What else is there to say, now that the most revolutionary POTUS in U.S. history has won re-election? 

Did the dead vote? Of course. Did illegal aliens too? Undoubtedly. Did fraud play a part? Ditto. Did Black Panthers – domestic terrorists – intimidate voters…NAACP alike? Yes and yup. Was ‘The One’s’ picture allowed to (dis)grace the walls, of  supposedly taint-free polling places, ala kindred spirits of Hugo, Castro and like-minded comrades? Bingo.

After all, when the Radical-in-Chief flouts the rule of the law; and the chief law enforcement official is a lawbreaker too; what else can be expected? Exactly.

But the fact of the matter is that this electoral disaster will resonate throughout American history, but not because a reprobate won re-election. This is nothing new. But because an anti-American, Islamist supporting, red imbued POTUS has been allowed to destroy the most exceptional force for liberty throughout modern times.

Make NO mistake. American ex pats, living in Israel, did their due diligence in America’s best interests. They voted OVERWHELMINGLY for liberty and freedom. Ain’t that a hoot. You don’t have to believe this blogger. Okay. But believe the stats –

A pox on everyone who brought this disaster upon the entire west! Hang your  heads in shame!

A collective stake has been driven into the heart, of the heretofore free world!

UPDATE: DEBKAfile Intelligence reacts –

“According to DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources, Gilead offered a glimpse of a grimmer prospect which Israeli leaders are discussing behind close doors (emphasis added): They fear that the second Obama term will usher in a nuclear-armed Shiite Iran which will quickly reach out to the Sunni Muslim Brothers, starting with Egypt, for a joint bid to terminate the life of the Jewish state”.

This American-Israeli is not taken by surprise. To the contrary –

Yes, today liberty died.

19 thoughts on “THE DAY LIBERTY DIED…THE WEST TRULY HANGS IN THE BALANCE…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

    • NO worries, he will be impeached via Benghazigate, it will take a good while, but it is unthinkable that this will not come to pass. Surely I am not the only blogger out there having similar leanings.Take a peek at my other commentary posted today, right under this one.

      • It will all be swept under a rug Adina. Obama’s acolytes are already in control of any agency that could investigate Benghazi and that control will now only spread and become more entrenched.

      • You are correct, but if enough pressure is put to bear, and in the right places, it will be impossible to keep it from overflowing. In fact, Congress has the power to investigate/initiate proceedings. And there are still some patriots left.
        But the pressure MUST come from the people.
        Time will tell.

      • He may, indeed, be impeached over Benghazigate. But I doubt it. Reasons: The GOP lost, big-time. Impeachment hearing wuold be seen as revenge, not as pursued in the interests of America, and so presented by our anti-American media. But most of all, impeachment in done in the House. The trial and conviction (or not) happen in the Senate. The Senate will NEVER hold said trial. They refused to convict a previous president for felony perjury that got him disbarred. They wil lNEVER convict – and I seriously doubt would ever agree to try, regardless of any impeachment indictmnet handed up by the House.

        Never happen.

  1. This morning it feels much worse than it did four years ago. My heart aches. My head is full of anger at my stupid, stupid fellow Americans who could not look beyond the superficial popularity contest to see the consequences of re-electing a treasonous fraud who wants to destroy our Republic. I am afraid at what the next four years will look like, afraid at what the rest of my life will be like. May God help us and may God help Israel.

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  3. I’m hoping a great white shark gets Zero when he is vacationing at the beach.

    I also think the election was too close and was stolen. I half expected it. I’ll keep praying for Israel but unfortunately, Israel is on its own now. I know you are ready and determined to survive. You will survive, whether the US does or not.

    • He had 2.5 million more votes. I doubt enough in enough precincts were stolen to gain that lead, and I pay a bit of attention to that. We lost because of the Far Right driving tens of millions of intelligent young voters (he lost 18-44 big time) to the left due to anti-gay and anti-abortion planks none of the business of government.

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  5. A golden calf, with an unstable brain that synthetically weaves from an a unique root hybrid of collectivist and islamist ideology, built upon reincarnated souls from Pharoh, Hitler, Achashverosh (Xerxes), and Malcolm X, with a narcissistic streak, promising free goodies to the ever growing # of moochers, probably could not have been elected if the American Jewish vote (70% for Obama) was closer to the Americans who voted in Israel (only 15% for Obama). However, Those who crave liberty and freedom must also move forward and seek the good points. And trust in God. In Tsfat, I hear Israeli jets flying at all hours. Israel has the ability to win decisively and also very quickly (think EMP of Iran, no water or electricity supply to Gaza, and some surprizes for Hezbolla and MB Egypt. But does the Cabinet in Israel have the force of will to win? At a certain point I too believe they will say, ain breira, no other choice, and victory will happen, albeit with reluctance.

    The Democrats are, now sooner since the re-election of the golden calf, going to break the back of and use of $US as a world reserve currency by overprinting to payoff those who feel entitled to free chocolate milk and other goodies from the shrinking US middle class taxpayer. The Chinese, who hold so much US debt, are rumored to be getting out of US $ and into gold, farmland, and other productive resources. (Was it Winston Churchill who quipped, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money?)

    I believe the golden calf will follow the model of Juan Peron’s damage to Argentina. Peron was a charismatic dictator with a cult of personality around himself and his wife, was supported by unions, and promising free everything until setting Argentina on a series of economic and financial collapses. As it fell, its Jews abandoned it and many came to Israel. The golden calf in the USA will make moves collapsing the USA in a much shorter timeframe.

    In summary, as a result of the re-election of a golden calf, Israel will eventually decisively defeat its enemies. The well-armed American people will pull off a second American Revolution after the US accelerates in its decline, and many Jews will make aliya and do teshuva (acknowledge their error and move forward on the right path. What seems like a bad thing, the re-election of BHO, is actually a good thing.

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