Israeli Sabotage…Via Its Elite Commando Forces…Offers Possible Alternative To All Out Military Pre-emption…Frying Iran’s Grids…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Israeli commandos (not unlike their counterparts in the SEALS, and other elite U.S. special ops forces) are a breed apart. Few in Israel are unaware of their prowess. In fact, many of our top political leaders hail from their ranks, but some of them (who shall remain nameless!) are inestimably flawed as political leaders.

Military prowess does not necessarily translate into political acumen. It is what it is.

Be that as it may, having been best friends with one such warrior from Sayeret Matkal (the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit – take this blogger’s word for it – they are fearless, dauntless, and relentless. Just try and thwart them, if you dare.

With this in mind, the following should be seen as part of a larger plan, to finally bury Iran’s nuclear ambitions – at least for the foreseeable future. Now, no one is foolish enough to believe that other surprises aren’t in store. Of course, no one will know – nor should they! – until the day after.

‘Disabling Fordo by Blowing up Its Power Lines’

Debkafile Intelligence
Tehran Fears No Major Attack Needed to Disrupt its Nuclear Program

Tehran has suddenly realized that means are available for disrupting and disabling its nuclear program without a major military attack. This realization struck them with stunning effect on Aug. 17 when the power lines feeding Iran’s Fordo underground uranium enrichment plant were blown up in several places, indirectly destroying hundreds of centrifuges.
This episode was kept dark until Monday, Sept. 17, when Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, chairman of the Iranian atomic commission, turned furiously on the International Atomic Energy Agency at its annual meeting in Vienna and accused the IAEA of being infiltrated by “terrorists and saboteurs.”
He insinuated that international nuclear inspectors were complicit in the attack.
But the Iranian official’s abuse was met with appeasement.
Neither Washington nor any European capital had anything to say, but IAEA Director Yikya Amano came forward to declare the agency’s commitment to further nuclear talks with Iran, while the European Union’s foreign policy executive Catherine Ashton was pleased to announce that negotiations with the six powers would soon be resumed.
Both disregarded the cause of the diplomatic breakdown in July: Iranian intransigence over providing IAEA monitors with access to sites suspected of working on nuclear weapons projects and its refusal to accept any curtailment of the production of highly-enriched uranium.
For Iran, the Fordo attack was a startling eye-opener which confronted its intelligence and security services with five major challenges, say DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s intelligence sources:

The nuclear facilities’ electricity networks are outdated and vulnerable

1. Tehran understood from the US or Israel – or both – that its nuclear facilities can be shut down without a major air or missile strike on the scale that has stirred wide controversy in the Middle East, the West and inside Israel. The striking down of Fordo’s power lines demonstrated that Iran’s nuclear facilities, however large or deeply buried under ground, can be put out of commission by small special operations units, which Iran fears are already on the spot.
The electricity supplies of those facilities are especially vulnerable because they rely on outdated overhead cables and long lines linking them to remote power stations, because their planners were anxious to cut costs and therefore refrained from sinking power sources and cables underground.
2. The Iranians fear that the Fordo operation was the first in a series of assaults yet to come on their nuclear facilities. They are worried most about undercover special forces shooting laser beams to ignite internal fires.
This suggests what may have happened on Aug. 17, our intelligence sources disclose. The repeated cutoff of current set some of the centrifuges in the underground chambers on fire. The fires were small and quickly extinguished, but the Iranians fear they are an augury of brewing trouble.
3. By blowing up the power lines, the saboteurs also shut down Fordo’s computers and air defense systems, stripping the plant of its defenses against a potential attack.
This came on top of another Iranian worry, that they will have no advance notice of a strike until it is in process. In Sept 2007, the Israelis showed they were able to disarm Syrian radar and early warning systems before destroying the Iranian-North Korean plutonium reactor then under construction in northern Syria.

How did IAEA inspectors find out about the Fordo attack?

4. The Iranians were appalled by the discovery that the attackers had been able to detonate bombs at a number of points along the 40-kilometer line from Fordo to the station supplying it with power at the holy city of Qom, undetected by their police or security services.
They asked themselves what was the point of all their big military exercises, including the one scheduled for October, if the road links between Qom and Fordo are wide open to hostile incursion.
5. According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s Iranian sources, Tehran has also taken on board the message that Iran would pay dear for any attempt to block the Strait of Hormuz, such as mining the Strait or hitting a Western or Arab oil tanker or one of the warships concentrated opposite its shores.
(On Monday, September 17, the US and 25 other nations began the biggest mock mine-clearing exercise ever in the Persian Gulf region)
Iran’s leaders were led to expect that their punishment may come in the form of a surgical US strike on a single Iranian target rather than a full–blown war offensive.
This week Tehran sent Abbasi-Davani to Vienna to accuse the IAEA of complicity in the attack.
Without mentioning the United States, he wondered out loud how, just one day after the explosions, when only to a few top Iranians knew about it, nuclear watchdog inspectors were asking for permission to investigate the road from Qom to Fordo.
How did Vienna find out what had happened?”

Sach ha’kol, at the end of the day, whatever shakes out between our life and death struggle with the Iranian mullahs, this much is for sure – Sayeret Matkal will be leading the charge –

‘Stealth Warriors’ – Vanity Fair by Rich Cohen

“The most effective counterterrorism force in the world is Israel’s Sayeret Matkal—“the Unit.” A highly secretive special-operations brigade, it has taken on mythic status with swift, surgical victories in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and, perhaps most famously, Entebbe, Uganda, where its commandos freed 103 Jewish hostages after a 1976 hijacking. Probing the Unit’s shadowy history, Rich Cohen reveals the leaders it has forged (including Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu), the methods by which it hunted down the members of Black September, and the brutal lessons it can teach the U.S.”
(as a side note: this blogger can attest to their policy of ‘zipped lips’, similarly described in Vanity Fair…for every time I broached the topic with my ‘blood brother’, Tsafrir Ronen, z”l…most famous for his role in Entebbe…a wall of silence emerged…a smile to his dear face too…but that didn’t stop him from opening some heretofore closed doors to yours truly…forever in his debt…he is dearly missed – Israel’s Hero, My Hero –
Dudevan too, its counterpart, will have prepared the ground for the coming showdown. While U.S. special forces are very well lending a hand (and will be required for any clean up), it’s our guys who not only know the lay of the land, but blend in well enough to ‘hide in plain sight’. In other words, one commando hand aides the other. But most importantly, the job gets done, and Iran internalizes the message – or it soon will.
They are the best…the most lethal Jewish warriors. We are always in their (military) debt; whatever part they play. 
G-d speed to all the warriors who are on the right side of history!

‘Khartoum threatens Israel after Iranian generals examine missile factory rubble’

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 27, 2012

“Israeli officials have refused to comment on the attack. However, Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Belal Othman said “military experts” who surveyed what was left of the Yarmouk Industrial Complex had determined that it was destroyed by Israel-made missiles.
The minister added that no country in the region besides Israel owns the sophisticated weapons used in the attack.
He also confirmed that Khartoum international airport’s radar system was disabled during the raid, confirming the claim made by Iranian sources the next day.
Othman did not identity the “military experts” who examined the residue at the bomb site or explain how they were able to identify the weapons used. However, DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that those experts were Iranian military chiefs of the highest ranks:  Iranian Air Force Chief Brig. Gen. Hassan Shah-Safi; Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Forces Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh; Deputy Air Force Commander Brig. Gen. Aziz Nasirzadeh; and Commander of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brig. Gen. Farzad Esmaili.
The exalted ranks of these officers, sent secretly and post haste to Khartoum after the incident, attested to the extreme consternation caused in Tehran by the missile factory’s destruction and its importance to Iran’s regional military organization for a potential US or Israeli attack.
The generals were instructed to conduct a professional and detailed analysis to determine the capabilities of the air force which sent the four bombers to level the Shehab factory and how those capabilities were applicable to a potential long-distance Israeli aerial strike against Iran.”
More of the same…..

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