Khairat al-Shater. Muslim Brotherhood's number two deputy in Egypt.

Khairat al-Shater. Muslim Brotherhood’s number two deputy in Egypt.

Too many American businesses – other western countries too – are financially in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. This is a fact. They can shuck and jive all they want and feign they are “just” conducting business where their services/products are needed, but any dealings with Muslim Brotherhood leaders bloodies their hands as well. NO doubt whatsoever.

To be sure, it is easy enough for greedy business types – sans ANY moral compass – to assert: well, the leadership of the free world plays footsie with these same players, so what’s the big deal. And – they would be right!

But as most parents admonish – at least they should – two wrongs don’t make a right. Besides, following any leader blindly will lead to ruin, sooner or later. 

In this regard, rational business leaders and politicians can’t claim that their dealings with Muslim Brotherhood operatives aren’t propping up this and that level of jihad. It defies credulity. In any case, the concept of due diligence is a well known and mandated business practice. It is also the sworn duty of national leaders to be equally diligent.

And if Blumberg Grain et al. requires requisite lessons, this site is more than willing to teach them right from wrong. Free of charge. No recompense warranted. See, that’s not so hard.

Lesson One:

This blog has duly revealed the terror facts at hand, therefore, any denial is a river of bull shi-t: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA COMPLETES ‘PHASE 3′ FROM ‘THE PLAN’, INFILTRATES AMERICA’S FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. 2 MORE ‘PHASES’ TO GO!

Lesson Two:

But if anyone is silly enough to believe that Obama Inc.’s governmental organs are gonna step up and conduct their sworn due diligence…pigs fly too: DHS & (Not So) Stealth Jihad: Obama Inc. PROMOTES Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Infiltrator.What Are The Ramifications? 

Lesson Number Three:

Aside from DHS, take a peek at Hagel’s Islamic-oriented Pentagon: The Pentagon’s/POTUS’s Collusion With The Muslim Brotherhood Mafia: Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic Thrust!

IF it looks like a terror duck…business-wise or Rep-wise…

Leaked Secret Emails Reveal Plan To Send $750 Million To Muslim Brotherhood

by  on February 24, 2014

Leaked secret emails published by Arabic sources reveal a $750 million deal between a major U.S. Company that provides crop preservation technology and the Muslim Brotherhood is raising a stink in Egypt when secret emails between Blumberg Grain and the top officials in the Muslim Brotherhood was released by Al-Watan Egyptian news.

The ordeal raises an eyebrow on how business is conducted between a private U.S. company and the notorious organization that was the mother of Al-Qaeda and Hamas.

In one email sent by David Blumberg, Blumberg Grain’s CEO for West Africa, to Ezz Nasser, an apparent intermediary for a top Muslim Brotherhood deputy, Blumberg makes reference to $750 Million in U.S. aid and a letter penned by two U.S. Congressmen – Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Ted Deutch (D-FL) to use as leverage to persuade Khayrat Al-Shater, the senior Muslim Brotherhood leader that such letters would help in releasing the 750 million to the Muslim Brotherhood’s administration.

So unusual was the nature of this communication that there was no reference to a Department of Agriculture or any government ministry official as one sees the norm in such business dealings. TheMinister of Agriculture at the time was Sala Abdel-Mo’men and not Khayrat Al-Shater. Astonished, we suspected foul-play that the nature of such secret emails could be fraudulent we asked Blumberg for a comment and shockingly, they did not deny the authenticity or contents of the emails but simply denounced al-Watan’s conclusions. In the emails, Blumberg referenced Diaz-Balart as being on the committee that is “holding back” the $750 Million (email screenshots at bottom of this post) and that the letter secured by Blumberg from the Congressmen should sweeten the deal now that hundreds of millions could be released by the U.S. Government.

A Deal between Blumberg Grain and the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt was not consummated, however based on the evidence it clearly raises questions on ethical standards in which a private company using the leverage or inference to “hold up aid” agreed to by the US Congress to push favor over one company over another based on “friendships” with congressmen.

In his exchanges with the Muslim Brotherhood (see emails with Nasser at bottom of this post), Blumberg attempts to highlight the significance of the Congressional letter because it came from both a Democrat and a Republican. Our request to see the letter written by Diaz-Balart and Deutch went unanswered.

The willingness to deal with al-Shater by a top U.S. Grain company is alarming for additional reasons. Didn’t Blumberg know that in 2012, al-Shater was disqualified for running for President because he had too recently been convicted of criminal activity. In 2008, al-Shater wassentenced to seven years in prison for money laundering.

At the time, Ahram Online reported that al-Shater had been in prison five different times (his current visit constitutes number six).

As for money laundering, al-Shater’s 2008 conviction wasn’t the first time he’d been charged:

In 1992, El-Shater was arrested and accused of money laundering in the case better known as “Salsabeel”, the name of a computer information systems company which he founded together with Brotherhood member Hassan Malek.

Though no investigations or allegations has been raised against Blumberg Grain, any decision to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Shater is one that should raise ethical and judgmental concerns.

Philip Blumberg

Philip Blumberg

The email sent El-Ajyal, by Philip Blumberg, chairman and CEO of Blumberg Captial Partners group to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat Al-Shater on August 14, 2012 was just weeks after the Muslim Brotherhood had assumed power in Egypt has alarming quotes:


“Egypt is an important market for the company, but choosing the right local partner is very important. I understand that you [al-Shater] are interested in performing this role, and we are excited to see your interest in the matter.”

All this while al-Shater was not even listed as a member of the Egyptian government during the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime. In matters relating to hundreds of millions of dollars going to Egypt, why would a man who had been convicted of money laundering and who was not part of the government be involved at all?

As the Brotherhood’s Deputy Supreme Guide at the time, al-Shater was an extremely important power broker for the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt. While he may not have been an official member of the government, he clearly had political sway. The letter further indicates that al-Shater would have exclusive rights to use the technology produced by the company, to include participation in Blumberg’s projects in Turkey and Libya.

In March of 2013, the elder Blumberg granted an interview to Business Today. In it, he discussed his company’s plans to invest in Egypt, which was to include a “manufacturing plant and export hub” that “will employ 1,000 Egyptians” with a goal of increasing Egyptian exports by “$6 billion”.

Philip referred to “kick-starting Egypt’s economy with economic development projects” and working with “Egyptian leadership” without making reference to that leadership’s makeup – the Muslim Brotherhood. At this point in time, several of the group’s leaders are in prison and facing trial. It is expected that these email exchanges with Blumberg to be used in the trial of Mohammed Mursi and Khayrat Al-Shater.

In fact, al-Shater is one figure that the Obama administration seemed to take great interest in after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood regime on July 3, 2013. Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns visited Egypt in August of that year and met with the jailed al-Shater for ninety minutes, despite an attempt by al-Shater’s Chief of Staff – Gehad el-Haddad – to diminish both the significance and duration of that meeting.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, el-Haddad was once employed by the Clinton Foundation for five years.

In another series of emails reported on by El-Ajyal as well as by El-Watan, David Blumberg is shown to be communicating with Nasser.

David Blumberg

David Blumberg

In the emails, Nasser is identified as the Country Manager for Velosi Egypt and Velosi Syria. ASaudi Arabian document that lists the ‘Worldwide Offices’ of Velosi Companies also identifies Nasser as the Egyptian representative:

Ezz Nasser: Point man for Velosi Egypt.

Ezz Nasser: Point man for Velosi Egypt.

In one email string, from May of last year, David Blumberg attempts to broker a meeting between his father, Philip Blumberg, other staff members, and al-Shater.

In this email, the younger Blumberg makes reference to “$750 Million” in foreign aid to Egypt as well as a Congressional letter penned by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) in his capacity as a member of the House Appropriations Committee, chaired by Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) and Rep.

Ted Deutch (D-FL), in his capacity as a member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

[Point of clarification: The younger Blumberg erroneously identified Deutch as the ‘ranking Democrat’ on the ‘House Foreign Relations Committee’. First, ‘ranking’ member refers to the leader of the minority party on any committee. The ranking Democrat of the House Foreign Affairs Committee at the time was Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), not Deutch. Second, there is no such thing as a House Foreign Relations Committee.

There is, however, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We presume Blumberg meant the House Foreign Affairs Committee.]

Blumberg alludes to the letter being about “our project” and that it was sent to “the Egyptian Ambassador”. This could be a reference to Mohamed M. Tawfik, who had been appointed as Egypt’s Ambassador to the U.S. by Mohammed Mursi.

According to the El-Ajyal article, in another email, sent around the time of Philip’s email in August of 2012, David Blumberg refers to the two Congressmen as “my father’s friends” who are awaiting a response from Egypt’s ambassador regarding his country’s reaction and that Nasser’s “request has been fulfilled” with the letter from Diaz-Balart and Deutch.

The younger Blumberg, possibly eager to see the deal move forward, is quoted as saying:

“I admire how your administration runs things, but there are other countries interested in the project. It is important to have a clear understanding about the way it’s run.”

[Note: we are not in possession of any of the emails referred to by El-Ajyal or El-Watn from the August, 2012 time frame, only the ones referred to as being from May, 2013.]

Nasser then reportedly communicated with Philip Blumberg to assure him that he had begun working with the Ministry of Commerce to proceed with the project adding,

“I’ve also found a way, in the case of what we were able to combine the amount of
U.S. aid towards the project to create a short list of American companies only.”

Correspondence allegedly ended on September 20, 2012, with a letter from Nasser to Essam el-Haddad and an aid to Philip Blumberg regarding a need to re-schedule a meeting with al-Shater. This is the same el-Haddad mentioned above.

Email #1 from David Blumberg to Ezz Nasser.

Email #1 from David Blumberg to Ezz Nasser.


Dear Ezz,

You have received the Congressional letter from Congressman Ted Deutch, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Relations Committee, and Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, member of the House Foreign Appropriations Committee, to theEgyptian Ambassador on our project.

The House Foreign Appropriations Committee allocates all US foreign aid, and is the committee holding back the additional $750 million in American aid. The House Foreign Relations Committee also influences aid and other policy matters toward Egypt.

hope you and Eng. al-Shater appreciate how extraordinary it is to receive a joint letter from both Democrat and Republican.

Here Blumberg was indicating that the decision to withhold or release aid to Egypt rested – at least partially – in the hands of two Congressmen – one Democrat and one Republican – who penned a letter to Egyptian government officials. Al-Shater forwards such emails to his Chief of Staff and former Clinton Foundation employee, Gehad el-Haddad:

Email from Nasser to David Blumberg.

Email from Nasser to David Blumberg.

MOST significantly, it matters not a whit that Blumberg’s actual deal was never “consummated”, after all, many financial deals go south. However, what DOES matter is that American businesses are scheming with Brotherhood operatives to get deals done, despite the fact that their financial relationships (inevitably) fund anti-western jihad!

Not only that, but the butchering of Coptic Christians (and other minorities) requires much needed financing. Do they even ask: where are these monies coming from? Does anyone care that Hamas’s parent, Egypt’s Brotherhood, supplies Israel’s terror-laden neighbors with jihadi weaponry to murder as many Jews as possible?

So, how dare Blumberg Grain – others too – and wayward Congressional Reps lend them U.S. cover!

The POTUS…damn him for eternity!


Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid

Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid

UPDATE: Here it blows…. Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Complaint With U.S. Congress Against Barack Obama

NOT unlike a broken record, this site has hammered home TWO consistent and interlocking themes: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is DIRECTLY affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Mafia, as is his half bro’ Malik Obama. Secondly, the MB is the “parent” umbrella for Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda, like many of the MB’s terror offshoots, is its main spearhead. 

Hammer Blow One:

How much clearer can it get, other than to reveal the following:EXPOSED: A LIST OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA OPERATIVES INSIDE AMERICA. Next Up:Their Linkage To Obama Inc. 

Hammer Blow Two:

IF further evidence is required, re the “helping hands” from Barack HUSSEIN Obama, well, here are some more goodies to ponder over: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA COMPLETES ‘PHASE 3′ FROM ‘THE PLAN’, INFILTRATES AMERICA’S FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. 2 MORE ‘PHASES’ TO GO!

Hammer Blow Three:

Alternatively, ask yourselves: why would the POTUS’s Pentagon train Al-Qaeda linked terror groups?OBAMA’S PENTAGON TRAINS AL-QAEDA LINKED JIHADIS ON U.S. SOIL, JORDAN & ELSEWHERE!

Hammer Blow Four:

Malik, his Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda linked superstar bro’, is up to his neck in terror and is now FRONT PAGE headlines in Egypt and related countries. But never mind, Obama Inc’s captured media finds no interest in this mind blowing story. As such, leave it to alternative media to expose this and that:The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki

For the pictorial record, here are 2 which highlight terror-soaked Malik, as he operates hand-in-glove with Hamas – another progeny of the MB – in lock-step with Al-Qaeda:

translated: Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!Here is the full photo:Malik: Expressing support for Hamas at an 'orphan' conference.

Muslim Brotherhood Fighters

Hammer Blow Five:


So, let us now jump over to Egypt – a relatively short distance from this blogger’s perch – and see what’s transpiring at their trial of the century:

Obama’s Brother an ‘Al-Qaeda Enemy Combatant’ according to Egyptian who filed Complaint his Country is taking very seriously

An extremely explosive charge was levied against the brother of the President of the United States on the air today. The charge? Well, that there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Barack Obama’s older brother is “an al-Qaeda Enemy Combatant”. Who made this charge?

His name is Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid. He served as an officer in the Egyptian Air Force and he is currently a physician in the U.S. In August of last year, he filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in Egypt against Malik Obama, the older brother of President Barack Obama, based largely on our research. Since that time, the Egyptian people know as much about the case as most Americans know about the Kardashians.

In fact, according to Ebeid, the Malik Obama scandal made Egypt’s 10:00 news last night. It’s a ubiquitous story in that country but in the U.S., short of some prominent blogs picking up the story and Dennis Miller having Walid on his show to essentially pooh pooh the story, no major media wants to touch it. Even Erik Rush, the man Sean Hannity credits for breaking the Jeremiah Wright story, is all over our findings. Yet, Hannity remains silent.

Later in the show, Barrack plays clips of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s interview with the Daily Caller’s Ginny Thomas.

Alas, there are far too many who require the actual taped conversations between the Islamist-in-Chief and his bro’, yet, such evidence may not even suffice their litmus tests. Ho hum.

As a matter of fact, even America’s courts of law require lesser burdens of proof, than his champions/leeches demand. If this is how they want to play it, so be it.  

But they shouldn’t be surprised if an international arrest warrant is issued for Barack HUSSEIN Obama – as an accomplice to Malik’s crimes – possibly ordered by the Egyptian government. It may not be far behind: 


The POTUS may yet end up an international fugitive. A war criminal. Oh well. You lie down with terror dogs….

Yalla…يلا – يللا – ياللا…translated to: hurry up…let’s go…get a move on…Besides, Egypt’s leadership doesn’t give a damn about Obamabot zombies and their delicate sensitivities!

For that matter, neither does this site!


SHARIAH LAW ENGULFS THE WEST: A Mandatory Implantation Before A Full Take Over…Commentary Adina Kutnicki

Those of us who understand the insidious and encroaching perils from Shariah Law are not surprised by the “news” (“Shopping in the Mother Country”) below, but it doesn’t make the skin crawl any less.

Incontestably, Europe is near bowed. Many paying close attention already know this fact. As a matter of record, two of Europe’s early“voices in the wilderness” described said dangers years ago, but were vilified for their efforts. Demonized. They deserve countless mea culpas, but will never receive them from the poohbahs in our midst. Nevertheless, their clarion calls have been more than vindicated, but such admission becomes cold comfort, especially in light of present day events.

Specifically, in her seminal work, Bat Ye’or, recognized what few had the courage to state, as most were (still are) unwilling to admit to what was happening in their own backyards, described herein:

The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule

Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word “dhimmitude” as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye’or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word “dhimmitude” comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning “protected”. Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. Islamic conquests expanded over vast territories in Africa, Europe and Asia, for over a millennium (638-1683). The Muslim empire incorporated numerous varied peoples which had their own religion, culture, language and civilization. For centuries, these indigenous, pre-Islamic peoples constituted the great majority of the population of the Islamic lands. Although these populations differed, they were ruled by the same type of laws, based on the shari’a.

This similarity, which includes also regional variations, has created a uniform civilization developed throughout the centuries by all non-Muslim indigenous people, who were vanquished by a jihad-war and governed by shari’a law. It is this civilization which is called dhimmitude. It is characterized by the different strategies developed by each dhimmi group to survive as non-Muslim entity in their Islamized countries. Dhimmitude is not exclusively concerned with Muslim history and civilization. Rather it investigates the history of those non-Muslim peoples conquered and colonized by jihad.

Dhimmitude encompasses the relationship of Muslims and non-Muslims at the theological, social, political and economical levels. It also incorporates the relationship between the numerous ethno-religious dhimmi groups and the type of mentality that they have developed out of their particular historical condition which lasted for centuries, even in some Muslim countries, till today.

Dhimmitude is an entire integrated system, based on Islamic theology. It cannot be judged from the circumstantial position of any one community, at a given time and in a given place. Dhimmitude must be appraised according to its laws and customs, irrespectively of circumstances and political contingencies.For books by Bat Ye’or, see

Similarly, the late Oriana Fallaci understood the swirling dangers, yet not from a sense of personal safety (a veteran war correspondent, she was hardly a wilting flower), but from the depth of her soul: The Rage and the Pride, an incomparable tour de force, was written shortly after the devastating attacks on 9/11/01. Her reaction in spades.

Alas, the multi-faceted reasons for silence from many quarters – regarding the steady march of Shariah Law, Islam’s underpinning – hardly matters, as the results are playing out in horrific view; like blazing fires, as the western house burns down!

Shopping in the Mother Country Goes Shariah Compliant

by JANET LEVY December 9, 2013

Major Retail Mall in England to be Shariah Compliant

1) The production and sale of pork and pork products will be prohibited. 
2) The production and sale of alcohol products will be prohibited. 
3) No gambling activities are allowed on the premises. 
4) The investment will respect the “purification” requirements of shariah by including donations to Islamic “charities.”  (We all know how that goes!  Revisit the Texas Holy Land Foundation-Hamas funding trial, the largest terrorist funding trial in U.S. history for more on “donations to Islamic charities.”)   

British actor James Caan (NOT to be confused with the Jewish American actor) heads the investment firm, Dubai-based Arzan Wealth.  He is extremely pleased with this deal, seeks similar investments and views the adherence to Islamic principles as a significant achievement.  
Janet Levy, Los Angeles

TV dragon James Caan swoops to buy £41m retail park

A major retail park has been sold to a group headed by a former star of TV’s Dragons’ Den in a £41.5 million deal – and will be subject to Islamic law restrictions.

Crossley Retail Park in Kidderminster has been acquired from Chester Properties by a company known as 90 North Real Estate Partners LLP (90 North), which has James Caan as chairman.

A Middle Eastern investor, represented by Dubai-based Arzan Wealth, was advised on the purchase of the retail park by 90 North, an independent advisory firm specialising in Sharia-compliant real estate investment.

Certain trades and activities are prohibited under Sharia law and these include gambling, the production or sale of alcohol and the production or sale of pork.

However, where any real estate includes a shopping centre with, for instance, an off-licence, the investment can be structured so that part of the income is ‘purified’ by being donated to an Islamic charity.

The property is the first retail park acquired with help from 90 North, and there is said to be growing interest among other Middle East investors. Nicholas Judd, founder partner of the company, said: “The investment platform we manage in partnership with Arzan Wealth has now acquired approximately £110 million of property and we are seeking further substantial acquisitions”

Mr Caan said: “Once again, we have demonstrated our ability to originate and transact across the UK property spectrum, with recent transactions including central London redevelopments, warehousing and student housing properties, all structured in accordance with Islamic principles.”

He said that these were ‘key aspects’ at the core of 90 North’s business. Councillor Fran Oborski, chairman of Wyre Forest District Council, said: “As long as the new owner continues to invest in the site and ensure we have no empty properties there, I think we will all be happy.

“I think this shows that the retail interest in Kidderminster is looking up, the sale figure is a healthy price. If we can get the investment there, it would be nice to see someone come in and fill the empty shops in the town centre.”

Just in case any of the readers are growing misty eyed over the siren calls AGAINST Shariah Law within this blog, feeling squeamish at best, well, you may want to first internalize some truth telling lessons:

Consider: how dangerous is it to enter the MANY “no go” zones in Britain (and all over Europe) with ‘Muslim Patrol’ vigilantes attempting to impose Sharia Law in LondonThe video (linked within) tells the tale…oops, it appears as if in a matter of a few hrs, since the blog post went online, the aforementioned link went poof out of cyberspace…perhaps Shariah Law censors realize that this commentary is swirling around like a (western) house on fire! Regardless, better to pre-empt now, before it becomes an unstoppable wildfire.

But for further clarification, citing the diametrically opposed value systems between the west and Shariah Law, peer within: Sharia Law: Susie Steiner explains the Islamic legal system which has sentenced a Nigerian woman to be stoned to death. Americans (westerners), just ponder: are you willing to lose your fundamental rights? First Amendment Rights On The Chopping Block: Via Criminalizing Criticism Of Islam!

If the above isn’t fiery enough, Obama nominee sees no “reason why Sharia Law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States”!

Most significantly, the creeping of Shariah Law into many key spheres – under the Muslim Brotherhood’s “guiding hands” – is dutifully burrowed within Obama Inc. Some additional proofs to ruminate over:

Wolff Bachner: In a modern, highly political world, one must have enablers and allies to enact any global initiative, especially one that is subversive and secretive. Who are some of the enablers and allies of the Muslim Brotherhood and how high up the political food chain do they go?

Adina Kutnicki: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, their enablers and allies reach up into the highest recesses of the political food chain, so much so that the leadership of the free world is deeply implicated. One only has to witness their rise and prominence within President Obama’s administration to internalize how close they are to fulfilling their mission of Islamizing the United States of America into the “Shariah States of America”. This is not hysteria-talk nor hyperbole. It is their ultimate plan. However long it takes (and they view patience as a virtue, centuries ago seems like yesterday in their mind’s eye, unlike the mostly ADD-afflicted west) they will keep making inroads, that is, unless millions amass to thwart their efforts within America. But even though they burrowed within prior administrations, their trajectory rose exponentially under President Obama’s “guiding hands”.
Most significantly, according to BizPac Review, Mohamed Elibiary, a Muslim Brotherhood-tied adviser to DHS has just been promoted to a high senior level position! The details can be found herein, but the following excerpt is more than an eyeful:

“The Washington-based, national security think tank, Center for Security Policy, published a disturbing 33-page report based on a series of interviews with Elibiary about his admitted ties to a man who raised funds for Hamas and “other radical Islamist causes,” all while serving and advising the Obama administration. Judicial Watch reported on the findings, noting that Elibiary “has regular access to classified information and is a prime mover behind two of the Obama administration’s most dangerous policies; normalizing relations with domestic and foreign Islamist groups (including the Muslim Brotherhood) and arduous enforcement restrictions of laws related to material support for terrorism….”

As such, the Muslim Brotherhood is already in Obama’s White House, and this fact must be internalized and seared into ones brain:

“On December 11, 2004, Muslim Brotherhood apologist Mohamed Elibiary was a featured speaker at a conference honoring the memory of Ayatollah Khomeini, the man synonymous with Islamic terrorism. On September 13, 2013, this same man, Mohamed Elibiary was named the head of the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out why, exactly, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is pulling the levers of power in the White House.”

Mind you, Elibiary’s appointment is hardly an anomaly. Skulking Islamic “advisers” are regular fixtures within President Obama’s inner circle, though most are not as well known as Elibiary. It would take an entire expose’ to flesh out all the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated appointments, most of whom are comfortably implanted inside President Obama’s administration. Nevertheless, it is impossible to understand the gravity of the situation without knowing how embedded they really are. Like termites.

In this regard, it is more than reasonable to posit: why would the Obama administration allow said infiltration and penetration? Simply put, the evidence is overwhelming that President Obama – and his surrogates – is in “deep sympathy” with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their symbiotic relationship amounts to a whole lot more than “placing lipstick on a pig”, a colorful phrase aptly coined by Sarah Palin.

So, herein revealed: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MAFIA completes ‘PHASE 3′ from ‘THE PLAN’, infiltrates America’s Family Court. 2 more ‘phases’ to go.

Is it any wonder that the above DHS honcho crowed:

The United States of America is “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution,” a member of the Department of Homeland Security Council tweeted Thursday. His claim sparked controversy on the social media platform, prompting the official to defend his remark in detail.

Muslim DHS Adviser  Mohamed Elibiary Under Fire for Controversial Islam Tweet

Mohamed Elibiary made the eyebrow-raising claim while debating whether Islamic countries treat non-Muslims fairly.

“Please show me just ONE example of an Islamic country where non Muslims are treated with equality?” a Twitter user said.

Elibiary responded: “America and yes I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution. Move On!”

He also argued that “sociologically speaking” the Christian right is “similar” to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Washington Free Beacon first noted.

ALMOST a Shariah compliant (done) deal.