers down every American’s (other westerners too) spine, or so it would seem.

6 thoughts on “Symbolism In The Arab/Muslim World & Its Intersection With The Islamist-in-Chief’s Mockery Of The Christian Cross…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. One would think that four years of Hussein watching would have dulled my sense of outrage, but no. I was appalled at the Islamist-in-chief’s blasphemous cross and open mockery. I’m only surprised he didn’t make it upside down too. And “special dispensation”? A further dig at the Catholic church, no doubt.

    • No, He won’t. But He is patient and I rather wish He would hurry it up a bit with the consequences. But then I’m impatient and not as wise by a long shot.

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