Happy Fourth of July…..Patriotic Marching Orders…….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Here’s the deal-if the Fourth of July will have any real meaning (other than as a footnote in history books) for future generations, the next four years will seal its fate-one way or another-further illuminating how this generation stood up to leftist revolutionaries, and to their biggest challenge during this critical test of citizenship.

Smug in their latest victory lap over the passage of Obamacare/tax, Obama and his surrogates are continually upping the ante, confident in their ultimate ability to wrest complete control from the people, thereby, finally placing centralized power in the hands of the Federal government. Under Obama’s 4 year creeping tyrannical rule, they have every reason to believe that they will prevail. The open question is, will US patriots allow them to destroy the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known, without even putting up a brave and concerted struggle?

As a final nail, to the notion that the US is indeed a Constitutional Republic, Chief Justice Robert’s ‘legal’ jujitsu proved, that the so called ‘rule of law’ is as malleable as a pretzel. He allowed their original legal argument, predicated under the Commerce Clause, to be turned upside its head, just as long as it fit neatly into the newly created ‘tax box’. The intent being, to fit it into a politically prescribed/dictated outcome, under the gobbylygook of  a sort of, kind of, putrid wafting concoction of judicial discretion. As if.

At this dangerous juncture in time, the reasons why Roberts caved hardly matters. That can be left for another day. What matters is that the Obama regime is closer to usurping all powers than ever before, having co-opted the Supreme Court in the process. Tyranny is close at hand.

Thereby, I offer up three holiday gift goodies to fellow patriots, each one filled with a wealth of information-marching orders of sorts, on this unique day of patriotism.

‘Hero General:Obama Following Castro’s Plan’ is outlined by Retired Lt. General William Boykin. If there ever was a blueprint for patriotic marching orders, this is it –http://www.wnd.com/2012/07/hero-general-obama-following-castros-plan/. Fellow patriots, chazak v’ametz, go from strength to strength.

In tandem, ‘Lies We Can Believe In’ by the inestimable Daniel Greenfield, AKA Sultan Knish (my favorite writer/analyst on geo-politics, based out of NYC-go figure-G-d bless his patriotic soul), gives a chilling, but highly accurate rendering of the mask worn by the most dangerous POTUS in US history. In addition, he lays down a doable challenge of his own-http://sultanknish.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/lies-we-can-believe-in.html.

Last, but not least, the following is another trenchant column to ponder, replete with historical parallels to boot –http://pjmedia.com/blog/chief-justice-roberts%E2%80%99s-dred-scott-moment/2/. All three columns should be spread wide and far to every American, to the young and not so young. They are concrete lesson plans, replete with action-oriented guideposts that must be implemented-faster….faster….please!

As is said in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, citizens can decide to be passive onlookers or active doers. But know this. Those who choose to sit this fight out also bear the consequences of their inaction. It has never been more true-to be silent IS to agree.

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