Military Hangs Tom Vilsack … Biden’s Treasonous Sec of AG! 

By Adina Kutnicki

IN a never-ending cycle of national nightmares, scores of deep state criminals are still on the loose — excluding those who have already bitten the dust, but are, seemingly, making “appearances” through doppelgangers!

ONE such nefarious fiend, Tom Vilsack, may not have been a household name, but he was beyond evil. Wicked. As such, let the following serve as a backgrounder:

INCONTESTABLY, he more than deserved his fate. JAG, take a bow!

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | May 22, 2022

Biden’s former secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack, met his demise last Monday when the Office of Military Commissions hanged him to death for having committed treason against the United States of America.

As is typical for Guantanamo Bay executions, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and a cadre of White Hat brass were present to oversee the execution of a man who had become an expendable pawn on the Deep State’s chess board.  He fell on his sword, not once implicating Joseph R. Biden or Barack “Hussein” Obama in the wanton destruction of our nation’s food supply.  And like all Deep State convicts, he refused to repent seconds before the hangman flipped the switch that sent Vilsack dropping to his doom.

GITMO sources familiar with Vilsack’s death told Real Raw News that Vice Adm. Crandall, who has a history of making witty quips at unrepentant Deep Staters, was uncharacteristically somber in the moments leading up to the execution, even as Vilsack, when asked if he had last words or wished to give a statement of contrition, said, “I only answer to one man, the president of the United States, Joseph Biden.”

“Admiral Crandall is mystified by their devotion to the Deep State apparatus. Is it devotion or fear or a mix? Even facing death, they say they’ve done nothing wrong, that they were following lawful orders.  Between active investigations and persons currently in custody—a lot of more Deep State will soon go down. I think the admiral expected some of these criminals to open up to save their own lives, but that isn’t happening. Even Anita Hill, though she seemed to have found some hope in religion, took one for the team, so to speak. You’d think confession would be cathartic, but they’d rather live and die in perdition,” our source said.

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4 thoughts on “Military Hangs Tom Vilsack … Biden’s Treasonous Sec of AG! 

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  2. Is there a better reason why all of these criminals always show up later having never been punished. Hillary Clinton, James Comy, and on and on. How are we supposed to believe anything that you present as facts.

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    • The fact is that each and every one has had stand-ins, doppelgangers, if you will, for years, for this and that reason. Very few have ever picked up on this, so someone can be dead for yrs, but few are the wiser. What you think you are seeing with deep state criminals is hardly what is the reality.

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