Putin Executes American, British Mercenaries working for Zelensky 

MORE proof of the sameBritish Merc Captured By Russians Exposes Atrocities Committed By Ukrainian Nazis

By Adina Kutnicki

ANYONE who feels the need to become teary-eyed over the elimination of this and that mercenary from America or Britain, the advice within is: BOO HOO! For when someone is little more than a “gun-for-hire”, as opposed to a soldier fighting for their national interest, well, how different is it than a so-called soldier in Mafia-like crime entities who vie for ill-gotten gains? Rhetorical.

IT is in this fact-based, practical light that today’s update should be viewed — no more, no less.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | April 20, 2022

A Mar-a-Lago source speaking under condition of anonymity told Real Raw News that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the execution of American and British soldiers-of-fortune who had answered Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s international call to arms.

Our source, who is in almost daily contact with President Trump, said the 45th President of the United States learned of the slayings on a Saturday evening call with the Russian leader. According to Putin, the Russian military had captured and slain six British and two American nationals who were trying to plant explosives along a main supply route (MSR) stretching from southern Russia to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, where Putin has waged war on an infestation of pedophile camps.

“Putin told Trump the mercs were chipping away at frozen ground and planning to booby trap the route with ordnance,” our source said.

Putin claimed the “terrorists” were laying camouflaged L9 anti-tank bar mines and No. 6 anti-personnel mines—U.K. weapons–when Russian Special forces caught them by surprise. Spetznas shot and killed two Brits standing guard and ordered the others to drop their weapons and drop to their knees. The Spetznas team leader purportedly spoke some English. He did not immediately execute the rest because Vladimir Putin had left standing orders to interrogate all foreign nationals.

“At least from what Putin said to President Trump, the ‘prisoners of war’ refused to identify themselves. They were dressed in battle fatigues, carrying captured Russian weapons except for the mines, and had British or American accents. They had radios tuned to a frequency used by the Ukrainian army. They’d only say they were independent operators not working for any government,” our source said.

The Spetznas transmitted images of the prisoners to the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, which confirmed the identity of one captive, a former British SAS operative of international fame.

That person was 62-year-old Steven Billy Mitchell, better known as Andy McNab, who came into public prominence in 1993 when he published a book entitled Bravo Two Zero containing an account of a hotly disputed military mission in which he had taken part with the Special Air Service (SAS) during the Persian Gulf War, for which he had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Bravo Two Zero is also the eponym of a 1999 U.K. mini-series starring actor Sean Bean as McNab.

“Since they would not talk, I ordered their death,” Putin reportedly told Trump on the call. “As I told you last time, I have no wish to harm Americans, but they here trying to stop us from killing these filthy pedophiles. Yes, I understand maybe they don’t really know why they are here, but that makes no difference. Their weapons would’ve killed many of my people. I cannot tolerate this. United States, United Kingdom, German paramilitary coming here to fight for Zelenskyy—it’s not acceptable.”

“President Putin, I understand your position, and would do the same thing. You have no choice, really, and these really bad pedophiles, we have to stop them, in the States and in Russia, for the children,” Trump replied.

“Since they not talk and declare any loyalty, I sent word back to have them shot. Now they are gone, gone and dead,” Putin told Trump, adding that his forces would hunt down and exterminate any and all foreign mercenaries fighting Zelenskyy’s battles.

This incident marks the second time Russian forces have captured and killed American mercenaries in Ukraine.

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