BURNING Priority : Catching Arab Arson Terrorists…As They Spread Their Jihad ALL Over Israel…A Policy Prescription…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Let us put it all out there from the onset. NO nation – especially one the size of a blown up postage stamp – should dare tolerate a minority population burning down its land ! For if they do, what does it say about its leadership and its silent majority?

I thought so.

Therefore, dear readers, by meandering not too far down memory lane (to the beginning of the summer, barely long enough to qualify as an etched ‘memory’), please recall the following – ‘Jihad Via Arson…As Fires Rage…Proven/Suspicious Too…Here (in Israel)…There…(in the US)..A Fatwa On Our Heads’ – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/18/jihad-via-arson-as-fires-rage-provensuspicious-too-here-in-israel-there-in-the-us-a-fatwa-on-their-heads-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki-23/ .

In doing so, and by reading the following new report, is there even a scintilla of a doubt that Israel tolerates an irredeemable hostile fifth column whose numbers are hard to quantify, yet too dangerous to ignore?

Without further ado, please read ‘Firefighters, Police Say : Its’s Arson’. Bear in mind, the fires must be rising in intensity and warp speed, otherwise officialdom would be loathe to even intimate – through their non-denials – where the fault lies.

“Arab arson season is in full bloom in Israel: sources in the fire department and the Zevulun precinct police told Arutz Sheva that the fires set Thursday are the result of arson.”

“Several blazes broke out Thursday. One, near Sha’ar HaAmakim, in the southeastern approach to Haifa, was spreading toward Tivon in the afternoon. The residents of three streets were evacuated from their homes: Zevulun, Kakal and Carmel streets. Residents of an old age home were also evacuated. Two homes were reportedly damaged but no one was hurt.”

“Planes from the fire fighting aerial squadron set up after the disastrous 2010 Carmel fire and more than 30 fire fighting teams from Haifa and the vicinity were fighting the blaze. The 2010 Carmel fire killed – or perhaps murdered – 44 people.”

“A large fire blazed in the same region Wednesday, but Thursday’s fire did not break out in the same place.”

“Outside Jerusalem, near Even Sapir, the fire that burned Wednesday reignited and was brought under control after dozens of local residents were evacuated from their homes in the western part of the community.”

“In addition, a fire broke out near an IDF ammunition depot in the Rehovot area, near Tel Nof. No one was hurt. Fire crews were able to bring the blaze under control in a relatively short time.”

“While high temperatures and irresponsibility by campers are always potential causes of fires, it is a well known fact that Arabs intentionally set fires as an easy way of terrorizing Jews and destroying their property. Arab inciters have called on Arabs to do just this, on more than one occasion.”

“When a fire broke out near Jerusalem six weeks ago, Major General Niso Shaham, who was then Commander of the Jerusalem Police, told a Channel 2 reporter that there is currently a plethora of arson attacks in the Jerusalem area. The reporter said that fire fighters told him that there were several incidents of arson every day in the Jerusalem area alone, and Shaham did not deny this. ”

“Arabs have been documented setting fires to fields in Judea and Samaria, where this is a common practice of theirs. ”

“MK Yaakov Katz has submitted a bill that would mandate a minimum five-year sentence for people convicted of nationalist arson. Other than him, however, relatively few people dare name the culprits everyone suspects. ” – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/158758#.UCTFTqFlTIl .

Yet…still an omerta hangs in the air.

The pressing, very hot questions are – where does Israel go from here ? And, who will possess the statesmanship to state what is mandatory to proclaim?

When a nation is literally burning – here, there and everywhere – never knowing where the next jihad fire will erupt (irrespective of accidental fires) it behooves the leadership, and the majority targeted population, to stop pussyfooting around the incendiary issue.

ALL together now – too many Arabs are burning the Jewish nation down. Now, once this ‘science’ is settled, the next step becomes easier, thus allowing a policy prescription to emerge.

Was that so hard?

Not to disparage the good intentions of MK Yaakov Katz (a definite patriot), his bill is merely a band aid, barely enough to stop the stench. While mandated jail time is key, a five year minimum is ludicrous. Perhaps it would suffice for a ‘garden variety’ pyromaniac, but it does not address the gravity of nationalistic, Islamic-mandated jihad arson.

Nationalistic arson is one tool in their terror box. Therefore, those who commit jihad arson – and pay little, or no price – will surely up the ante. To where? Does anyone want to wait to find out?

Not me.

While it is also the case that catching said terrorists is indeed a difficult task, there are many who are caught through meticulous investigations. It is not up to non-professionals to tell them how to find the source. They are mandated to do so.

In light of the above, a paradigm shift, flowing through the main power centers in Jerusalem, must urgently evolve.

Without any further hesitation, nor any blubbering apologies, a national discourse – via major press conferences etc – has to commence. The bogeyman must come out of the closet, thus allowing the consequential parameters of said jihad to emerge.

Forthwith, any Arab caught committing jihad arson will remain in jail indefinitely. Not only that, but his entire immediate family (including parents, siblings & their families, spouse & children) will be deported, irrespective of whether they knew of the plans.

NEVER mind the screams from the bleating left (or from the irredeemably hostile international leadership) hysterically opining  – collective punishment .

Balderdash…nonsense… a whole lot of hooey….and, who the hell cares? Not the majority nationalist public, that’s for sure ! I know what I am talking about. I am deeply plugged into their power centers, even if many are publicly too circumspect in their uttering. But underneath it all…make no mistake…there is a simmering rage.

Significantly, if the jihadis are convinced (no wishy washy….case by case decisions) that their entire families will suffer, perhaps it will give them pause.

But most intrinsically, isn’t the physical and mental well being – to feel safe, secure, and not terrorized – paramount in a normal country? And, isn’t the leadership obligated to secure said outcome, otherwise they lose their absolute legitimacy to govern?

It stems from the above, whatever is presently being done to douse the flames (literally, and in the mind’s eye of the jihad arsonist) is not nearly enough. It barely hits the tip.

Therefore, common sense demands that an immediate paradigm shift be adopted. If not, the next Carmel Fire disaster (Dec 2010) will pale in comparison, possibly engulfing the nation in a fire which has no endpoint. The size and lack of depth of the country assures such an outcome.

Is the current top leadership capable of manning up? Absolutely not. But there are several Knesset members who can lead the charge.

MK’s Danon, Eldad, Ben-Ari, Regev come to mind. Will they?

The jury is still out…but let it be publicly stated – those in positions of power (others too) who fail to stand up will be complicit through their silence.

IF history taught us anything, to be silent is to agree.

Besides, dying on their Islamic sword – whether through jihad arson or otherwise – is not part of ‘respecting’ minority rights ! For if anyone is owed anything it is the majority citizenry.

Simple as that.

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