The White House’s Revolving Door For Muslim Radicals…Courtesy of The Islamist-in-Chief…Addendum To: The Muslim Mafia…Their Overarching Plan…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Combing through this blog’s commentary one would be hard pressed not to find pinpoint connections, between Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia.

There is no other POTUS in U.S. history with such a “distinguished” trail. Perhaps this will become his signature “accomplishment”, when the history of the reign of the Islamist-in-Chief is written. In no small measure, it will take years to unravel all of the booby traps he set in motion, mostly relative to the infiltration/penetration of his Brothers, atop his economic Armageddon. And this blogger is no stranger to the Islamic dangers, as the Brotherhood Mafia has a pointed plan to overtake America.

In furtherance of the above, look to the following as the gold standard “people’s indictment” against a renegade, revolutionary POTUS; whose treachery vastly exceeds the most vile characters in the nation’s annals.

‘A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House’

by Steve Emerson and John Rossomando
IPT News
October 21, 2012

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