MORE Bengazigate Mysteries: Meandering Into Shi’a Iranian Territory, Irrespective of Sunni Brotherhood/AlQaeda Involvement. Islamists of All Stripes Cooperate When Necessary…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This blogger is convinced from her own digging, and from relying on trusted contacts, that the concept of an ‘October surprise’, is directly related to the POTUS’s continual jaw-jaw with Iran’s mullahs.

But the way to get from ‘here to there’ is never a straight line, especially when dealing with a Radical/Islamist-in-Chief, completely enmeshed with the Islamic bazaar. Visual aids are always helpful, and here are 2 jaw droppers via Western Center for Journalism – ‘Obama Arming Islamic Jihadists’ –, plus ‘Obama Hiding Arms Shipments To Syrian Jihadists’ – –  two videos for the price of one!

Take a deep breath, but keep reading….

In other words, the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has a main (ideological) goal – the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia throughout the Middle East & beyond – in no way obviates his immediate political calculus. 

To the contrary. Executing his ultimate plan necessitates his second-term win.

Thus, if he can whip out a ‘peace in our time’ agreement with the mullahs, isn’t it likely that such a ploy will resonate with a segment of the electorate (mostly independent voters), who are so war weary, they will jump at any piece of paper? Does anyone believe that history’s lessons, regarding Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, ( will come to the fore? 

Not likely, at least when seeking a mental ‘life’ raft to lead away from war.

So, what’s an Islamic-bent POTUS to do? 

Revealing his base instincts towards Israel and pinning their leaders to the wall is part of his end game –

The above necessitates back channel deals with Iran’s Hitlerite regime,despite repeated protestations from both sides; aided and abetted by Iranian born, communist inspired (emblematic of the red/green alliance) Valerie Jarrett, his right hand woman –

Atop it all, requires a body of lies – in order to lead others astray – but alas, nothing is foolproof, even when orchestrated by The One –

So, along comes Doug Hagmann from Northeast Intelligence Network, lending a hand –

‘Obama’s October surprise – exposed by Benghazi?’

29 October 2012: As a veteran investigator, I’ve learned long ago to shed my blinders and look at the larger picture, or look at all of the dots to see if any might connect. In the realm of politics, it also seems reasonable to consider the quote attributed to Joseph Kennedy in 1960: “There are no accidents in politics.” Furthermore, it is important to reconstruct the actions of all suspects, or in this case, elected officials, to determine “motives and means” amid a hefty dose of theatrical diversions that would make an accomplished magician envious.

October surprise

“The concept of an “October surprise,” or a news event with significant potential to influence the presidential election arose exactly forty years ago, when former National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger under then President Richard Nixon announced that an end of the Vietnam War was at hand. Applied to the present day, what one comparable announcement could be made that would have the same impact in scope and influence favoring the incumbent Obama. Given all that we know, let’s postulate that it would be an agreement hammered out between Obama and Iran where Iran would agree to halt its nuclear ambitions. That certainly would appear to be an accomplishment worthy of domestic and international praise, in spite of any inherent fragility.

In the shadow of the events in Benghazi, let’s connect a few dots to see where they take us.

The Earl Warren of 2012

Barack Obama promised Americans that he is committed to investigate any intelligence and security failures in Libya. To this end, it was announced in the Federal Register on October 4, 2012 that Thomas Pickering would be the chairman of the U.S. State Department’s Accountability Review Board, a commission charged with investigating the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi. But who is Thomas Pickering and why was he selected to head the investigation?

Summoning the ghost of Earl Warren, Pickering appears to be a logical choice to select if one were to have an interest in controlling the public disclosure. Pickering, it appears, has quite a cozy history with  Iran as extensively documented by Matthew Vadum in his October 24, 2012report.

The magic act continues

While the magician on stage activated the theatrical fog and diverted everyone’s attention elsewhere, the activities behind the scenes were in full swing. Concurrent with the appointment of Pickering to throttle the outflow of information about Benghazi, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Iranian born Senior Advisor, jetted to the nation of Qatar. Although her activities were concealed by the magician’s accomplice – the dutiful Western media – it was reported by theAsia Times last week that Jarrett met with senior Iranian officials to negotiate a deal pertaining to Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions.

Talks about any such meetings or potential deal were quickly denied by the White House. What else would one expect, as premature disclosure would certainly ruin the outcome of the magic trick being performed right before our eyes.

A break in the magician’s fog

While the creation of an October surprise of this nature could be relegated to the historical dustbin of speculation, it is here that a seemingly random series of dots – or events – come into view and the magic trick becomes exposed to those looking for the clues.

It was on July 31, 2012, about a month before the September 11 attack in Benghazi that a mortar ripped into the wall of the CIA occupied military intelligence building (research into ownership suggests a possible UK connection), now apparently designated as “the consulate in Benghazi.” The explosion did not cause any deaths or injuries and consequently, it did not make many headlines.

It is here that I rely on my well-placed intelligence source to help me understand the magic trick onstage. According to my source, our intelligence operatives noticed something unusual near that building. Seven members of the Iranian Red Crescent were milling about, almost like they were inspecting the damage. It was as if they were looking to see if the walls were reinforced, and assessing the response to that facility. The next instant, they were gone.

It was reported that the seven member contingent of the Red Crescent were inexplicably kidnapped by “armed men.”

Fast forward to October 6, 2012, about the time when Valerie Jarrett was reportedly meeting with Iranian officials in Qatar. The kidnapped Red Crescent delegation was suddenly, inexplicably and unceremoniously released unharmed in Libya after 65 days in captivity.

Rumors inside the intelligence community suggest that the Jarrett “October surprise” meetings with Iran were contingent on the release of the Iranian Red Crescent workers.

Connecting the dots – exposing the magic trick

It is here that I needed to rely on my intelligence source to assist me in seeing through the clouded world stage. Do the dots connect?

Could it be that Obama’s “October surprise” was to announce that an agreement had been reached with Iran, that they would halt their nuclear ambitions much like the Kissinger “peace is at hand” announcement? If so, and if Iran had any involvement on a nation-state level in Benghazi, wouldn’t it seem logical that the truth about the attacks needed to be managed without any such mention of Iran? Who would be the best person to head such an investigation?  And if Iran was behind the pre-planned and sophisticated 9/11 murderous attacks in Benghazi, could it be that the July 31, 2012 mortar attack was a probe of that facility’s defenses in advance of a future attack? That would explain the curious disappearance of the 7 member Iranian “Red Crescent” team, and their equally mysterious reappearance, unharmed, 65 days later.

Has the magic trick been revealed?”

Therefore, is it any wonder why Muslims in America have his electoral back? Does it surprise anyone (not in a coma) why his support for Huma Abedin, even after she was publicly exposed, by Michele Bachmann, as a Brotherhood operative, didn’t waver? – shored up by Walid Shoebat too –                              

Oh my…the twists and turns of the Islamist mindset is enough to make a sane person doubt their sanity. Their convoluted thinking allows for the unthinkable  (at least to westerners, and especially to those who adhere to Judeo/Christian ethos) to become the thinkable; the art of the possible to become the doable.

Islam uber alles…not unlike other totalitarian ideologies.

Nazism, as well as  communism, Marxism and socialism are similarly ideologically imbued. And herein lies their collective nexus. One worships the barbaric mandates of Allah, and all its political/religious dogma wrapped up together. The others embody an ideology via leadership which brooks no dissent, and by extension, no free will. 

Hence, the morphing of the red/green alliance, whenever it suits their objectives.

At its core, Islam requires TOTAL control over its adherents, and mandates the spilling of blood – – to achieve its ends. Individual lives are nothing more than disposal tools, either involving inter-tribal warfare, or western infidels. Jewish blood ranks highest.

Bare naked Islam.

UPDATE: need more evidence…sealing the Islamist-in-Chief’s collusion with Islamists in Libya (and beyond)…take a peek at these goodies from Walid Shoebat…a former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist…now a loyal American and a Christian…Barack HUSSEIN Obama can’t blow smoke in his face –

7 thoughts on “MORE Bengazigate Mysteries: Meandering Into Shi’a Iranian Territory, Irrespective of Sunni Brotherhood/AlQaeda Involvement. Islamists of All Stripes Cooperate When Necessary…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  5. So the long and short of this is that Iranian militants attacked the consulate UN July, were taken hostage by CIA, then in September more Iranian militants came to free their brothers and killed consulate members in the process. And, even though POTUS says he didn’t know anything about the hostage situation, Jarrett managed to arrange for their safe release. WOW

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