Donald Young’s Mysterious Death…Addendum To : Who Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama…What Is He Hiding?…video embedded…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

For the record –  this blogger takes no pleasure in reporting on sleazy activities, especially those adhering to the POTUS. In fact, it causes great pain to do so. Why? Because everyone who claims to be a patriot can hardly be pleased, knowing full well that the leader of the free world has become debased – despite the fawning media and his cult-like followers.

It is shameful.

That being said, it is accepted common practice, for those being defamed, to fight back, particularly in a court of law. The ditty ‘sticks and stones will break my bones…but words will never harm me’….is one tack to take, especially when a kid is dealing with a schoolyard bully (alternatively, a bop on the head works wonders, or a punch in the nose stops the tormentor in their tracks). However, when a person’s reputation is at stake – particularly the leader of the free world !  –  logic & prudence dictates stronger/decisive measures are in order. Hauling the defamer into court puts an end to the saga, one way or another.

Now, in relation to the ‘birther’ issue, the Radical-in-Chief spent (and still counting)  millions on lawyers to keep his records sealed. HOWEVER, he did NOT sue anyone in the process. In other words, if there was any hint of untruth to the ‘slanderous’ charges, surely the millions spent to hide the records would have been better spent on suing his defamers!

Many political pundits would agree too, especially if one is moving mountains to keep records hidden, but NOT fighting the veracity of said charges and targeting the defamer. Logic then dictates, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s credibility should be in question, due to his illogical, counter intuitive maneuvers, as he positions one smokescreen after another, yet hoping to come out smelling clean. However, if defamation lawsuits are brought forward, it opens up a Pandora’s box of other    evidence.

You can see/smell where this is heading…skeletons are best left hidden and buried.

Similarly, several public charges have been made about Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s drug use – even while a State Senator, and beyond – as well as his homosexual activities. Nevertheless, there have been NO lawsuits against his slanderers.

So, the initial question is very simple – why?

In relation to Larry Sinclair – an admitted past felon ( for fraud, drug charges ) and homosexual – why is the POTUS silent? The political calculus is thus – since Sinclair is not a choir boy, chances are most will tune him out, preferring to take the word of the sitting President over a man with a sordid past.

Big mistake.

On the other hand, charges brought forward by Donald Young, an upstanding member of the community ( by all accounts ) are a lot harder to deflect.

Without further ado, re-read the previous related commentaries, then listen to the EXPLOSIVE interview linked below in its entirety.

‘Who Is Barack Hussein Obama & What Is He Hiding?’ –

‘Mysterious Deaths Never Far From Barack Hussein Obama…Bad Luck Or Something More.You Decide?’

Now, pay rapt attention.

A useful rule of thumb is the following – if the suppositions offered appear more logical than the opposing views, think which side has more to lose or gain. It goes to the issue of credibility, a standard often used in court when examining witness testimony.

In this regard, Sinclair could have written his book AFTER the POTUS was out of office, thus assuring that the blow back would be lessened. Moreover, he has proof – via phone records etc – of speaking with Donald Young ( who contacted him, not the other way around ) shortly before his death. In addition, he is attempting to retrieve his credit card data, plus his phone records from the time frame in question, all in order to support his claims. Yet, on every turn, he (and his team ) has been blocked/stonewalled.

The next logical question becomes – if there was ‘no there there’, why all the roadblocks?

Calling Sherlock Holmes…..

5 thoughts on “Donald Young’s Mysterious Death…Addendum To : Who Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama…What Is He Hiding?…video embedded…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Of course Hussein is gay. He has a lifetime membership at the Chicago bathhouse Man’s Country. Donald Young is not the only casualty of Hussein. He quit going to Man’s Country when he became a US senator and his PR team made him join a more upscale and expensive club of the same nature. Trinity United is not a Christian church, or rather, it’s Christian in name only. It’s a black liberation theology church. The US media hides all this since it knows mainstream America is not ready for a fully out gay or even a down low Muslim president. Everything about Obama is false. And you are right, he won’t sue since suing would make him produce records that likely don’t exist or say something other than what he has presented himself as.

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